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Henning Eggers

I am Henning and have been using and loving Linux since 0.99pl13. Over the years I had tried out different distros but inevitably ended up on Debian. I had attempted to use Linux exclusively on the desktop many times but it took Ubuntu to make the final switch possible. I have been running Ubuntu since Feisty and never looked back. Obviously. Wink ;-)

Today I am a Software Engineer for the Launchpad team. In the past years I had been working on the Launchpad Translations team which brought me in contact with other parts of the Ubuntu community. As you may know the team structure has been broken up in 2011 and I now work on the "Orange Mafia" squad, fixing bugs all over Launchpad.

I am 40+, live near Hamburg, Germany, and have family of five women. I like biking, hiking, rock climbing, and any outdoor activity in general. I am a Mormon, if you are interested...

I sometimes blog at Brainupdate (Software-, FOSS-, Ubuntu-related) and at Silverdawn (German, life-related).

Ubuntu membership

I am currently applying for Ubuntu membership to show and ensure my connection to Ubuntu and its community even beyond my current status as a Canonical employee. I really love being part of the whole endeavour to fix Bug #1 and wish to stay connected to that no matter where life might take me in the future.

Ubuntu contributions

My main contribution to Ubuntu is through my work on Launchpad, mainly in supporting the translation teams. Launchpad Translations still needs a lot of manual intervention to keep the translations flowing through the system. I have always dedicated myself to be responsive and mindful of the translators' needs. Our recent focus has been on bringing upstream and Ubuntu translation into closer sync and although not perfect yet that feature has already come a long way.

In the past I have also contributed to translations as a translator and was active in the German Ubuntu Translators team although I am currently not able to follow through on that commitment.

I enjoy doing educational and promotional work for the Ubuntu community and have engaged in activities such as:

  • Co-hosting a session at Ubuntu Developer Week
  • Hosting a session at Ubuntu Application Developer Week
  • Speaking at LinuxTag and UDS

  • Manning the Ubuntu community booth at LinuxTag (Admittedly just for half a day last May, others have done much more than me in that restpect)

A highlight was last CeBIT in Hannover where I had the honour of receiving a readers' choice award on behalf of the Ubuntu community.


  • I've had the privilege to work closely with Henning when he was part of the Launchpad Translations team and even now that he's part of the wider Launchpad engineering team. He's always been very approachable and ready to help and participate in the Ubuntu community. His work in Launchpad, his track record of volunteer translations, promoting and representing Ubuntu at conferences, and IRC sessions that go beyond his daily job as a developer are a testimony of his committment, undestanding and contribution to the project's ideals. I think he fully deserves Ubuntu Membership. -- dpm 2011-07-22 12:02:14

  • Henning is great to work with. Whenever I needed any kind of help, he was glad to assist, took his time to explain everything and pays great attention to detail. -- dholbach 2011-07-27 13:33:55

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