Translation of projects and software to Hindi language.This helps in localization of the projects and useful to people who are more comfortable in using Hindi.


  • Fair knowledge of Hindi.
  • You should have some spare time to help translate projects.
  • You should love working in a team.

About Hindi

Hindi is a language most prominently spoken in India. Derived from the Khariboli dialect of Delhi (and the surrounding western Uttar Pradesh and southern Uttarakhand region). Modern Hindi is mutually intelligible with the alternative register of the Hindustani language called Urdu. Mutual intelligibility decreases in literary and specialized contexts which rely on educated vocabulary. Because of religious nationalism since the partition of British India and continued communal tensions, native speakers of both Hindi and Urdu frequently assert them to be completely distinct languages, despite the fact that they generally cannot tell the colloquial languages apart. The combined population of Hindi and Urdu speakers is the fourth largest in the world.

Mostly spoken in:

India, Mauritius and significant communities in USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Myanmar, Canada, Nepal, Afghanistan, South Africa, Uganda, New Zealand and many other countries.

Native speakers:

180 million native in 1991

Writing system :

देवनागरी (Devanagari)

Official language in:


Translation Guide

You may like to go through the translation guide (Click here) before you actually go for translating projects.

Additional tip

  • If you are applying for Ubuntu Membership taking translation as contribution, translate using Rosetta (i.e. online) instead of using .po files to translate offline. This is because translating using Rosetta only gives you karma. (Opposed to the Launchpad page , since its a bit outdated)
  • You may like to use:

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