Ubuntu LoCo Hong Kong Team is a group of volunteers come together to share, enjoy, advocate and promote the usage of Ubuntu Linux in Hong Kong. The team will help to raise a local community and help others resolving difficulties when using Ubuntu Linux.

How to Contribute

You can do any activity of,

  1. Use any edition of Ubuntu (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, etc...) Linux

  2. Ask questions on forum/IRC
  3. Answer questions on forum/IRC
  4. Report problems on forum/launchpad/IRC
  5. Provide(or redirect) a solution (you known) to the reported problems on forum/launchpad/IRC
  6. Attend Ubuntu LoCo Hong Kong Team events

  7. Blog about Ubuntu LoCo Hong Kong Team


Ubuntu LoCo Hong Kong Team does not have its own forum at this moment. However, a local forum would be set up until the community is getting big enough.
In the mean time, you can post your questions/problems on:

  1. 香港 Ubuntu 討論區

  2. 台灣 Ubuntu 正體中文站 討論區

  3. 中国 Ubuntu 中文论坛


Anyone want to join and contribute can contact me at abgalphabet


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