The foundations of the Hungarian Ubuntu local community were laid in December 2005, when the first version of the homepage was launched by two volunteers. It was a collaboration centric site with a wiki and a forum. People started to show up and contribute. Some members met in person in March 2006 first, while the registrations and contributions were growing steadily. We decided to organize a conference for users. With the help of Canonical, it was a huge success.

The conference was a great opportunity to bring all the people together who wanted to contribute. The real local community was formed back then. Since then, we've been involved in a lot of things, like promoting Ubuntu at various festivals, organizing translation sprints, release parties, and other events for our local community.

Key Details


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Planned activites for 2010

  • August 28th-29th, 2010: Participating in the Ubuntu Global Jam:

  • October, 2010: Maverick Meerkat Release Party at Budapest
  • October 8th, 2010: Participating at the Software Freedom Day at the University of Szeged:

  • October 16th, 2010: Presenting at the Linux in Education conference about the Hungarian Ubuntu Education Project:

  • December 2010: Ubuntu LoCo Christmas Party

Planned projects for 2010

  • Making the e-learning material of the Hungarian Ubuntu Education Portal compatible with the ECDL Start requirements:

  • Updating the theme of our sites (see below) according to the new Ubuntu brand guidelines


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:

Facts and Statistics

  • Number of Ubuntu members in the Hungarian LoCo: 7

  • Translation Status: Hungarian is among the 29 fully translated languages, taking the 6th rank in the languages of the world (measuring the more important packages of the main repository) Statistics

Translation statistics

  • Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo main site (

    • Number of registered users as of 15th August, 2010: 17929
    • 5000 visitors a day on
  • Sites maintained by the Hungarian Ubuntu Community:


Regular Activites


Dinner at Szeged LoCo trip to the Szeged Zoo Hegyalja Festival Lucid Lynx Release Party at Budapest Presenting at the InfoSavaria Conference Lucid Lynx Global Jam






  • Launched the Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo homepage (December 19, 2005) based on MediaWiki and phpBB.

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