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The Ubuntu IRC operators are responsible for managing the different Ubuntu core channels on Libera Chat. From time to time, new operators are needed. This page documents the requirements and application process for anyone wishing to serve as an operator on Ubuntu core channels.

Operator requirements

  • Operators must have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and agree to follow the Leadership Code of Conduct.

  • Operators are expected to know and uphold both the User IRC Guidelines and the Operator IRC Guidelines

  • Operators must have a Launchpad account, and have their IRC nickname listed on their Launchpad page.

  • Operators must be active on the channels where they serve as an operator. In addition, operators on the core Ubuntu channels are expected to be present on the #ubuntu-ops channel.
  • Operators are expected to be subscribed to the Ubuntu-irc mailing list for ease of communication.

  • Operators will go through an introductory period as documented here

  • Experienced operators will be required to mentor new operators.
    • This means when a new operator is appointed, an experienced operator will be assigned to them as a mentor to help, guide and answer any specific questions.
  • Operators are expected to be catalytic, polite, helpful and patient - when appointing operators the IRC Council will take into account an applicants previous behaviour on the ubuntu channels.

Operator application process

If you feel that you meet all of the requirements for being an Ubuntu operator and you wish to serve as an operator on one or more of the Ubuntu core IRC channels, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Apply to join the appropriate operator team(s) on Launchpad.
  2. When the Ubuntu IRC Council notices the need to have more operators in a particular channel or channels, they will send an email to the ubuntu-irc mailing list. After this email is sent, there will be a one week period for any last minute applications and/or for applicants to finish updating their wiki pages. During this time Testimonials and concerns can be emailed direct to the Ubuntu IRC Council mailing list, or listed on the applicants wiki page.

  3. Once this one week period has passed, the IRC Council will consider the applicants and recommendations, and appoint the new operator(s). This decision will be sent to the ubuntu-irc mailing list.

Operator application process for #ubuntu-ops

Operators in #ubuntu-ops must already be operators in at least one Core Channel. For that reason, and the fact the #ubuntu-ops is a special channel, the normal operator application process does not apply.

Instead, after 12 months of being an operator in any Core Channel, an operator may put them self forward for #ubuntu-ops by applying to the Launchpad team. They will then be approved and channel flags modified by one of the IRC Council without any further process.

Other Notes

  1. Positions sent to the IRC mailing list may have certain conditions attached - such as time-zone availability.
  2. Applications will expire 6 months after lodgement, so as to prevent stale applications
  3. The IRC Council may decline unqualified applicants at any time, with an explanation sent to the applicant through Launchpad. Applicants may re-apply freely at a later date.
  4. Operators will expire after a term of 1 year. This expiry will be self renewable (as Ubuntu membership is).
  5. Operators of #ubuntu will automatically also become operators of #ubuntu+1


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