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Next team meeting (details):

Currently no scheduled meeting. You can join #ubuntu-irc if you wish to discuss something.


Ubuntu IRC Helpers

The Ubuntu IRC Helpers team exists to help co-ordinate and educate helpers in the the Ubuntu support channels on Freenode. Anyone is free to join the channel and consistent contributors may be eligible for Ubuntu membership. The Ubuntu IRC Helpers IRC channel is #ubuntu-irc-helpers. NOTE: This is NOT a support channel, please use #ubuntu for support.

Learning & Co-ordination

The Ubuntu Helpers team exists to help the helpers. Operators of the Ubuntu support channels have an opportunity to communicate with helpers and vice versa, as well as this is an opportunity for people to discuss best practice. Some of the items that can be touched on in the #ubuntu-irc-helpers channel:

  • How to Catalyse well. Please have a look at Link and Link2

  • How to use the bot effectively
  • Effective Use of #ubuntu-meta
  • General Questions regarding helping in the Ubuntu support channels
  • How to deal with new people effectively.
  • more.

Asking A Question

This could be moved to a separate page or detailed here but can offer guidelines and minimum requirements to be able to resolve a question - a common issue is people fixing an issue with the wrong solution because they don't have the correct or full information.

This section can also offer suggestions on how to tease the required information out of users who don't know how to respond, give them commands and tools such as pastebin or pastebinit for example

Using The Bot

Detail high level guidelines of usage or the bot, explaining the difference and values of piping output to the screen or to an individual in a private message.

could also detail how to suggest people who don't know how to use the bot can work - eg: be aware of what factoids to give them and how to step in to ease their use of the bot.


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