Put your IceApe icons here! There are also pages for the IceWeaselIcon and the IceDoveIcon.

Please use this template:





iceape-icon.png iceape-icon-48x.png

I'm not sure I like this one, so I might have a second go at it. For once, I think the mascot looks "icy." It looks like some of the detail is lost at 48px across, but that's easy to fix. -- K.Mandla


iceape-icon_lib_01_117x117.png iceape-icon_lib_01_48x48.png iceape-icon_lib_01_17x17.png

I like K.Mandla's one a lot! It's true that in small sizes it loses detail, but thickening lines can help there. Here is my first try, taking as base K. Mandla's icon and making lines thicker and darker. As usual, in the three sizes, 117x117 48x48 and 17x17


iceape-icon_lib_02_117x117.png iceape-icon_lib_02_48x48.png iceape-icon_lib_02_17x17.png

Here I test light blue contour lines for the ape, I think it gives it a more icy look


iceape-icon_lib_04_117x117.png iceape-icon_lib_04_48x48.png iceape-icon_lib_04_17x17.png

Here I've made the ape bigger than the globe, and I like better now. I've also used the same color schema that my Iceweasel proposal, and changed ape's ear.

I like the bigger monkey, and the darker skin. I don't like the ears. --HJH


• • • unicko • • •


Ok, this is mi final concept. I think the green are the future comunication-programs color.

I like the icon on the right! It conveys nicely the feel of the all-in-one application. It would be a great choice if we have to stop using the SeaMonkey logo. However, I don't like the idea of a single color for all "communication" programs. It would be so boring!

Misc Ideas

  • I can't help thinking that a polar bear belongs in these Ice* theme icons somewhere. Maybe I just can't help but think of the Coca-Cola bears. Smile :-)

  • What's wrong with SeaMonkey? Are they doing the same thing as Mozilla? Has anyone tried to talk to them nicely? The SeaMonkey logo itself is a result of am open contest. Do we really need to replace it? -- I'm not sure. I do know the Gnuzilla folks asked for all three icons, so I'm assuming there's something about the SeaMonkey package that transgresses the GNU guidelines. I'm guessing there might be proprietary stuff in there, or perhaps their logo is likewise nonredistributable, even if it was created via contest. This might be a question for the Gnuzilla guys. K.Mandla


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