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An updated script to replace the Iceweasel icons:

A script to replace all of the icons in the Iceweasel package (like the package in Debian) can be found at

The list has been edited. The icon started by K.Mandla and polished further by several other artists has been put at the top. Take a look at them right here:



Based on ericesque's version, but with a more Tango-ish globe

Ok, This one has my vote. I like the colors much more, really has an ice feeling. Also the tail fits better for a weasel than the ericesque's and his head is bigger, it looks better on icon-size. Great work to you all, guys. --Ferk

The generel opinion seems to be that this icon should be the default for IceWeasel and I couldn't agree more. The Ubuntu community has really done an outstanding job. Several people have helped in the creation of this icon, a big thanks to all of them! I have moved this icon and the earlier versions to the top to make sure the IceWeasel developers will notice them. --Casper2

Beautiful work. This is definitely No. 1 on my list. I'll be using this one no matter what the Gnuzilla team picks. Nice work, everybody! -- K.Mandla

Hum.. Wait, I think the image needs to be a square to be used as a icon, currently it's 127x168 according to my browser. Also maybe the continents could be just a little more darker so it doesn't get confused with the weasel skin when scaled down? maybe turning the gradient all the way around? but I dont know if that would look good, this looks great anyway.--Ferk

It is because of a "bug" in the png version of the icon. For some reason it has a lot of empty space at the top. Download the svg in the forum thread, it is square. -- Casper2

Based on this icon, I made this: -- DoctorFlange



This is the original by K.Mandla -- I prefer IYY's version; I agree that it should be squarer, and I like the idea that the weasel should be bluer, which will make it look "icier." This one sticks to the Tango colors, but aside from that probably needs a little attention to get it within their guidelines. -- K.Mandla

-- The whole series of icons is gorgeous, but it would be pretty neat if the position of the Earth was changed so that Antarctica was in the center of view. Not only would it make the logos a bit "icier", it would make them more region neutral. -- TCH

I second that idea; using Antarctica is brilliant. :-)

I used this icon to make a parody of the "Get Firefox buttons I've seen -- dosnlinux



A revision -- This is closer to what I like. It's a bit of a cross between SlimDog360's #2 (with the blue-to-white gradients) and IYY's revision (with a squarer shape). I softened the tail a bit (I was looking at weasel tails and decided to make it less "fluffy") and removed the offside eye, which bothered me. This also uses the Gnome globe, which is GNU ... and GNUer is better! Har har. -- K.Mandla

-- This is a winner by my standards. Square, more blue and it uses a GNU image for the globe. Only problem i have is the current image shows up small on my panels compared to everything else, but im sure this will be fixed when its a .svg or whatever.. --Polygon

--I still prefer IIY's version. I don't like the gloss on the globe in this one, and you've lost the sparkle of the weasel's tail. Sorry, but I think this is a recession, rather than a revision...--T Smithe

-- I don't think that blue makes it icier... snow and ice are plain white not blue, it is also harder to see the weasel, since the earth is already blue. --Ferk

Looking at this on another monitor, it's almost too blue. The image of the weasel I traced it off was almost pure white, and I'm wondering if backing off the blue side and making it more white might also make it more distinguishable at smaller sizes. This might just turn into a blue blob at 48x48. -- K.Mandla

I really like the icon, but not the lighter spot on top of the globe. How about making a shadow moving over the globe, like day/night, for the page loading version? --HJH

GStubbs43 #2



GStubbs43 #3



GStubbs43 #4



GStubbs43 #5



GStubbs43 #6



GStubbs43 #7



GStubbs43 #8


Comments: Ha, I just realised this sort of looks like the .mac (netowrking) icon!

GStubbs43 #9


Comments: I think this would be the correct one... the icon was the reason of the problem... why to eliminate the icon?, else put firefox icon >,> --Biomega

GStubbs43 #10


Original icon is in attachments under GStubbs10-gino2.png (had to be resized)

Comments: -- I prefer this icon, as it uses the GNOME Globe and is released under a GNU Lisence, the others are Tango Globes, under a Creative Commons Lisence --GStubbs43



Square weasel (head and body higher), no glowing nodes, tango colours.

Comments: EDIT: I like k.mandlas now, it has the suggestions i posted here.) I like this one the best, but i also like the blue weasel in SlimDog360's #2, maybe you could just make the weasel in this one blue like slimdogs. --Polygon


iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_02_117x117.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_02_48x48.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_02_17x17.png

Here my take on the icons. As icons need to be good not only at full size but also at 48x48 et 17x17 (the size of the small icon in top of program window), I've made a PNG for each of the three sizes.

I think I like these best. I prefer the gray outline, especially for the ears. The blue continents emphasize the icyness, and I can't quite explain it, but this weasel's face is the...cutest. I think it will have wide appeal. The only suggestion I have is to add some color to the weasel itself, maybe a gradient or two; IMHO the solid color of the weasel clashes a bit with the globe.


iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_03_117x117.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_03_48x48.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_03_17x17.png

Here another version with darker contours for the weasel.


iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_117x117.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_48x48.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_17x17.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_05_17x17.png

A dark grey contour, looks better than black one IMHO. Edit: 17x17 shown twice, at left non retouched, at right passed by Gimp to get better definition.

I really like this; my favourite seems to change often... Then again, I don't know what new ones will be like! -- TSmithe

I really like this, and i like how you made it so that the small 17x17 icon stands out a lot more now. Good job, i think this is my favorite now (3rd time ive changed... haha) -- Polygon


iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_117x117.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_48x48.png iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_17x17.png

Testing left-headed weasel...

I prefer the other way round. I wonder (psychologically) why that is, and why most icons have so far been that way around. -- TSmithe

I think it has something to do with the direction we read and how that relates to viewing pictures in general, imagine if the Earth were a ball and sitting on a flat surface and started to roll, which way would it roll? I hypothesize that most of us native English readers (left to right) will assume that the ball will roll to the right, thus having the Weasel holding the ball on the right side keeps it in place and eliminates any potential movement in the icon and makes it aesthetically more appealing; I personally couldn't stand an icon that looks like it's about to move :> -- Cookiebearo

That is a very apt explanation, even on an arguable topic! -- T Smithe

I like this one the best, it seems like the weasel is supporting the globe, helping it stay steady instead of stopping it from moving. Some of that bias towards left-to-right movement I guess Smile :) -- jgoguen


Obviously major credit goes to K.Mandla for the original concept, but I thought that the main color should be white and the blue accent 'hair' helped give the icon a bit more detail and firefoxyness --ericesque

Ahh, best one yet! Please, please post the SVG. I plan to use this regardless of what the official choice is. :-)

Wow, without a doubt my favourite so far! Not sure if that icon follows the Tango guidelines, but if not, it really should. Seems most GNOME apps are moving towards Tango icons, Iceweasel shold too :)

yeah, I'll get an SVG up later today. The icon does follow Tango guidelines fairly well. I still have some slight fine tuning ahead of me. I'll review the tango guidelines and make sure the icon is following them as closely as possible. Thanks for the positive feedback. Please remember this has been a collaborative effort of the community. I do not take credit for much of what you see. --ericesque

I'm anxious for the SVG...please? =)



original icon can be found at

Comments: Made from scratch in inkscape, I'm happy to assign whatever license is suitable.

This looks great ... can you put this under tri-license? and provide an svg? Can you make something similar for IceDoveIcon (Thunderbird) and IceApeIcon (SeaMonkey)? mail me at as we need to push those IceLizards pretty soon.

I say it should be just like this one!!! it's so cute ., bsides it IS funny!! --hEvan

It is funny as it is an animal hanging on for dear life. We should be cute like Tux or Keroppi/Hello Kitty not gross like Larry the Lounge Lizard. (Please) --McLogic

Umm -- this icon gives me a funny feeling on the inside. It gives a different feel than the Firefox one ... is that weasel humping the Earth? ~ ch4rm

You mean something like this? Smile :) -- Faceless

I just love this icon. It's the one I'll use personally anyways. --Tribaal

By far the best Big Grin :) -- VincentZekred 2006-10-10 15:55:09

Holy crap Faceless, that is freaking awesome Funny :)) *golf clap* - MarkRiedesel

It does looks great, although I would need to see a 32x32 versión. Scaling down this one doesnt get a result that great.--Ferk

I still prefer IIY and Kmandala's #2... this icon doesnt look all that great when its scaled down to a icon size and the weasel looks more like a white fox.--Polygon

Faceless' icon should be the throbber for Iceweasel, methinks Smile :-) MarkReidesel's original has the same look and feel as the other Mozilla product logos, which I like. - ChrisLees

Protip: Weasels do not have fox-like ears or fox-like muzzles. Riedesel's submission looks more like an Australian Brushtail Possum. - ChrisBaird

@ChrisBaird - Smaller/pointier chin and shorter/rounder ears? The upper-front part of the mouth is probably too wide as well, I'll tweak 'em after some sleep, thankw for the tips - MarkRiedesel

Warbo: I do like this one, but the face really needs tweaking to become more pointed, and it doesn't look "icy" enough for me. Also I feel sorry for whatever nation is under the crotch...

Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful logo and not to mention oh so cute, my hat off to you MarkRiedesel. --Bruce




SlimDog360 #2



SlimDog360 #3




Just For Fun



It's late, I'm going home. Will do a bit more tomorrow.


Diferente , ¿no?

This is my favourite (not joking). Thanks Surprised :o -- Cookiebearo

Ohhh! Gracias Cookiebearo -- Smile :) chuki7



Comments: Sorry, I'm not big on this, it's just a different color of the Firefox icon, not sure Mozilla would like this anyway. ;)



Problem with this is that the icon is too rectangular, for a lot of stuff the icon has to be a square or else it will get squished and look really bad -- Polygon


Comments: See above




My favourite, looks weasely, looks icey, but I'd like more weasel and less globe (and darker too). - argie

I love this a lot, looks very bright, hopeful, whatever. iceweasel3sm.png is quite nice too but the weasel looks a bit sad.

Warbo: This looks great, but I wonder what would happen to the weasel when it gets scaled down? This is probably the only decent icon here which deviates from the "look 'n' feel" of the Firefox icon, instead of 'fox burning up on reentry' it is 'I am a friendly weasel who will help you browse the web'. (PS: If it doesn't get chosen, can I adopt the weasel? Pleeeeeease?)

It's actually a _curious_ weasel, which is even better for a browser. But the icon is just a blueish blob at 17x17. It should be brighter.

Great picture, my favourite. But it needs more contrast, because as a small icon it is not recognisable. Please, work on it because otherwise it is a very nice design.


Obviuosly, it needs to be reworked by someone more skilled than myself, but I thought the icicle for the tail was an interesting addition. Also feel free to stick it on any globe you like. Source is available at --Parkotron

I think this suffers from the same unfortunate problem as MarkRiedesel's one above -- TSmithe


Just some work I did. Not as good as many of the others here... Ohwell. Enjoy? --ursername180

Warbo: This looks good, but wouldn't really fit in with the default theme. I'm sure the Gartoon people would love it though.

(Icon in poor taste removed.)

I don't think it was a bad idea to remove this. If anyone disagrees, then they can fix it.

Out from the darkness, The Ice Weasel springs forth triumphant!

is it wrong to delete stuff like this from the wiki?

Nope, so I just did. -- T_Smithe 2006-10-14 09:03:03

Undeleted -- an open process is essential. No one is forcing this to be the final icon.

If this gets chosen then I'm moving to BSD......

Mmm, gotta love the immaturity some people have. Do they honestly think that a icon based on goatse will be picked? yeah right. --Polygon

"Open process" my foot. This is nothing but a joke in very poor taste. It doesn't belong here, or anywhere really. I am removing it again, because I feel like I should add my support for standing up for good taste, and keeping things like this out of the Ubuntu community. But I will not remove it again, should someone else decide to put it back; I will leave that for someone else to show their support by acting.

You can still find it in wiki history. Actually I laughed at it, even though it was completely stupid idea for a logo. AzraelNightwalker


Otro Smile :)

Otro diferente

IceWeasel se ha derretido Surprised :o



Warbo: The one at the top left looks the best, although it does not seem to show a browser as clearly as the one underneath. Also, the Firefox-esque flaming tail effect doesn't really work here, it looks more like "Where the hell are my legs?"

Andersen2: I like this one, personally i love the bottom left one. I like the idea of melting the weasel and the earth

Are there original sources for this available? ~~~~



Based on a weasel on winter coat.

Beautiful work, but there are a couple of issues. Both the head and the tail are much too canine in appearance. For anyone who's interested, I found a great fullbody photo of a weasel here: -- Parkotron

Thank you for your opinion. Yes, the tail and head are not good shaped for a weasel, I took an "artistic licence" for those elements, I'll try to re-do both in a real-weasel shape. A little more rectilineal tail and a head shorter and more triangle-like. Another full body image: and an interesting Siberian/Himalayan weasel photo: - Ruben



Antarctica version of Weasel in winter coat. First as seen from space, second with Antarctica only.

Unfortunately, the nose reminds a rat or a panther rather than a weasel. Maybe you could only leave the tail? The logo should be simple IMHO.

Thank you for your opinion. As I said before, I'll try to draw another, more accurate, version of the logo. Maybe with the nose more darker and parallel to the snout. - Ruben





Comments: Credit goes to for the original idea. I tried to make it look more Ice and Weasel-Ish

Albi #2|Albi2-iceweasel-icon-large.png


Albi #3



Albi #4



Albi, the tail is still too foxy in all of your versions


Comments: I thought I'd put this on, it is the "official" GNUZilla logo, basically part GNU icon, part Mozilla icon.



Comments: I think this looks pretty cool! --Polygon.

The globe is really nice. But the weasel doesn't look very weasely. It also looks rather dead. Like a weasel-skin-rug... but it definitley has potential. --ericesque

This icon is FANTASTICAL! I'm using it right now... it's one of the few ones on this page that are actually round enough to be used as an icon Smile :) Thanks for it! The weasel is super cute, ericesque is probably drunk or something. Thanks again!

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 1 (ubuntu)

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 2

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 3

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel


his it is my first logo of IceWeasel. Using as it bases the spiral of Debian. We can vary the colors if it becomes necessary


Hope you like them!


Variant 1


variant 2

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 4

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 5

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 6

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of for IceWeasel variant 7

fentlinux (FL)

Comments: creation of thyzzar of http:attachment:IYY_new_tangoish.png// for IceWeasel variant 8 con Fentux

Why the penguin? IceWeasel shouldn't be a purely Linux thing. Besides, this logo is too complex.

this variant, the 8, is not more than the peculiar note (likeable) of all my previous shipments, so that the tux? and so that no. Form leaves from the own image (tux) of the Web of which it comprises of the creator


creation of vitosx of from Chile

Awesome! But it may be too similar to Firefox logo /AzraelNightwalker


• • • Unicko • • •

i would not mind if your nice looking green icons got picked! i also think that green would be a nice unique color for a browser suite :D, although is that the other arm that is on the right, or is that his tail? -- Polygon



Waiting for iceweasel to load will be fun now that I get to watch this guy bounce. Square icons be damned!

See .svg at


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