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Ubuntu Illinois is a group of local community members gathered to to advocate and support the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Ubuntu Illinois get's their inspiration from bug #1, and uses this to aide in the process of marketing throughout the state of Illinois.

Table of Contents

Team Info

The Ubuntu Illinois Team is an organization created via the LoCoTeam guidelines for the Ubuntu Community, with the priority of fixing bug #1, by providing support, advocacy, and guidance to the Ubuntu community. The Ubuntu Illinois Team will utilize the structure, standards, and tools created and provided by the various teams within the Ubuntu community, as well as performing tasks above and beyond those expected in order to maintain competency among the community. Ubuntu Chicago is a sub-team which encompasses the entire Chicago land area, all members of Ubuntu Chicago are also members of Ubuntu Illinois.

Team Status

The Ubuntu Illinois team is heating up. We're focusing on spreading knowledge throughout Illinois, and sharing the freedom of Ubuntu with our neighbors.

Team Contact

Interested parties can contact the Ubuntu Chicago Team via the following:

  • Webpage: Coming Soon!

  • Launchpad:

  • IRC: port 8001 #ubuntu-illinois

  • E-mail: Coming Soon!

  • Mailing List: ubuntu-us-il AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com

  • View List: Coming Soon!

Team Meetings

October 20th 2007 Meeting and Community Computer Workshop

Team Projects

Project information to come.

Team List

Enter your information in the team membership list!

Team Speak

Using Ubuntu? Kubuntu? Edubuntu? Xubuntu? Let us know!


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