This is the 2nd Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, starting at 9pm, 9th March 2008



Feel free to add an agenda item, and don't forget to put your name next to it.


Hardy Release Party

We discussed the plans for the hardy release party, including the location, dates, what to do on the party and what to to do to promote it more. We'll be expanding out the wiki page for the party IrishTeam/HardyReleaseParty


  • Discussed the camara workshop
  • We need to look other possibilities, such as hotels. Paying for this would be the main blocker.

Date and time

  • Saturday 26th of April seems to be a great time.
  • Party would be starting in the afternoon

What to do at the party

  • Refreshments?
  • Burn CDs of hardy

How to promote the party

  • We need to promote the party before to get people to come
  • Need to promote the party, Ubuntu and Hardy afterwards
  • We can easily promote this to Linux users through the existing Irish Linux community
  • We should promote this to general computer users in Ireland. PCLive or something might be interested
  • happy_tux remembered about an article on Ubuntu in PCLive in December.

'Powered by Ubuntu' Stickers

  • discussed the general scheme
  • All agreed it was a good idea.
  • Agreed to contact System76 and other loco teams to see how they did it
  • Talked about printing our own stickers. happy_tux has made some graphics and will look into printing at reads

AM/PM patch for en_IE

  • Described the patch and talked about the bug report and brainstorm

Other business

Promoting community

  • Encouraged all members to join the Lauchpad team


Mar 09 21:05:43 <ebel>  OK well we might aswell start then.
Mar 09 21:06:05 <ebel>  Please say PRESENT to show that you're here and paying attention.
Mar 09 21:06:07 <ebel>  PRESENT
Mar 09 21:06:28 <kidders>       PRESENT
Mar 09 21:07:18 <happy_tux>     PRESENT
Mar 09 21:07:24 <happy_tux>     just about :)
Mar 09 21:07:44 <ebel>  RiverrunFree?
Mar 09 21:08:30 <ebel>  OK well. we'll start with the agenda on the webpage.
Mar 09 21:08:41 <ebel>  First up, Hardy release party.
Mar 09 21:09:01 <ebel>  At the last meeting we agreed to think about this and put something on the forum. And it's up there.
Mar 09 21:09:36 <ebel>  Also camara have offered the use of their workshop on thomas street in dublin for events and a hardy release party.
Mar 09 21:09:48 *       timnik (n=tim@87-198-41-108.ptr.magnet.ie) has joined #ubuntu-ie
Mar 09 21:09:48 <ebel>  There's a nice little pub next door aswell.
Mar 09 21:10:21 <ebel>  I've put up a wiki page about the party and added that as a proposal.
Mar 09 21:10:37 <RiverrunFree>  sounds good
Mar 09 21:10:45 <ebel>  Does anyone have any other ideas?
Mar 09 21:11:17 <RiverrunFree>  24/04/'08 ?
Mar 09 21:11:17 <happy_tux>     a hotel would be nice....but i dont think thats going to happen...
Mar 09 21:11:26 <ebel>  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/HardyReleaseParty The wikipage (I relaise now I haven't linked it any other page! :P)
Mar 09 21:12:08 <ebel>  does anyone know any one who works in a hotel or anything?
Mar 09 21:12:13 <happy_tux>     whats the story on getting copies to joe public...is it for just ubuntu enthuasts or can anyone come along ?
Mar 09 21:12:42 <RiverrunFree>  oh it's the 26th
Mar 09 21:12:43 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, yes that's a popular date for the release party on other teams. that's in the wiki page.
Mar 09 21:12:52 <ebel>  happy_tux, copies? Copies of what?
Mar 09 21:13:00 <happy_tux>     if anyone can come along then you would need a comfortable environment
Mar 09 21:13:15 <happy_tux>     cds of hardy heron
Mar 09 21:13:40 <RiverrunFree>  will there be installation discs there, by any chance?
Mar 09 21:13:40 <ebel>  Well I figure we can organise some CDs to be there for the day.
Mar 09 21:13:40 <happy_tux>     the idea is to get new users interested ?
Mar 09 21:13:49 <happy_tux>     yea
Mar 09 21:13:57 <RiverrunFree>  great
Mar 09 21:14:11 <ebel>  I wonder could we get proffesional pressed CDs from Canonical. a la shippit.
Mar 09 21:14:22 <ebel>  Probably not in time for the release party though.
Mar 09 21:14:23 <RiverrunFree>  that will save a lot of work
Mar 09 21:14:40 <happy_tux>     well ill brink a pack of 50 blanks hows that?
Mar 09 21:14:41 <ebel>  Any ubuntu marketing material would be cool too.
Mar 09 21:14:47 <happy_tux>     bring
Mar 09 21:15:13 <RiverrunFree>  it might be best to wait a few weeks anyway before installing
Mar 09 21:15:14 <ebel>  OK well there's lot of nitty gritty details for the release party.
Mar 09 21:15:59 <ebel>  I suggest we pad out that release party wiki page to get organised. What we need (CDs, marketing material, refreshments)
Mar 09 21:16:00 <happy_tux>     i would like to see new users with a slight interest coming along to see it and maybe put a copy on their own system
Mar 09 21:16:16 <happy_tux>     deffo marketing material
Mar 09 21:16:28 <happy_tux>     but you need a location setup
Mar 09 21:16:32 <ebel>  Yes we'll need some sort of game plan for the party. What'll we do, etc.
Mar 09 21:17:13 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, the release party won't be for another month at the earliest, it won't be till *after* hardy is out.
Mar 09 21:17:21 <ebel>  So it won't be beta software.
Mar 09 21:17:36 <RiverrunFree>  yeah, 26th april, right
Mar 09 21:17:52 <happy_tux>     think its a thursday?
Mar 09 21:18:02 <ebel>  happy_tux, 26th is a saturday
Mar 09 21:18:03 <RiverrunFree>  ok
Mar 09 21:18:21 <happy_tux>     ah ok just looking now ;)
Mar 09 21:18:23 <RiverrunFree>  24th the day hh is released
Mar 09 21:18:46 <ebel>  So we'll use that wikipage to start making lists of what we need to have, and what we'll do on the party.
Mar 09 21:18:55 <happy_tux>     yea thats great...couple of days to download install and copy
Mar 09 21:19:25 <ebel>  If I remember from gutsy, it's a pain to download on release day. :)
Mar 09 21:19:36 <RiverrunFree>  looking foreward to hh
Mar 09 21:19:52 <RiverrunFree>  so it is
Mar 09 21:19:57 <happy_tux>     i would prefer a public place where people could come in freely and see whats going on....
Mar 09 21:20:01 <ebel>  But we should be able to burn a bunch of CDs. Get a few people and they'll only have to do maybe a dozen each.
Mar 09 21:20:14 <ebel>  happy_tux, like out in the open? on the street?
Mar 09 21:20:30 <RiverrunFree>  i tried to upgrade the RC a few days b4 hand and it broke feisty
Mar 09 21:20:34 <happy_tux>     camara is perfect, for computer users and the like, but, not sure about joe public accessing the area
Mar 09 21:20:48 <ebel>  happy_tux, yeah, it's not the nicest area. :/
Mar 09 21:20:49 <happy_tux>     no not open
Mar 09 21:21:11 <happy_tux>     a hotel would be ideal i think.?
Mar 09 21:21:33 <ebel>  Yeah that would be nice.
Mar 09 21:21:51 <RiverrunFree>  it would be nice
Mar 09 21:22:03 <ebel>  But you'd have to pay then.
Mar 09 21:22:18 <happy_tux>     just what i was thinking :-(
Mar 09 21:22:35 <ebel>  happy_tux, do you want to investigate that?
Mar 09 21:22:57 <happy_tux>     i will price around a few function rooms yes
Mar 09 21:23:29 <happy_tux>     its all money...grrr
Mar 09 21:24:04 <RiverrunFree>  you wouldn't' need a great big room
Mar 09 21:24:18 <happy_tux>     enough to fit 3 ppl anyway lol
Mar 09 21:24:25 <RiverrunFree>  lol
Mar 09 21:24:53 <happy_tux>     i used to run the amiga user club in the north star hotel
Mar 09 21:24:59 <ebel>  Well like I said, the camara workshop is free. :)
Mar 09 21:25:07 <happy_tux>     ill check it out during the week
Mar 09 21:25:31 <RiverrunFree>  yeah, and it'll be daylight by then
Mar 09 21:25:41 <ebel>  Cool. If someone know someone who worked in a hotel.... 
Mar 09 21:26:33 <happy_tux>     what would a time frame for the day be?   1:00 pm ?
Mar 09 21:26:37 <RiverrunFree>  any enthusiastic linux users in the hotel business?
Mar 09 21:27:02 <ebel>  we should probably look at what other teams are doing.
Mar 09 21:27:13 <ebel>  And deciede what we want to do at the day.
Mar 09 21:27:17 <happy_tux>     aye
Mar 09 21:28:02 <RiverrunFree>  it's a nice idea to have a party
Mar 09 21:28:29 <RiverrunFree>  meet others who use ubuntu
Mar 09 21:29:06 <ebel>  So we need to expand the wiki with things we'll need, and things we could do, and people who are interested in helping out?
Mar 09 21:29:40 <happy_tux>     well put my name down to help out as best i can
Mar 09 21:29:57 <ebel>  somethings we need help with: Finding more venues. Burning CDs. Designing / Finding marketing material for hardy and ubuntu.
Mar 09 21:30:15 <RiverrunFree>  are you expecting many ppl?
Mar 09 21:30:35 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, I dunno. The more the merrier.
Mar 09 21:30:43 <ebel>  We also need to figure out how to market this.
Mar 09 21:30:44 <RiverrunFree>  ok
Mar 09 21:30:47 <happy_tux>     it depends on weather people know about it i suppose ?
Mar 09 21:31:00 <ebel>  We can market the party to a few groups, linux users and non linux users.
Mar 09 21:31:13 <ebel>  Linux users are easy. Mails to ILUG and the like take care of that.
Mar 09 21:31:38 <ebel>  Getting some local press there would be cool. Maybe even write a press release and send to the papers....
Mar 09 21:31:38 <happy_tux>     "The greatest OS in the world comes to Dublin April 26th" !!!
Mar 09 21:31:57 <ebel>  Esp. with vista out recently.
Mar 09 21:32:21 <ebel>  We need to get in contact with people in the Irish press and Irish techy press,
Mar 09 21:33:05 <RiverrunFree>  The Irish Times might be interested
Mar 09 21:33:36 <happy_tux>     yeah PCLive
Mar 09 21:33:57 <ebel>  yep.
Mar 09 21:34:22 <ebel>  We should try to get something mentioned in there before the meeting to get people to come.
Mar 09 21:34:27 <ebel>  Maybe a letters to the editor.
Mar 09 21:34:35 <ebel>  And then something after it to show off. :)
Mar 09 21:34:41 <RiverrunFree>  good idea that
Mar 09 21:35:14 <ebel>  Right, any other thoughts on the hardy party? Or are we done?
Mar 09 21:35:17 <happy_tux>     they did have a ubuntu article recently
Mar 09 21:36:08 <RiverrunFree>  didn't see it
Mar 09 21:36:20 <ebel>  me  neither,
Mar 09 21:36:32 <happy_tux>     yeah december maybe it was
Mar 09 21:36:33 <ebel>  If we could contact the author of that, that'd be cool.
Mar 09 21:37:35 <happy_tux>     i gave the mag to my father...ill have a look when visit him
Mar 09 21:37:46 <ebel>  Cool! :)
Mar 09 21:37:52 <ebel>  They might have an online archive or something.
Mar 09 21:38:01 <ebel>  OK, anything else?
Mar 09 21:38:10 <ebel>  We've got a lot of stuff here for the release party.
Mar 09 21:38:30 <ebel>  Lots to keep us busy.
Mar 09 21:38:54 <happy_tux>     busier!
Mar 09 21:39:04 <ebel>  True that. :)
Mar 09 21:39:23 <ebel>  OK, next item on the agenda was added by me.
Mar 09 21:39:39 <ebel>  System76 gives people free 'powered by ubuntu' stickers for their laptops.
Mar 09 21:39:48 <RiverrunFree>  stickers
Mar 09 21:39:48 <ebel>  You can get them in a few countries, but not ireland.
Mar 09 21:39:57 <ebel>  yet. :)
Mar 09 21:40:17 <ebel>  I've emailed press@system76 about a week ago but they haven't gotten back to me.
Mar 09 21:40:28 <ebel>  I'm willing to help with getting that started.
Mar 09 21:40:56 <ebel>  I think I'll just have to bug them more.
Mar 09 21:41:13 <ebel>  And find out how other countries / loco teams got that stated.
Mar 09 21:41:15 <ebel>  *started
Mar 09 21:42:14 <happy_tux>     so we want ireland to be put on the list of free stickers option?
Mar 09 21:42:40 *       md5ie (n=blowmd5@ has joined #Ubuntu-ie
Mar 09 21:42:48 <ebel>  well someone in ireland will have to put stickers in envelopes. :)
Mar 09 21:42:56 <ebel>  (I think)
Mar 09 21:43:04 <ebel>  I'm willing to do that to get it started.
Mar 09 21:43:35 <md5ie> Hi everyone, nice to see that there are more people using Ubuntu in Ireland
Mar 09 21:43:46 <happy_tux>     hi there
Mar 09 21:43:51 <ebel>  Hi md5ie! We're in the middle of having our IRC meeting!
Mar 09 21:43:58 <ebel>  Join in!
Mar 09 21:44:08 <RiverrunFree>  hi md
Mar 09 21:44:12 <ebel>  We're talking about getting some free 'powered by ubuntu' stickers.
Mar 09 21:44:37 <ebel>  they'd go well at the hardy party too.
Mar 09 21:44:38 <md5ie> that shouldn't be a problem
Mar 09 21:44:50 <md5ie> When is the meeting?
Mar 09 21:44:53 <happy_tux>     so system 76 sends you a load of free stickers and you post them to anyone who wants them ?
Mar 09 21:45:12 <ebel>  happy_tux, yep. they send you 4 for ech self address envelope.
Mar 09 21:45:26 <ebel>  I got some from the UK, but I had to get my sister to send me some UK stamps.
Mar 09 21:45:30 <ebel>  not very practical.
Mar 09 21:45:30 <md5ie> i have around 20 (I think) :)
Mar 09 21:45:38 <RiverrunFree>  post a notice that they are available on the site?
Mar 09 21:45:46 <happy_tux>     ahh i see
Mar 09 21:46:03 <happy_tux>     you send a stamped address envelope and they send u 4
Mar 09 21:46:05 <ebel>  md5ie, the meeting is happening now
Mar 09 21:46:32 <md5ie> Oh I was thinking about the real meeting :)
Mar 09 21:46:45 <ebel>  well I /think/ system76 send the person a whole bunch and then they dole them out in 4s.
Mar 09 21:46:58 <RiverrunFree>  it's the 26th april
Mar 09 21:47:04 <ebel>  They are available in about 20 countries so far.
Mar 09 21:47:06 <happy_tux>     ill email them
Mar 09 21:47:16 <md5ie> Could you tell me more about your team? What are your plans?
Mar 09 21:47:19 <ebel>  http://system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=9
Mar 09 21:47:49 <ebel>  happy_tux, yeah the more ubuntu-ie people ask them the more likely they are to do it. :)
Mar 09 21:48:27 <happy_tux>     ebel:  that is a great idea!
Mar 09 21:48:46 <RiverrunFree>  yeah, I could email them and ask them to add irl
Mar 09 21:48:49 <happy_tux>     im on it
Mar 09 21:48:56 <ebel>  Cool. :)
Mar 09 21:49:05 <RiverrunFree>  I'll do that!
Mar 09 21:49:08 <ebel>  I've emailed press@system76.com already, no reply yet.
Mar 09 21:49:12 <happy_tux>     god ill need to write all these tasks down :-/
Mar 09 21:49:37 <ebel>  We should contact the other ubuntu loco teams that've done it. find out what's involved.
Mar 09 21:50:13 <happy_tux>     ones closest to home would be a good start
Mar 09 21:50:24 <ebel>  Yep. UK.
Mar 09 21:50:46 <ebel>  Right so basically we need to just keep bugging them and find out what's involved?
Mar 09 21:51:35 <ebel>  Any other thoughts on that topic?
Mar 09 21:52:53 <ebel>  OK, next. :)
Mar 09 21:53:11 <happy_tux>     have you seen the graphic stickers i did
Mar 09 21:53:13 <happy_tux>     ?
Mar 09 21:53:22 <RiverrunFree>  Think so
Mar 09 21:53:40 <ebel>  happy_tux, I saw the graphics. Are there specific sticker versions?
Mar 09 21:53:42 <RiverrunFree>  You posted them on the site, right?
Mar 09 21:53:50 <happy_tux>     no
Mar 09 21:53:55 <happy_tux>     yea
Mar 09 21:54:00 <RiverrunFree>  They look good
Mar 09 21:54:31 <happy_tux>     cheers....its getting them into actual sticker format that is the stopping point :-)
Mar 09 21:54:47 <RiverrunFree>  That's the problem
Mar 09 21:54:54 <ebel>  Lots of places do printing. Reads would be good.
Mar 09 21:55:19 <ebel>  I /assume/ they do stickers, they do everything else. :)
Mar 09 21:55:25 <RiverrunFree>  Reads would be a good place to try
Mar 09 21:56:01 <happy_tux>     k
Mar 09 21:56:53 <ebel>  cool.
Mar 09 21:57:06 <ebel>  twould be cooler to get free ones though. :)
Mar 09 21:57:29 <RiverrunFree>  would system 76 help out with that, i wonder?
Mar 09 21:58:07 <ebel>  I think so... But I'm not sure! They haven't replied. :(
Mar 09 21:58:14 <RiverrunFree>  ok
Mar 09 21:58:15 <ebel>  That's why we gotta bug em! :)
Mar 09 21:58:29 <RiverrunFree>  I'll drop them a line
Mar 09 21:58:57 <ebel>  Cool. :)
Mar 09 21:59:19 <RiverrunFree>  :)
Mar 09 21:59:25 <ebel>  OK, anything else?
Mar 09 21:59:36 *       md5ie is now known as md5-
Mar 09 22:00:15 <ebel>  Right. Next item on the agenda
Mar 09 22:00:18 <md5->  the website looks quite bad :) you need one like latvians has
Mar 09 22:00:55 <ebel>  md5-, yeah it is. Mean-Machine needs to get the codes off someone for that.
Mar 09 22:01:23 <md5->  is there anyone who can create a website from nothing?
Mar 09 22:01:54 <ebel>  Well we need the codes for the ubuntu-ie.org domain and hosting. 
Mar 09 22:02:24 <md5->  allright
Mar 09 22:02:53 <md5->  how many people do you have in your team?
Mar 09 22:03:23 <ebel>  md5-, there are 48 active members on launchpad. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie
Mar 09 22:03:35 <ebel>  Not all of them are here today. :)
Mar 09 22:03:57 <ebel>  OK stop me if I'm going too fast, I'm just trying to get through this, it's 10pm now!
Mar 09 22:04:20 <ebel>  But next on the agenda is getting stupid am/pm to work on the irish locale.
Mar 09 22:04:23 <RiverrunFree>  Wow, didn't know about the launchpad site
Mar 09 22:04:37 <ebel>  Something relevant to the irish ubuntu community I'm sure. :)
Mar 09 22:04:56 <ebel>  There's some details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=718768
Mar 09 22:05:15 <ebel>  Please vote for this idea on the ubuntu brainstorm: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/3904/
Mar 09 22:05:28 <RiverrunFree>  I tried the patch half an hour ago
Mar 09 22:05:36 <RiverrunFree>  didn't work
Mar 09 22:05:53 <ebel>  :( Did you try to patch the code, or use the custom package?
Mar 09 22:06:20 <RiverrunFree>  the string
Mar 09 22:06:38 <ebel>  If you want the 12 hour clock option to show up, you need to restart gnome, or at worse restart your PC.
Mar 09 22:06:43 <md5->  do you need any help in creating your team?
Mar 09 22:06:49 <RiverrunFree>  ok
Mar 09 22:07:29 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, but if you apply the patch and do "date '+%r'" from the command line you can see if it worked right away.
Mar 09 22:07:34 <RiverrunFree>  ctrl+alt +/
Mar 09 22:07:43 <ebel>  md5-, everyone who's interested in ubuntu in ireland is welcome.
Mar 09 22:08:00 <RiverrunFree>  i'll give it a go
Mar 09 22:08:02 <md5->  I am lithuanian but living in Ireland for 4 years
Mar 09 22:08:12 <md5->  so I guess I should join irish team :)
Mar 09 22:08:17 <ebel>  Cool! Great to see you here!
Mar 09 22:08:33 <md5->  thanks :)
Mar 09 22:08:43 <RiverrunFree>  do i need to use gedit to create a file in etc?
Mar 09 22:08:56 <happy_tux>     ok voted on brainstorm
Mar 09 22:09:01 <ebel>  Everyone should join the lauchpad team try to show their support.
Mar 09 22:09:05 <RiverrunFree>  Welcome, md5
Mar 09 22:09:16 <md5->  hey :)
Mar 09 22:09:33 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, probably the easiest way to do it is to use the custom package. the forum thread explains how to do it
Mar 09 22:09:50 <RiverrunFree>  I'm a member in Launchpad, but I didn't know abt the irl group
Mar 09 22:09:55 <RiverrunFree>  until now
Mar 09 22:10:03 <RiverrunFree>  ok
Mar 09 22:10:17 <RiverrunFree>  i'll look again
Mar 09 22:10:36 <ebel>  I don't really know how to get this change into the main ubuntu package. I've created a bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/langpack-locales/+bug/199899 and I suppose we keep bugging them about it.
Mar 09 22:11:05 <RiverrunFree>  hmm,
Mar 09 22:11:12 <md5->  Well the great thing is when you open an ireland group you can get free cds of new realeases before everyone else
Mar 09 22:11:18 <RiverrunFree>  i get: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/rorymcc/ubuntu gutsy main
Mar 09 22:11:18 <RiverrunFree>  deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/rorymcc/ubuntu gutsy main
Mar 09 22:11:30 <RiverrunFree>  no patch
Mar 09 22:12:04 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, OK, you need to create a file called /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rorymcc-ppa.list with that as the contents
Mar 09 22:12:21 <RiverrunFree>  great thanks
Mar 09 22:12:22 <ebel>  Then just do a normal software update and the patched version will be downloaded and installed.
Mar 09 22:12:35 <ebel>  md5-, really? free cds? Cool.
Mar 09 22:12:35 <RiverrunFree>  didn't know what to call it
Mar 09 22:12:44 <md5->  original ones
Mar 09 22:12:45 <ebel>  can you tell us more about that?
Mar 09 22:13:04 <md5->  Well the main thing is to make the Ubuntu popular in ireland
Mar 09 22:13:10 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, if you do the command: "sudo wget -O /etc/apt/source.list.d/rorymcc-ppa.list http://technomancy.org/ubuntu/rorymcc-ppa.list" it should takecare of everything
Mar 09 22:13:12 <md5->  to create a good and desighned webpage
Mar 09 22:13:18 <md5->  write articles
Mar 09 22:13:32 <md5->  and after we would come official team of ireland
Mar 09 22:14:03 <ebel>  md5-, are you involved withthe lithuanian team?
Mar 09 22:14:26 <md5->  I was thinking to join them, but they already have a good team
Mar 09 22:14:31 <md5->  and I live in ireland
Mar 09 22:14:38 <md5->  so I decided to join yours
Mar 09 22:14:50 <ebel>  Cool well great to see you md5- 
Mar 09 22:15:05 <md5->  Successfully joined Ubuntu Ireland.
Mar 09 22:15:30 *       kidders (n=kidders@ has left #ubuntu-ie ("Leaving")
Mar 09 22:15:30 <ebel>  Yeah we're not offically approved yet. But it looks like there's lots of great people who are interested here.
Mar 09 22:15:40 *       kidders (n=kidders@ has joined #ubuntu-ie
Mar 09 22:16:43 <md5->  Who is the main boss here? :)
Mar 09 22:16:46 <ebel>  OK, so that's my bit of pimping for my patch out of the way. :)
Mar 09 22:16:56 <ebel>  md5-, Normally Mean-Machine. He's the team leader.
Mar 09 22:17:11 <ebel>  But he can't be here today, so he asked me to host this IRC meeting.
Mar 09 22:17:12 <md5->  ok
Mar 09 22:17:59 <ebel>  Any other business?
Mar 09 22:18:24 <ebel>  Clearly we need to pimp the community tools more (Launchpad, this channel, the forums, etc etc)
Mar 09 22:19:17 *       md5- is now known as md5x
Mar 09 22:22:18 <ebel>  So if you haven't joined the launchpad team, join up!
Mar 09 22:22:21 <md5x>  maybe to put irc in the webpage
Mar 09 22:24:43 <ebel>  yeah the webpage (ubuntu-ie.org) needs work alright.
Mar 09 22:25:26 <ebel>  So nothing else for tonight's meeting then?
Mar 09 22:25:30 <RiverrunFree>  Terminal is telling me: no such file etc
Mar 09 22:25:44 <RiverrunFree>  I guess i need to log out
Mar 09 22:26:03 <ebel>  RiverrunFree, that file won't be there, you'll have to create it.
Mar 09 22:26:06 <RiverrunFree>  ok
Mar 09 22:26:21 <RiverrunFree>  That's done
Mar 09 22:26:34 <happy_tux>     im good
Mar 09 22:26:40 <RiverrunFree>  need to do a software update
Mar 09 22:26:49 <RiverrunFree>  back in a mo'
Mar 09 22:27:45 <md5x>  anyone know how to get a job in ireland something with it? :)
Mar 09 22:27:58 <ebel>  cool! Well we've had a very productive meeting tonight then.
Mar 09 22:28:03 <ebel>  I think we can wrap it up now.
Mar 09 22:28:32 <ebel>  I'll put the minutes etc on the wiki.
Mar 09 22:29:04 <ebel>  Then everyone needs to get editing the wiki to organise this party!
Mar 09 22:29:17 <ebel>  Don't be shy, everyone's welcome to join in!
Mar 09 22:30:23 <happy_tux>     ok thanks ebel!
Mar 09 22:31:39 <RiverrunFree>  back in a while ;)
Mar 09 22:31:44 *       RiverrunFree has quit ("Leaving")
Mar 09 22:31:46 <ebel>  OK folks the next IRC meeting will be in 2 weeks!

Any Other Business

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