Ubuntu Ireland SFD2008 IRC Meeting, starting at 9pm, 27th July 2008


  • czajkowski
  • RohitThakral

  • bonglord
  • Hi-Jack
  • GDStrong
  • Mean-Machine
  • judith_h


Feel free to add an agenda item, and don't forget to put your name next to it.


Any Other Business


Mean-Machine> ok, let's start 
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<Mean-Machine> If you're here for the SFD 2008 meeting, please type PRESENT
<czajkowski> PRESENT
<RohitThakral> PRESENT
<bonglord> present
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<Mean-Machine> PRESENT
<Mean-Machine> not bad :P
<Mean-Machine> let's start with the agenda
<Mean-Machine> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/SFD2008
<Guest24069> PRESENT
<Mean-Machine> Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu demo machines (MeanMachine) 
<RohitThakral> Sorry before
<RohitThakral> that
<RohitThakral> How many people are there in office
<RohitThakral> i mean physically at the meeting
<RohitThakral> Just so that we know
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<Mean-Machine> this meeting is online
<RohitThakral> oh :( sorry
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<Mean-Machine> Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu demo machines (MeanMachine) 
<RohitThakral> I thought there are people in Camara Office as well
<Mean-Machine> ok, should I explain demo machines idea?
<RohitThakral> yes
<czajkowski> sure, maybe some folks may not know.
<RohitThakral> please
<bonglord> that would be great
<Mean-Machine> we'll have PCs on-site with ubuntu etc. pre-installed
<Mean-Machine> everyone will be able to try it out
<RohitThakral> I can provide a couple
<Mean-Machine> and also ask questions
<Mean-Machine> the PCs will be mostly provided by Camara
<Mean-Machine> if you can provide a higher spec machine for the event, most welcome
<Mean-Machine> for example to show compiz etc 
<RohitThakral> What is Higher Spec??
<czajkowski> cool, spoke to a few people and they thought it was a good idea for Edubuntu to be shown as they would like to show kids and encourage them
<RohitThakral> Yeah can arrange that
<RohitThakral> Also my laptop is available as well
<Mean-Machine> higher spec will be defined as soon as we know what PCs we'll get from Camara
<RohitThakral> I would suggest some special configurations as well. Like Ubuntu on Memory Stick
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<Mean-Machine> we'll also try to have a few Edubuntu machines on-site
<czajkowski> ok
<RohitThakral> Do we know how many machines can we get from Camara
<Mean-Machine> Id say as many as we need
<RohitThakral> hmmm
<RohitThakral> So it will be good to have every flavour available
<Hi-Jack> Is this for a single event? Or will these machines be on display for longer?
<Mean-Machine> originaly it's meant to be for the SFD event
<czajkowski> Just for the event...
<czajkowski> but maybe we could look at having one or two set up for future in the drop in centre
<czajkowski> if it was possible to keep them.
<czajkowski> ?
<Mean-Machine> we'll discuss this after the event
<czajkowski> ok.
<Mean-Machine> any other questions regarding demo machines?
<czajkowski> nope.
<Mean-Machine> moving on...
<Mean-Machine> LAN games/competitions using free games like Nexuiz etc. Ubuntu/Ubuntu-ie gear as prizes (ankhi) 
<Mean-Machine> ankhi isn't present, but we wanted to leave this one out anyways, didn't we?
<czajkowski> that would be kinda cool, and again a chance to get people involved in using them.
<RohitThakral> I would suggest to keep it in as well
<Mean-Machine> gaming = higher spec machines
<czajkowski> I think it would encourage interaction.
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<Mean-Machine> ok, what games then?
<czajkowski> well they dont have to be massive big high end games.
<Mean-Machine> who'll help out setting it up?
<czajkowski> I mean could be some simple ones out there.
<judith_h> hiya
<RohitThakral> We all.............. I guess
<czajkowski> aye
<Mean-Machine> fine by me :D
<Mean-Machine> this has to be well organized though
<RohitThakral> MM provide me with the spec which will be good for such a machine and I'll try and arrange
<RohitThakral> may be after the meeting
<Mean-Machine> RohitThakral, no problemo!
<Mean-Machine> If you want to attract the serious (business, commercial, educational, etc) users, you may have to treat games, etc, as merely ancillary events/attractions (Mjk4)
<RohitThakral> For business people
<RohitThakral> Mail Servers???
<RohitThakral> examples of Ubuntu in MS domains
<Mean-Machine> is Mjk4 present?
<Mean-Machine> Regular, frequent, brief, and (hopefully) free! references to SFD2008 in the media, starting immediately (Mjk4).
<Mean-Machine> this is a great idea!
<RohitThakral> any thoughts on my suggestion???
<RohitThakral> or any other suggestions for the business people?
<Mean-Machine> RT, I don't think we'll have much business people there
<RohitThakral> well then well have to bring them there
<RohitThakral> Its all about advertisement
<RohitThakral> marketing
<Mean-Machine> I think we should concentrate on kids and avg user
<Mean-Machine> I don't think we're capable of setting up such a wide event, just yet
<czajkowski> If you think about it, to get kids along you need paretns, so if we aim it at a family day/education and fun. you'll get folks along. Obviously getting business and people in business to come along would be great.
<RohitThakral> well but if there is no business no one is going to support
<czajkowski> Av user  is the main key area to focus on for this event. at least for this year
<RohitThakral> Its the thinking....... MM if we decide we can
<RohitThakral> Until you are there with your expertise
<czajkowski> Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Aim for a good event this year
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski is right
<czajkowski> and one to establish the LoCo and we can aim higher next year
<RohitThakral> and czajkowski all those parents are either working in IT or have their own business
<RohitThakral> DId you see the IOTC 2008
<czajkowski> RohitThakral: I was an orgnaiser of the IOTC
<Mean-Machine> let's organize 1 small but good and professional event
<czajkowski> so yes I saw a lot of it
<Mean-Machine> RT, this is not a conference
<Hi-Jack> I wonder if a SFD day event is the right event for business... It is on a Saturday first of all. If a person wants to attract business one should invite people to a conference center with presentations etc. Or be present at computer expos where business go to look at products.
<Mean-Machine> SFD is a celebration of Free Software
<czajkowski> Hi-Jack: exactly
<czajkowski> we can have a few non pressure light talks
<czajkowski> but the aim of the day is nformation and celebration
<czajkowski> not CHANGE TO OPENSOURCE!! WE ARE RIGHT attidude
<czajkowski> .c
<Mean-Machine> exactly!
<RohitThakral> ACK....
<RohitThakral> if this is what everyone thinks
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<Mean-Machine> Tutorial sessions for beginners, both in general Ubuntu usage but also in FOSS like GIMP etc. (BOZG)
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<Hi-Jack> If we attract people who have not used Ubuntu before it would be useful to have a demonstration of how to install Ubuntu or how to set up a dual boot system.
<Mean-Machine> fair play
<czajkowski> good idea
<Mean-Machine> who would like to volunteer to do this presentation?
<Mean-Machine> okay, maybe it's too soon ;-]
<RohitThakral> I don't have a pc to take snapshots
<RohitThakral> I can put them in ppt
<Mean-Machine> hmm... how about a live install show, rather than slides with screenshots?
<RohitThakral> we'll need many machines
<RohitThakral> may be slot in 3 different installs
<RohitThakral> 3 machines
<RohitThakral> 3 time during the day
<Mean-Machine> why so many?
<RohitThakral> because we don't know what time people will come in and go
<RohitThakral> at least 2 are must
<RohitThakral> one in morning and one in the afternoon
<Mean-Machine> we'll have the event's schedule advertised
<Mean-Machine> posters, web etc.
<bonglord> Could we install ubuntu on virtual systems?
<RohitThakral> news/silicon republic
<bonglord> that way we could do it as many times as we want?
<Mean-Machine> I still don't see the point of multiple presentations on 1 subject
<RohitThakral> i think two is a reasonable number and we can use the same pc again
<RohitThakral> because people will come in and go and new people will come
<Mean-Machine> does everyone agree with RT?
<Mean-Machine> yes/no?
<judith_h> yes
<judith_h> xD
<Hi-Jack> perhaps a person should defer that decision till the time that we actually put the programme together... it would be nice to fit two in. Would there be enough time or resourches?
<Mean-Machine> it might be tight
<RohitThakral> time???
<RohitThakral> the whole day
<Mean-Machine> originally  planned 11 - 16
<RohitThakral> we can bring more volunteer's in
<RohitThakral> oh OK
<RohitThakral> I didnt know that
<czajkowski> again
<czajkowski> lets focus on getting a plan and we can work out finer details on exact numbers of installs/demos/presentations
<Mean-Machine> point taken
<RohitThakral> but why not the whole day
<bonglord> tes
<RohitThakral> 9-5
<czajkowski> rhocause it's a saturday
<czajkowski> people do things on Saturdays that they dont get time to do during the week
<czajkowski> nobody wants to be somewhere for 9
<czajkowski> 11-16 is enough and ample time to celebrate SFD
<czajkowski> depending on numbers that day we can maybe puh it out to 17 for people to hang around and ask questions/mingle
<RohitThakral> not everyone ahs to stay
<Mean-Machine> we might extend, but we should plan for 11 - 16
<czajkowski> again, it's the weekend, if you start that early nobody is going to want to come.
<czajkowski> aye
<czajkowski> agreed
<Mean-Machine> and we need to be there earlier to make sure everything is in place
<Mean-Machine> dont fancy starting at 6 0r 7 am on a saturday
<RohitThakral> is everything already decided
<czajkowski> Mean-Machine: aye, definately not :)
<Mean-Machine> has everyone read czajkowski's email? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ie/2008-July/000076.html
<RohitThakral> does everyone mean me???
<RohitThakral> yes I ahve
<czajkowski> rhno it's an open question to everyone in here.
<Mean-Machine> ok, any opinion, suggestion, question?  
<czajkowski> I've asked around and am gonna see if I can sort some Sponsorhship out
<czajkowski> once I hear back I'll post to list
<Mean-Machine> this  would be great
<Mean-Machine> we'll now have 4/5 possible talks (we now have the install presentation)
<GDStrong> Yes, I have read that email.
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<Mean-Machine> is anyone from IFSO with us atm?
<GDStrong> Yep, me
<Mean-Machine> great
<Mean-Machine> still going for the general FreeSoftware talk?
<GDStrong> Yes, I don't think there is any problem with that.
<czajkowski> excellent
<Mean-Machine> brill!
<GDStrong> The email suggested 2x30 minutes. Was the idea to have the same talk repeated, or to have two topics?
<Mean-Machine> it would be great if we could have 2 topics, is it possible?
<GDStrong> (I should be able to do one, and I'll find a stunt double for myself if I can't)
<czajkowski> hehe
<czajkowski> I out down 2 as Mean-Machine mention 2 talks, but I mean if you can only do 1 and nobody else wants to, that's fine.
<czajkowski> *put
<Mean-Machine> we're happy to have IFSO with us for this celebration
<GDStrong> What kind of topics were you thinking of? DRM was one topic that came to mind, and motivating free software (in a "why use it" way) is always possible, too.
<GDStrong> Happy to be along.
<czajkowski>  motivating free software (in a "why use it" way  would be interesting
<czajkowski> esppecially if we have people along who are wondering  why they should use it.
<GDStrong> OK - I'm sure we can do something about that.
<Mean-Machine> that'd be great
<Mean-Machine> what else do we have there on the agenda?
<Mean-Machine> Camara Presentation - tours running throughtout the day, showing the
<Mean-Machine> workshop and explaining what they do
<Mean-Machine> Camara staff will take care of that
<Mean-Machine> ;-]
<Mean-Machine> ah, the most interesting part
<Mean-Machine> What needs to be done
<Mean-Machine> ------------------------------------------------------
<Mean-Machine> Sponsorship
<Mean-Machine> any ideas how to get sponsorship?
<judith_h> for what?
<Mean-Machine> for the event
<judith_h> for what exactly
<judith_h> i meant
<RohitThakral> well software houses
<Mean-Machine> softdrinks, fingerfood
<RohitThakral> Open Source Software companies
<czajkowski> oh I've jsut asked CRM and AIb as both of them I met during IOTC and both use open source
<Mean-Machine> mayby some simple marchandising
<RohitThakral> cool
<RohitThakral> can we make a list
<RohitThakral> and follow up with companies
<judith_h> OpenApp
<RohitThakral> send them emails/letters phone calls
<judith_h> Quest ;)
<RohitThakral> Yes
<RohitThakral> SugarCRM
<czajkowski> judith_h: I've tapped them a lot already :)
<czajkowski> not sure I'd be able to do it again
<RohitThakral> czajkowski
<czajkowski> RohitThakral: yes
<RohitThakral> Good to have a list so that we all can follow
<RohitThakral> and we are not doubling the efforts
<Mean-Machine> do not just send emails anywhere!!!
<RohitThakral> emails will be followed up by either meetings
<Mean-Machine> listen up
<Mean-Machine> we should talk about everyone's roles
<Mean-Machine> not that everyone is responsible for many things 
<Mean-Machine> or none
<Mean-Machine> when it comes to sponsorships, it's mainly czajkowski's area as she's got the required experience
<Mean-Machine> myself and ebel are there to support czajkowski in this
<Mean-Machine> we have loads of other tasks to give away
<Mean-Machine> we'd need a press release text
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<Mean-Machine> which then has to be sent out regularly
<judith_h> mean: which kind of press do you have in mind?
<Mean-Machine> daily papers
<Mean-Machine> irish websites
<judith_h> daily papers?
<judith_h> such as metro and stuff?
<Mean-Machine> metro, independent tc.
<judith_h> oO
<judith_h> okay..
<judith_h> isn't it a bit...much?
<Mean-Machine> why is that?
<Mean-Machine> not every paper will print it
<judith_h> that's what I meant ;)
<judith_h> but okay, try t.
<czajkowski> ok if we have stuff  for the indo
<czajkowski> I can ask jason
<czajkowski> he works there for a contact
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<czajkowski> right before anyone else leaves
<czajkowski> and it gets any later
<czajkowski> anything else we need to address?? or comment on?
<Mean-Machine> don't think so
<Mean-Machine> the only thing I would like to say is:
<czajkowski> Right so I'll work on sponsorship this week and maybe Friday or next Saturday when I get a chance will let folks know via email
<Mean-Machine> come forward, participate and help out ;-]
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, cool
<Mean-Machine> I'll work on setting up the event schedule
<czajkowski> and I'm logged on the whole time so folks can leave me a pm if I'm not about or at work, or name me on email laura@lczajkowski.com
<Mean-Machine> you'll also find our contact details on ubuntu-ie wiki pages
<Mean-Machine> SFD 2008
<Mean-Machine> btw, I won't be in Dublin next weekend, so the Drop In Centre will not be opened
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<judith_h> was anybody there yesterday?
<Mean-Machine> yes, harcesz was
<judith_h> who is that?
<Mean-Machine> we were fixing his laptop :D
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