The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 13th January 2010, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode.

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  1. ebel
  2. slashtom
  3. airurando
  4. lau1
  5. czajkowski
  6. tdr112
  7. harcesz


  • Agenda item


    Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and work being done


    Ubuntu-ie banner - next steps


    Name for the Limerick Event


    Advertising the Limerick Event


    Open Source Events in TOG in February


    More forms of communication


    Ubuntu Hour plans



Meeting started by ebel at 14:04
14:05:55        LINK    ebel    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-01-13#preview
14:08:53        Topic: Name for the Limerick Event
14:30:50        Topic: Advertising the Limerick Event
14:40:07        ACTION  ebel    airurando will contact davem for working on promotion etc for limerick event
14:40:30        Topic: Open Source Events in TOG in February
14:41:44        LINK    ebel    http://www.tog.ie/2010/01/engineers-week/
14:43:56        Topic: More forms of communication
15:05:38        AGREED  ebel    when running events, make sure to tell all forms of communication
15:05:52        Topic: Ubuntu Hour plans
15:08:03        AGREED  ebel    ubuntu hours will be on the last wednesday of the month
15:10:46        VOTE    should there be another ubuntu hour at the end of january (+1) or wait till the end of feb (-1)
15:11:55        VOTE RESULT     3 for, 0 against, 1 abstained. Total: 3
15:12:17        AGREED  ebel    there'll be another ubuntu hour at the end of january at 17th of jan
15:13:00        AGREED  ebel    there'll be another ubuntu hour at the end of january at *27th of jan
15:17:03        Topic: ANy other buisness?
15:18:27        Topic: Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and work being done
15:19:20        LINK    lau1    http://desinterets.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/et-linux-alors-il-se-traduit-comment/
Meeting ended at 15:27.

Any Other Business

The following topics were raised in the meeting

  • Agenda item



Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:05:03] <ebel> please say PRESENT if you are present
[14:05:10] <slashtom> PRESENT
[14:05:11] <airurando> PRESENT
[14:05:17] <lau1> PRESENT
[14:05:20] <ebel> once again, we're using MootBot to take logs of the channel and minutes
[14:05:29] <ebel> PRESENT (obviously)
[14:05:49] <ebel> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-01-13#preview
[14:05:55] <ebel> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-01-13#preview
[14:06:01] <ebel> that's the agenda
[14:06:26] <ebel> there was more earlier, but czajkowski is feeling ill and won't be attending so they removed their stuff
[14:07:07] <ebel> except the first item which was about irish translations
[14:07:30] <ebel> i'll leave that to the end, since fagan is the contact for that and they haven't turned up
[14:07:51] <ebel> no worries, they've a habit of sleeping in :)
[14:08:20] <ebel> hmmm next item on " Ubuntu-ie banner - next steps " is from Mean-Machine, also not online yet
[14:08:39] <ebel> so we'll wait till they're online
[14:08:39] * slashtom twiddles thumbs
[14:08:50] <ebel> so the first item is "Name for the Limerick Event" from airurando
[14:08:53] <ebel> [topic] Name for the Limerick Event
[14:08:58] <ebel> airurando: over to you
[14:09:06] <airurando> My two items on the agenda are inter-related
[14:09:20] <airurando> Firstly Name for the Limerick Event
[14:09:26] <slashtom> which limerick event?
[14:09:45] <slashtom> 27th feb - zimmerman talk
[14:10:06] <airurando> sorry slashtom correct 27th of Feb. I am wondering whether or not the Limerick event at the end of February should get a title. Perhaps one has already been selected but as far as I am aware it is simply called 'The Limerick Event'.? What do others think?
[14:10:34] <ebel> yeah sounds good
[14:10:38] <slashtom> i think a more appropriate name would be better
[14:11:12] <airurando> Do we want Ubuntu in the Title or leave it more generic?
[14:11:12] <slashtom> having events outside of Dublin really shouldn't sound like such a big deal
[14:11:16] <ebel> just to keep everyone in the loop, UL (university of limerick) in conjunction with ubuntu-ie are doing an event in limerick that weelend
[14:11:33] <ebel> AFAIR matt zimmerman from canonical is coming over and doing a talk
[14:11:50] <airurando> ebel: thanks I should have clarified that.
[14:12:17] <slashtom> what's the subject matter?
[14:12:48] <ebel> i wonder if the UL/skynet people should have more input on this
[14:13:10] <ebel> since they are providing a venue (i think...)
[14:13:21] <ebel> who's UL / skynet here?
[14:13:32] <airurando> ebel: I think so I thought they might be present tonight.
[14:13:53] <ebel> yes...
[14:14:20] <czajkowski> well for skynet it'll be the Skynet talks
[14:14:21] <airurando> If not tonight this will need to be decided upon shortly.
[14:14:24] <ebel> davem: you're from UL / skynet right?
[14:15:00] <czajkowski> Ubuntu LoCo talks in Limerick might be an idea ?
[14:15:14] <slashtom> hey czajkowski, i hope you're feeling better
[14:15:21] <czajkowski> kinda just woke up
[14:15:30] <czajkowski> so forgive me if I'm a bit hazzy
[14:15:33] <ebel> czajkowski: *hugs*
[14:15:46] <airurando> czajkowski: good to have you here. do hope you are on the mend.
[14:15:57] <czajkowski> sorry I'm late
[14:16:00] <slashtom> if the subject of the talk ubuntu in general, or something more specific?
[14:16:01] <czajkowski> re skynet name
[14:16:09] <czajkowski> davem: and terran are skynet folks
[14:16:13] <slashtom> is the subject*
[14:16:41] <czajkowski> Ubuntu-ie LoCo talking in the Universirty of Limerick
[14:16:42] <czajkowski> or something
[14:17:01] <ebel> czajkowski: is there a name that skynet are calling the event>
[14:17:29] <czajkowski> no it just comes under skynet talks
[14:17:31] <czajkowski> but not sure
[14:17:38] <ebel> ok
[14:17:41] <czajkowski> prolly Ubuntu ireland talks
[14:17:51] <airurando> some very random initial thoughts of mine included. Ubuntu Roadshow, Limerick February 2010. ? Ubuntu Explored. ? Ubuntu Ireland Seminar. ? Linux Seminar?featuring?ubuntu. But I totally want something that is agreeable to all.
[14:18:08] <ebel> so is ubuntu-ie doing a talk? (if so who's doing it? on what?)
[14:19:08] <czajkowski> I am
[14:19:31] <czajkowski> it'll be about Ubuntu community and my role in it and on -ie team
[14:19:36] <ebel> airurando: nice ideas :)
[14:19:48] <czajkowski> Ubuntu Roadshow, Limerick February 2010 +1
[14:20:13] <lau1> I agree
[14:20:23] <airurando> ebel: Thanks
[14:20:32] <slashtom> i'm not keen on "Roadshow!
[14:21:03] <czajkowski> well it'd be nice to use it if we do other talks elsewhere in the country was the reasoning for me
[14:21:40] <airurando> czajkowski: thats exactly what was behind that idea.
[14:22:20] <czajkowski> as for skynet, it'll be something like skynet presents Mat zimmermand and Laura Czajkowski /Ubuntu Ireland
[14:22:54] <airurando> does anyone have other suggestions?
[14:23:03] <slashtom> "Ubuntu Ireland with Matt Zimmerman of Canonical"
[14:23:13] <czajkowski> I don't I'm arfaid. I'm rather useless
[14:23:38] <airurando> czajkowski: should we just row in behind skynet?
[14:24:00] <slashtom> my thoughts for leaving 'Limerick' out of the name, was that it shouldn't be a big deal that events are happening outside Dublin
[14:24:26] <lau1> if so far it has not it is a big deal no ?
[14:25:05] <airurando> lau1: if we are to promote it beyone the LoCO and UL I think it is.
[14:25:35] <airurando> *beyond
[14:25:36] <slashtom> how about - "Ubuntu Ireland LoCo with Matt Zimmerman of Canonical"
[14:26:20] <czajkowski> aye nice
[14:27:12] <airurando> slashtom: good but a bit wordy for a title. If other events are to take place later in the year or beyond something short and transferable would be better so a discussion on title wouldn't be required each time.
[14:29:18] <airurando> How about Ubuntu Ireland LoCo presents.......
[14:29:28] <slashtom> bit cheesy
[14:29:38] <czajkowski> can we come back to this
[14:29:45] <czajkowski> as we don't seem to be coming to a decision
[14:29:53] <czajkowski> perhaps post to mailing list ?
[14:29:55] <airurando> fair enough:-[
[14:30:01] <czajkowski> airurando: sorry
[14:30:31] * ebel has no real opinion or suggestions on the name.
[14:30:47] <ebel> there's another topic
[14:30:50] <ebel> [topic] Advertising the Limerick Event
[14:30:57] <ebel> on a similar vein...
[14:30:59] <airurando> czajkowski: no that fine and that is a good idea. We should have more input but it should be resolved sooner rather than later.
[14:31:13] <ebel> airurando: what were you thoughts on that?
[14:31:27] <airurando> How is the Limerick event to be advertised locally? ?Along with UL students and faculty are LIT students and faculty going to be informed.? Should we also get in contact with the Tipperary Institute? Are there any other colleges, schools or organisations which should be contacted?
[14:32:28] <czajkowski> I stil prefer roadshow the best, but perhaps others on the list might have more of an idea
[14:32:37] <airurando> I mentioned this in the IRC channel a few weeks ago but to reiterate here:?Through some friends I?have obtained the contact details?for the head of the Design Dept in LIT.? I also have a link from?some of?his colleagues?to ease the introduction so I would be happy to contact this lecturer with details of the event on behalf of ubuntu-ie if you would like. ?Alternatively I would be happy to forward his contact details to the corr
[14:32:38] <slashtom> don't we also have contacts galways uni?
[14:32:43] <ebel> yeah we should try to put the word out
[14:32:56] <czajkowski> airurando: it'll also get posted internally and I'd say terran will post to galway.
[14:33:09] <czajkowski> they can post to all the colleges, student computer socs
[14:33:16] <ebel> airurando: oh nice to have an LIT contact :)
[14:33:36] <czajkowski> airurando: nice pass details to everyone
[14:34:03] <czajkowski> we could do up a poster http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/
[14:34:08] <czajkowski> and get some designs off this page
[14:34:10] <ebel> airurando: I'd suggest getting in touch with the UL people and seeing what their adverstiing plan is, what URLs they're using, directions, etc etc
[14:34:28] <czajkowski> airurando: talk to davem davem@skynet.ie
[14:35:22] <ebel> tipp is another possibility
[14:35:30] <airurando> czajkowski: will do. (trying to locate Head of design in LIT details. will post as soon as i can)
[14:35:44] <czajkowski> grand
[14:35:45] <czajkowski> .c
[14:35:50] <ebel> this should also be pimped on various lists, ILUG, boards.ie, ubuntu-ie website/list./etc
[14:35:58] <czajkowski> nods
[14:36:31] <ebel> so we mostly know where to send the stuff, all we need is the promotional 'material', ie text, right?
[14:36:40] <czajkowski> aye
[14:36:58] <czajkowski> and we can use a poster design from the one I linked in here
[14:37:07] <czajkowski> I have to go
[14:37:08] <czajkowski> sorry
[14:37:15] <lau1> bye
[14:37:17] <airurando> and from that point of view a title would help.
[14:37:21] <airurando> bye
[14:37:28] <ebel> czajkowski: bye, get well soon!
[14:37:34] <ebel> airurando: yeah.
[14:37:38] <slashtom> take care czajkowski
[14:38:42] <ebel> shame there are no skynet people here....
[14:38:48] <ebel> (ie at the meeting)
[14:38:58] <ebel> they could help loads
[14:39:05] <tdr112> sorry for being late is the meeting still on
[14:39:11] <airurando> I think we have done enough on this I will contact davem
[14:39:13] <lau1> yes
[14:39:27] <ebel> tdr112: yeah still on, no worries
[14:39:32] <ebel> tdr112: also perfect timing :)
[14:39:38] <ebel> airurando: sounds good
[14:40:01] <airurando> FYI head of design in LIT is
[14:40:07] <ebel> [action] airurando will contact davem for working on promotion etc for limerick event
[14:40:17] <airurando> Mr. Adrian Byrne
[14:40:17] <airurando> Tel: 061 208379
[14:40:17] <airurando> Email: Adrian.Byrne@lit.ie
[14:40:23] <ebel> which brings us to.....
[14:40:30] <ebel> [topic] Open Source Events in TOG in February
[14:40:35] <ebel> tdr112: what were you thinking on that?
[14:40:45] <ebel> airurando: cool :)
[14:41:09] <tdr112> I was looking for a chance to let people know of the event http://www.tog.ie/2010/01/engineers-week/
[14:41:44] <ebel> [link] http://www.tog.ie/2010/01/engineers-week/
[14:42:11] <tdr112> over the course of engineers week there is a host of Open Source Hardware and Software Seminars/Workshops
[14:42:31] <ebel> tdr112: looks cool, :)
[14:42:32] <tdr112> the seminars are free , with prebooking
[14:42:34] <slashtom> very good
[14:42:46] <slashtom> free to non-tog members?
[14:42:47] <tdr112> that's all
[14:42:56] <tdr112> yep
[14:43:04] <tdr112> there is a cost to the workshops
[14:43:13] <tdr112> at the weekend
[14:43:16] <ebel> there's also an openstreetmap mapping party on the weekend of 6/7 feb
[14:43:49] <ebel> tdr112: thanks for the details
[14:43:53] <ebel> next up is
[14:43:56] <ebel> [topic] More forms of communication
[14:44:00] <ebel> which I added.
[14:44:27] <ebel> this team/community uses some forms of communication well
[14:44:34] <ebel> eg. this is a fairly active irc channel
[14:44:51] <ebel> but there are loads of other reasources that we should make the effort to use
[14:45:00] <ebel> and make sure we use them equaly
[14:45:30] <ebel> like the website, like the forum on ubuntu forums, like the unix forum on boards.ie and the mailing list
[14:46:02] <ebel> i'm going to make an effort promote events i'm involved with to all these media
[14:46:27] <ebel> cause there are probably people who read forums lots and it would be a shame if they never heard about something
[14:47:10] <ebel> we have an identica and twitter account (http://twitter.com/ubuntuie) and (http://identi.ca/ubuntuie)
[14:47:39] <ebel> there are loads of geeks in ireland, we should make sure we all know each other :)
[14:47:57] <ebel> (oh facebook and ILUG are other forms of communication aswell
[14:48:00] <ebel> thoughts?
[14:48:38] <slashtom> do we publicise the main ubuntu-ie website?
[14:49:00] <slashtom> maybe there should be a single point of reference for communication/notices
[14:49:10] <slashtom> and everything else reference that
[14:49:17] <ebel> slashtom: the web address is mentioned in promotional material, yes...
[14:49:25] <airurando> how many people are on the mailing list?
[14:49:47] <ebel> airurando: about 90 to 100 IIRC
[14:50:05] <tdr112> I am still not sure what is our main point of information , the website , the wiki , the mail list ,
[14:50:21] <ebel> oh the wiki that's another one...
[14:50:50] <tdr112> I agree with what slashtom said , one should be our main places and they rest make reference to it
[14:51:22] <airurando> I don' think any of these help contact people who are not actively looking for ubuntu.
[14:51:23] <tdr112> eg everything goes on the website , and then it goes to the mail list and then to twitter
[14:51:38] <lau1> Main has to be website or mailing list
[14:51:42] <ebel> and the IRC channel
[14:51:46] <tdr112> not to the mail list and then if someoe gets time or remember , it only then put on the website
[14:51:50] <slashtom> aye, that sounds sensible tdr112
[14:51:50] <ebel> and the forum, and the .....
[14:52:13] <airurando> too many information channels are not necessarily good
[14:52:14] <ebel> yes we definitly should get better at making sure all the bases are covered
[14:52:43] <airurando> i agree with tdr112
[14:52:46] <tdr112> there has to be a top to this tree then it filter down to other forms of communication
[14:52:59] <ebel> tdr112: yeah
[14:53:47] <tdr112> ok so how do we pull this off ?
[14:54:33] <ebel> i was thinking of making a list (say on the wiki) that starts with "So you're thinking of organising an event have you told ... ?"
[14:54:40] <slashtom> the limerick event isn't on http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ for instance
[14:55:01] <slashtom> should we have someone responsible for maintaining the website content?
[14:55:25] <airurando> slashtom: its up on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Events#Events
[14:55:41] <ebel> and then list eg: Website, Wiki Page, IRC Channel, Mailing List, Identica (and hence twitter), Ubuntu Fridge, Ubuntu Forums, etc
[14:56:02] <slashtom> airurando: isn't that the point
[14:56:29] <slashtom> the mainpage on http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ lists events, but not the events on the wiki
[14:56:30] <ebel> and then if/when someone does something and doesn't (say) make a post to the mailing list, they'll hopefully feel fooling :P
[14:56:35] <airurando> slashtom: yep but the rest is a bit above my head.
[14:56:36] <ebel> *foolish
[14:57:31] <ebel> TBH if i was running something (eg this meeting), I probably would announce to the channel, then post to mailing list, then ... etc
[14:57:50] <ebel> and I'm sure different people have different styles
[14:58:14] <ebel> so i'm unsure about everyone coming to agreement on 'the canonical source of info'
[14:58:44] <airurando> last month, I was give the action of keeping the wiki events page up to date going forward.
[14:58:56] <ebel> one problem we have is that information is inconsistant, and people might miss things. there are a few ways to solve that
[14:59:04] <tdr112> ok so not a step by step process , but a tick list ie , have you posted to web site - wiki - mail list - twitter - irc topic - forums
[14:59:44] <slashtom> airurando: then all we should need are links from the main website to the various parts of the wiki
[15:00:01] <lau1> I think the IRC is a bit of the ubuntu ie comitee so a lot of the prime info is on here for a while but the website should be updated to reflect that in priority
[15:00:31] <slashtom> such as the events wiki page should be linked from http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ main page
[15:00:59] <lau1> true
[15:01:01] <airurando> slashtom: good suggestion
[15:01:04] <ebel> yeah
[15:01:19] <ebel> lau1: yeah
[15:02:07] <ebel> well we'll be having an irc meeting in a month or so, so i'll have to do all this
[15:02:38] <ebel> i.e. i'll have to post notices about it to various websites.etc
[15:02:47] <ebel> so i'll look at it from a fresh eye
[15:02:52] <airurando> Couldit be discussed also at the next ubuntu hour?
[15:03:16] <ebel> i take it we all agree, in principle, that we should make sure to cover all communication bases?
[15:03:29] <airurando> yes
[15:03:34] <lau1> indeed
[15:03:40] <slashtom> referencing the website/wiki?
[15:05:03] <ebel> cool
[15:05:15] <ebel> ok
[15:05:38] <ebel> [agreed] when running events, make sure to tell all forms of communication
[15:05:44] <ebel> next up
[15:05:52] <ebel> [topic] Ubuntu Hour plans
[15:05:53] <ebel> from slashtom
[15:06:09] <slashtom> the votes are in http://doodle.com/participation.html?pollId=nhrb5p92hmnrmz47
[15:06:20] <slashtom> 4th wednesday of the month is the clear winner
[15:06:31] <slashtom> however, what happens on a 5 wednesday month
[15:06:50] <slashtom> should it always be the 4th wednesday or the last wednesday?
[15:07:05] * slashtom should have been less ambiguous on the poll
[15:07:08] <tdr112> last
[15:07:18] <tdr112> it easier to know
[15:07:19] <slashtom> my feeling is the last would be easier to remember
[15:07:21] <airurando> last
[15:07:29] <ebel> yeah last aswell
[15:07:33] <tdr112> ok so are we having one this month
[15:07:42] <tdr112> another one
[15:07:46] <ebel> it would be keeping in style with our previous first thursday potd
[15:07:52] <lau1> at the moment any are fine for me (except when it snows)
[15:08:03] <ebel> [agreed] ubuntu hours will be on the last wednesday of the month
[15:08:10] <slashtom> another one?
[15:08:16] <ebel> tdr112: good point....
[15:08:16] <airurando> lau1: very good point
[15:08:31] <ebel> the last ubuntu hour was on the day of a million snowflakes ;)
[15:08:36] * slashtom will not be able to make a secondy january ubuntu hour, but please go ahead without me
[15:08:53] <ebel> so it was understandable that people couldn't turn up
[15:08:58] <slashtom> second*
[15:09:31] <ebel> it would be roughly 4 weekish since the first one
[15:09:44] <airurando> long way to end of feb
[15:09:51] <tdr112> true
[15:10:02] <ebel> yes it's a 6 week waitish till the next one....
[15:10:46] <ebel> [vote] should there be another ubuntu hour at the end of january (+1) or wait till the end of feb (-1)
[15:10:50] <ebel> +1
[15:10:56] <lau1> +
[15:11:00] <airurando> +1
[15:11:01] <lau1> +1
[15:11:05] <slashtom> 0
[15:11:23] <slashtom> +0
[15:11:52] <ebel> looks kinda obvious
[15:11:55] <ebel> [endvote]
[15:12:12] <slashtom> and then every last wednesday of the month
[15:12:17] <ebel> [agreed] there'll be another ubuntu hour at the end of january at 17th of jan
[15:12:26] <slashtom> at the trinity capital hotel
[15:12:30] <ebel> this is another thing we need to make sure everyone knows about
[15:12:38] <ebel> 2 weeks from today
[15:12:48] <airurando> 27th not 17th
[15:13:00] <ebel> [agreed] there'll be another ubuntu hour at the end of january at *27th of jan
[15:13:08] <slashtom> that should go out to the mailing list, the wiki events page
[15:13:17] <slashtom> and maybe linked from the main website
[15:13:21] <ebel> and the website
[15:13:30] <slashtom> (not to go back to old discussions)
[15:13:38] <airurando> could someone link the events wiki page from the main website
[15:13:44] <ebel> we have time to promote it to newcomers, e.g. to ILUG, to boardsie, to etc
[15:13:49] <airurando> I'll post to events wiki
[15:13:50] <slashtom> can someone else take responsibility for the january ubuntu hour?
[15:14:11] <slashtom> i'm happy to be responsible from february onwards
[15:14:20] <slashtom> ah, thanks airurando
[15:14:39] <airurando> Can't as I'll be a late arrival due to work.
[15:14:48] <slashtom> airurando can you post to the mailing list also?
[15:14:52] <harcesz> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea9-tjdQYQ4
[15:14:54] <airurando> will still do wiki post though
[15:14:59] <ebel> airurando: well it doesn't matter if you won't be there at 6pm on the dot....
[15:15:08] <airurando> yep will post to mailing list also
[15:15:12] <ebel> more, promoting it beforehand etc
[15:15:24] <airurando> short time to promote
[15:15:43] <airurando> will do wiki and mailing list tonight
[15:15:48] <slashtom> thanks
[15:15:50] <ebel> well, i mean make posts to things....
[15:15:58] <ebel> ah don't worry I can copy/paste your things
[15:16:11] <ebel> we don't need big posters and radio ads for this :)
[15:16:29] <ebel> anything else on this topic?
[15:16:40] <slashtom> nope, all settled easily
[15:16:56] <ebel> OK
[15:17:03] <ebel> [topic] ANy other buisness?
[15:17:20] <ebel> does anyone have any other business?
[15:17:29] <tdr112> nope
[15:17:33] <slashtom> no
[15:17:33] <airurando> will I contact Design head at LIT
[15:17:40] <ebel> airurando: sure!
[15:17:42] <airurando> or leave till later
[15:17:48] <lau1> I was hoping translation would come up
[15:17:51] <ebel> any reason to delay?
[15:17:58] <slashtom> limerick event is only 6 weeks away...
[15:17:59] <ebel> lau1: ah yes that reminds me!
[15:18:05] <airurando> OK I'll contact him
[15:18:19] <ebel> yeah we postponed 2 agenda items due to people not turing upo
[15:18:27] <ebel> [topic] Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and work being done
[15:18:58] <ebel> fagan is the point of contact for this... I believe they were asked at the last meeting about it
[15:19:04] <ebel> we'll have to come back to that
[15:19:17] <lau1> I posted about translation on my blog (french english bilingual)
[15:19:20] <lau1> http://desinterets.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/et-linux-alors-il-se-traduit-comment/
[15:19:34] <lau1> it might help people a bit
[15:19:47] <tdr112> has there been any movement on it this month
[15:19:57] <ebel> lau1: oh nice!
[15:20:11] <lau1> I am happy to expand on the topic as requested
[15:20:37] <ebel> lau1 does translations to/from french IIRC
[15:20:56] <lau1> yes On gnome team
[15:21:27] <ebel> tdr112: dunno
[15:22:06] <ebel> lau1: we'll have to get you to do some sort of talk/tutorial sometime!
[15:22:36] <lau1> happy to help on this I am afraid I cannot help on gaelge
[15:22:56] <ebel> heheheh
[15:23:12] <ebel> lau1: we should do a translation jam sometime :)
[15:23:29] <ebel> or something
[15:23:46] <ebel> anyways we'll have to come back to irish translations another time
[15:24:02] <ebel> the other topic was about the banner, but mean-meachine isn't here now...
[15:24:10] <lau1> it could be useful to build a small glossary and translation memory as you start.
[15:24:14] <ebel> so we'll probably have to come back to that.....
[15:26:16] <ebel> ok, that's the end of the meeting i suppose
[15:26:24] <ebel> thanks for everyone who took part
[15:26:27] <lau1> I think so
[15:26:34] <ebel> it's great to see our meeting sbeing so active
[15:26:49] <ebel> and it's great that everyone keeps coming up with ideas
[15:27:10] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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