Hi my name is Barry Smyth and I'm a masters of computing (Knowledge management) student at DIT Kevin St.

I got interested in Ubuntu after hearing Laura give a presentation to my class at DIT. My master's main emphasis is on the sharing of knowledge between individuals and within organisations, and for me there is nothing more interesting than an open source community where individuals come to openly share ideas and knowledge. It is a true knowledge community.

I have worked for about 10 years in various IT roles with the last 6 as a Business/system analyst. It is through my experience that I discovered first hand the need for a proper knowledge strategy within an organisation. It is clear that the wheel is re-invented constantly. Communities such as Ubuntu with numerous communication channels is in effect one large knowledge management system. Where instead of rediscovering knowledge that is already known individuals can spend their energy building upon the collective knowledge of the community.

What the profile of the Day is all about

Within any community trust is important for individuals to share knowledge. To know someone is to trust them more. The profile of the day is an initiative to encourage members of the Irish team to get to know each other more. And by doing so to increase the sense of community, trust and communication. Already in place are various social networking tools such as Launchpad, personal Wiki pages and personal webpages, these tools facilitate the social aspect of the community and the building of relationships within the community. The profile of the day will utilise these tools and attempt to encourage the use of them more readily. It is hoped that through the initiative that members will know more about other members, their interests and encourage communication between members that may not of existed otherwise. It is also hoped that it will act as a catalyst for users to update or create their Launchpad and Wiki pages.

The initiative will last for 2 weeks, each day within that period one profile will be advertised through the mailing list and will then be displayed here. At the end of the two weeks members will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the usefulness of the initiative.

Week 1

Profile of the day 12-July-2010 - Félim Whiteley-

Profile of the day 13-July-2010-Shane Fagan- &

Profile of the day 14-July-2010-Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá- &

Profile of the day 15-July-2010-Conall O'Brien- &

Profile of the day 16-July-10-David Dolphin

Profile of the day 17-July-10- David O'Callaghan

Profile of the day 18--july-10-Declan McGrath

Week 2

Profile of the day 19th-July-10-Gary Coady

Profile of the day 20th-July-10- John McGuckian

Profile of the day 21st-July-10- Rory McCann

Profile of the day 22nd-July-10- Wassim Derguech &

Profile of the day 23rd-July-10- Wayne Tong & &

Profile of the day 24th-July-10- Patrick Dempster

Profile of the day 25th-July-10-Tony Mugan

Comments / Thoughts

Please sign any acomments you add with an: @SIG@ If you add a comments and you have a personal Ubuntu wiki page, please sign you addition with @ SIG@ (With out the space between the @ and S). If you don't have an Ubuntu wiki page please add your irc nick or name and date you added it.

What a great idea, I think I will steal it! -- alanbell 2010-07-18 18:14:54

We think that this is a great idea too! -- cwill747 2010-07-21 01:04:44

I think it's a super idea too. Smile :) -- linda-halligan 2010-08-13 21:59:53

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