Hi, my name is Shane Fagan. Im from kildare in Ireland. Im a software development student. Ive been using ubuntu since 2007 after being introduced to it in college.

On the 7th of July 2009 I became a ubuntu member. I attended the Lucid UDS and contributed remotely in the Maverick UDS.

I am a developer (for 4 years now give or take) and I have a strong interest and help out where I can in upstream developments like Zeitgeist.

I help out with ubuntu-docs from time to time and ubuntu answers on launchpad. Bug reporting and testing of new ubuntu releases.

I love testing the new releases of ubuntu and the upstreams im exited by and showing off the new features to my friends (shamelessly trying to convert everyone to ubuntu Smile :) )

Contact information


Shane Fagan



fagan on




Future Goals

  • Contribute more to development work to ubuntu
  • Promote the irish language in ubuntu

Testimonials for Membership Application

Christopher Swift

Shane is a key part of the Irish LoCo team, it is not uncommon to find him in #ubuntu-ie IRC communicating well with other users and he has a very unique way of seeing the world. I truly believe what Ubuntu needs is more people like Shane who can help contribute to Ubuntu especially with the Irish translation team in launchpad. - Christopher Swift, Point of Contact of Ubuntu Cymru

Seif Lotfy

Shane is a a highly appreciated contributor to the Zeitgeist project, working in all areas such as, Development, Bug Reporting, Bug Managment, Artwork and Design. He is becoming a key figure and has amazing strategy skills communicating with other project members interested in Zeitgeist - Seif Lotfy, Point of Contact of Zeitgeist

Siegfried Gevatter

I subscribe Seif's opinion above; Shane is a very active and valuable member of the Zeitgeist community and I'd love to see him develop his potential further in the Ubuntu community. - RainCT

Maciej Danielski

Shane is a very active member of the Irish LoCo, always willing to help on IRC and mailing list. His contribution to website administration is essential. Shane also took over the ownership of the Irish Translation Team recently. Oh... and it's his 21st birthday today (July 7th). - Maciej Danielski

José Luis Ricón

Shane is quite active in the Zeitgeist project, specially the always needed documentation part. Getting something readable out of that jungle of classes and functions deserves praise. - Artir


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