Here are our meeting reports. keep an eye that until June 2010 (including) we used the team reports for this.

Current Report

  • We chose a logo for our loco.
  • We have decided to go along with Akiva and let Dolev, Beni, Akiva and Elyahu to have administrative position on the forum and a representative of the loco will have the rights too, in addition the site and the forum will be held on a server that one of our members is giving for our needs.
  • Moshe742 will be the representative of the loco and Ddorda and shimi will be content moderators.
  • We will add to Hoborg (our bot on the IRC channel) the functionality to give info about the system and who is the one to go to for any problem.
  • We will have the license Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5 on the forum.
  • newone will lead the next meeting.

Previous Reports



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