• the design of the site will be done according to the design of the official site when it will be stable.
  • form for asking questions: will be done soon and will be sent to akiva for putting it on the forum.
  • the forum is now under the CC-BY-SA.
  • the server and the domain issue will be talked at the next meeting (at 3/6).
  • CoC and management: is ok now.
  • the old wiki has been moved to the servers of canonical.
  • the new managers that are going to replace Dolev and Beni are Moshe and Dor.

  • contact man to Hamakor is Dor.

  • we will talk again about the server in the next meeting at 3/6.
  • new managers are Moshe and Dor. link to the outcome of the elections.

  • giving disks and papers on ubuntu and open source software on events such as student day will be reviewed by a team that will check for the best way to do it.
  • selecting new logo for the community: will be done on the forum in the next weeks.
  • allowing the writer of a post to delete it: rejected.

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