Key Details


  • Separation of the wiki contents: a community wiki with Italian community written or translated documentation, a wiki for the various working teams to use. Need to find a place for the HTML version of the official Ubuntu documentation if translation are not going to be hosted directly in
  • Creation of a new Unity Lens specifically dedicated for the resources of the Italian community: project page.

  • Discuss the set-up of a new service for our community like "Ask Ubuntu", using probably OSQA (discussion on which tool to use is still ongoing).

  • Upgrade website to Drupal 7 and migrate database from MySQL to PSQL
  • Integrate ubuntu sso in every websites to simplify workflow managing members and teams
  • Organize a new Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference.


  • Enormous work has been put into consolidating our presence online: starting with a common theme for all our websites, migration of our website CMS to Drupal, migration of our planet to a better engine, migration of our forum from SMF to PHPBB (and from MySQL to PSQL), upgrade of wiki platforms.
  • Created an official Facebook page:, managed by some of our members

  • Creation of an official Italian Ubuntu CD with the help of different teams of our community.

    • Two platforms: i386 and amd64
    • 9 weeks testing, on weekly base.
    • 3 testcases (Live, Install, Applications), 17 testers and 128 tests performed in total
  • Meetings and attendance at conferences, all listed in our LoCo Directory page:

  • Gone through a new Italian LoCo Council elections: our LoCo Council is elected every two years, all approved members of our community can run for the elections.

  • Created a new working team called "Gruppo sistemisti" composed of people with sysadmin skills and of people with SSH access to the servers we use, in order to centralize the management of sysadmin requests.


Old Experiences

Links to old photo streams of our events:


The working teams are those groups that maintain certain services for the community. Current activities include: website, forum, mailing list, irc, wiki, translations, and more.

All groups have a dedicated mailing list (the Siena LUG provides us with a small server with a mailman instance that handles the domain to provide local mailing lists), or an email address (an alias) to be contacted. We don't have a team that administer all our mailing lists, the administration is left to the members of that particular group based on their needs.

The Working Teams

The active groups, counting as of 2012-06-10 103 people in total, are:

The Italian LoCo Council is responsible for the creation of the dedicated mailing lists.

Other Informations

Ubuntu Members

LoCo Team components whom are also Ubuntu Members: 27


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