Jan Alonzo

Email: jmalonzo@gmail.com

ubuntu src repository: http://www.unpluggable.com/ubuntu

Brief Bio

Hi, I'm Jan Alonzo and I live in the central coast of NSW, Australia. I'm currently the maintainer of Straw feed aggregator and Tagalog (filipino) dictionaries for Aspell and Ispell. I also maintain Debian packages for pmock and the tagalog aspell/ispell dictionary packages.

I started using Ubuntu last April 2005 during the UbuntuDownUnder conf. I really loved the integration and everything (mostly, except for hibernate) works on my old laptop (T20).

One of the reasons why I moved to Ubuntu from Debian is because of the low-barrier to entry and fast-paced development of the distro, which is encouraging not only for current developers but also for would-be contributors.

My goals at the moment are:

  • find my niche in the community.
  • Help out MOTU to get universe in shape for breezy.
  • Get involve with ubuntu-ph.
  • Reporting bugs.


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