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Linux geek by hobby and trade. Currently residing in Los Angeles and working in Beverly Hills, CA. Security wannabe and future gtk core hacker...


My contributions range from testing new and exciting filesystems such as btrfs on Ubuntu to helping push proactive security features into the main distro. Redhat has been shipping many of these changes for years. There is no reason we can't learn from them

Extended List of my Contributions to Ubuntu

Future Plans For Ubuntu

  • Work more on proactive security in Ubuntu getting our changes upstream.
  • Becoming a MOTU to get things like the fscaps userspace tools in Ubuntu and (eventually) in Debian also.
  • Work on submitting changes back to Debian that should be.
  • Work on actively submitting Ubuntu changes upstream


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I would like to highlight Jeffrey's fantastic involvement in open source and helping newcomers learn a ton of new things. He has helped me grow my understanding of Linux and computing in general in an exponential manner over the past three years. Basically, I may very much have learnt more from his insightful explanations in two-three years than in the ten years before that in my life. Jeffrey is an awesome mentor and I'm quite enthusiastic learning that he wishes to deepen his involvement in Ubuntu. I will most likely owe him a small fortune in beers by the time I meet him in person one day Smile :)


Jeff and I put some work into reviving the ubuntu-hardened team, which has turned out to be a great success. Many security improvements and pro-active hardening ideas have come since its resurrection. Jeff has also been a good teacher in regards to programming. Offering feedback, patches and code improvements have helped me learn quite a bit. I give my +1 to Jeff for Ubuntu membership as he is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the security and reliability of Ubuntu.


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