Stuff for SebastienBacher, DanielHolbach and JeffWaugh to do while at GUADEC. Please add your ideas below in the suggestions section (and let me know who you are!):

  • PulseAudio: Talk with Lennart, Monty (Red Hat) and others about its use in GNOME and distros - common desktop audio strategy

  • GnomeSystemTools / Umbrella: Talk with Red Hat dudes, Carlos Garnacho about system tool / control panel strategy

  • Bazaar love: Talk to people about bzr, particularly about bzr as a distributed backchannel for an svn mainline
  • gnome-session: What's the status of the new session manager?
  • Epiphany: Deal with issues brought up at UDS regarding viability of Epiphany as our default browser
  • i18n issues: GNOME needs to better integrate i18n stuff like input methods
  • LDTP / Dogtail: GrumpyGroundhog testing for GUI apps

  • telepathy/galago: Ready for desktop use in edgy timeframe?
  • bluetooth: status of bluetooth desktop software (mjg59 is hacking on this)
  • Evolution: status of maintenance, development plans, etc.
  • bug-buddy: python, launchpad, crash collectors (fer, bkor)


  • Avahi Everywhere (ScottJamesRemnant)

  • Issues relating to mono apps in desktop seed? (ScottJamesRemnant)

  • Documentation: Can the Gnome docs be restructured as "generic Gnome-using OS" docs, so that vendors can fill in OS-specific parts instead of having to write awkward parallel/replacement docs? (MatthewPaulThomas)

  • Launchpad: Get comments (ideally in writing) about what people think of Malone, Rosetta, etc, and how we can improve (MatthewPaulThomas)

  • gstreamer: installing required codecs when an app need one, having a machine-readable list of supported codecs shipped with gstreamer plugins in a standard way (SebastienBacher)

  • Ask Ridley people about replacement plans for the GnomeClient API (it is a common reason why apps link to the whole library stack since libgnomeui depends on most of them) (JaniMonoses)

    • Can we remove GnomeClient from modules that don't really need/use it (gnome-power-manager?)

    • GnomePasswordDialog in libgnome?

    • Is it sane to drop XSMP support as policy?
    • Other pre-Ridlification opportunities for simplifying library dependencies

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