I'm 25, live in Cornwall, UK and started using Ubuntu 6.10 in January 2007. This is my first taste of Linux and apart from not being able to use my printer and play Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, I don't feel the need to use Windows anymore. I'm keen to learn more about Ubuntu and how it all works. I'm getting much more comfortable with the terminal and I'm now finding that I'm looking commands up less often.

My Launchpad Profile is at

You can also contact me on IRC at #ubuntu-mozillateam (JenFraggle on network

Lately I've been working on Firefox and writing clue files for bughelper.


Giving something back to the community

Learning what it is I'm doing!


I'm a new member of the Mozilla Team (wiki: MozillaTeam); I am still learning loads at the moment so am not as active as I intend to be.

Other groups where I'm involved are:

To Do

Learn more and have a go at some bugs!


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