I'm currently studying for a bachelor degree in engineering on the subjects of IT and Telecommunications I've been using Ubuntu for my everyday work for a few years, and have been contributing to the Danish LoCo team for almost the entire time. I like programming and hope that I can get to do some programming on some of the many cool open source projects. My Launchpad profile is


I'm an active participant in the official Danish LoCo team where I'm part of the directory board, I'm attending as many of the public meetings as possible and help out wherever I can and where my skills are needed. I'm active on several Open Source/Ubuntu related IRC-channels, under the nick: Jarlen. Since 2008 the Danish LoCo has been an official organization in Denmark, and because of that we've been required to present an elected leadership. I've been a part of this leadership, and held a couple of positions:

  • Board member - since the beginning (2nd term).
  • LoCo contact - this term.

  • Lead planner and developer for the new DanishTeam website.


Future plans

I'm hoping to see Ubuntu as an even greater, faster and more user friendly operating system. My own personal work will most likely be focused on improving the community and making new users feel welcome. I hope to make new Ubuntu users have a better and easier time, by improving the danish team's website giving easier access to our guides, and improving the quality and the overall attitude of our forum, to decrease the barrier of entry for new people. Furthermore I'm hoping to improve cross-LoCo interaction, by starting and improving relationship through further cooperation, like the Ubuntu Nordic cooperation.

Support for membership

SørenBredlundCaspersen (Ubuntu member):Jesper is an integral part of the Danish Loco Team. As mentioned above he is active in many parts of the LoCo work here in Denmark, and does a great job making the team work, and advocating Ubuntu. Jesper also has a clear understanding that the Danish team is just one small part of the much bigger Ubuntu community. I fully support his application for Ubuntu membership - not just because he is a great guy, but also because of his huge involvement.

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