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My name Jhosman Lizarazo graduated from the University District University In Bogota, I have been the Ubuntu World since 2007 and since then I belong to this community, leader of Ubuntu Colombia, I am a student of Industrial Engineering of the Grancolombiano Polytechnic. I am a specialist in Linux servers of which I work every day providing technology solutions for large companies.

My Ubuntu Colombia Vision

1. Contribution to the ubuntu-co community. 2. Contribution and help to new ubuntu users.

Objectives in Ubuntu-Co

  1. Learn about the Ubuntu its management and code
  2. Help new users as much as possible, provide guidance

Personal projects



It is a space where I publish tutorials about Ubuntu, important news and interesting things about the network.


It is a space for all companies and users of the network to enter and can host their website in a simple, fast and economical way.

Participation in the Community

Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombia Council Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombia Webmaster Team Ubuntu Design of Images and other Multimedia content in DeviantArt Ubuntu Leadership before the Community, although I am not part of the Council (which I would like to become) Ubuntu Unique among them a "spark" of the end user

Collaboration in SpreadUbuntu

Designs in SpreadUbuntu, content which is licensed under Creative Commons

Ubuntu Interoperabilidad entre Windows y Ubuntu.odp http://spreadubuntu.org/es/material/presentation/interoperatibilidad-entre-windows-y-ubuntu-mitos-y-realidades

Ubuntu Quantal Logo Vectorial http://spreadubuntu.org/es/material/poster/ubuntu-quantal-logo


Ubuntu UbuconLA 2019

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2019

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2018

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2017

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2016

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2015

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2014

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2013

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2012

Ubuntu Flisol Bogotá 2011

Ubuntu UbuconLA 2008

Ubuntu Software FreeDom Day Bogota 2010

Ubuntu Software FreeDom Day Bogota 2011

Ubuntu Software FreeDom Day Bogota 2012

Ubuntu Taller Básico de CMS

Ubuntu Congreso de Cultura Libre Universidad Nacional 2012

Ubuntu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColombianTeam/Eventos/TallerbásicoderedeseInteroperabilidad201208

Ubuntu Taller de Comandos Básicos para Linux

Ubuntu Taller de Particionado de Distribuciones Linux

Ubuntu Campus Party Colombia 2012

Ubuntu Flisol Bogota 2012

Ubuntu Charla para Principiantes de Ubuntu

Ubuntu Taller Básico de CMS

Ubuntu Congreso de Cultra Libre

Ubuntu Software Freedom Day Bogotá 2012

Ubuntu ExpoSENA 2012 - Velez Santander

Ubuntu Congreso de CUltura Libre Universidad Libre

And others










Jhosman has actively worked with Ubuntu Colombia since 2007, he was called by the army so he left us for about a year or so; but now He's back and is working pretty hard. At this moment He's in charge of Ubuntu-co's social networks presence and - beside some bad judgement calls - He has made a good work and is improving (learning from his errors). Overall is a pretty active guy, wants to help, wants to participate, and that is pretty much needed in a community as big as the Colombian one. Hope to see him as an Ubuntu Member. AndresMujica

He really help with the community, actually he is our web master (www.ubuntu-co.com) also make contributions in diferent events like Sofware Freedom Day, FLISOL, and more. In my own opinion, I think that Jhosman can be a good ubuntu member! SergioMeneses

Jhosman Lizarazo, is a leader in our community in social networks, and provides help and support through these social networks to all members of the community. In general, Jhosman is who works to spread Ubuntu and Ubuntu Colombia on the web. JoseGutierrez

Jhosman Lizarazo, in a leader of Ubuntu Colombian. He has been active in our community and in projects related to Ubuntu. Also he has also participated in events like Flisol and SFD. He is the webmaster of @UbuntuCo LuisCano


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