Hi! My name is João Pinto. I'm a FOSS & Ubuntu advocate.

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João Pinto




joao.pinto (at) getdeb (dot) net


joaopinto on



lamego.pinto (at) gmail (dot) com

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Thanks to BUGabundo whose template I reused and adapted.

About me

I am 31 years old, currently working as a server systems operations specialist.

Contributions to F/LOSS

Future Goals

  • Roll-out playdeb powered on apt-portal
  • Active contribution to other Ubuntu and FOSS projects

Testimonials for Membership Application

I have had contacts with João for quite a while. He is extremely active on the Portugal Ubuntu and FLOSS communities, and his work, there and elsewhere, is enough to qualify him. Now, add in his work with GetDeb, and his interactions with users... Highly recommended. +1, no doubt. C de-Avillez is only a small fraction of the many things João does within the Ubuntu Community. He is _very_ active on the IRC channel and Mailing list for the PT LocoTeam, and one of the most helpful people I've seen.

João represents what I believe to be the true spirit of community, so a very confident +1 from me. Tiago Faria

João Pinto has been doing a great job with the Portuguese LoCoTeam, using his professional knowledge to help in any tough situation. He's all a great guy, who deserves to join the ret of the gang of Ubuntu Members BUGabundo

He is a very active member in the Portuguese Ubuntu community. Always very helpful to others. It's the kind of members any community needs. Ricardo Ramalho

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