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New Jersey LoCo Team

Since OgMaciel handed over the team in November, I've been trying to strengthen the Ubuntu Community in New Jersey through creating an active and important Local Community Team. Working with LUGs and Ubuntu users in the area, it's slowly but surely coming along.

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Pennsylvania LoCo Team

The Pennsylvania LoCo Team is a strong community, and since Kevin first invited me to give a talk at the Philadelphia Area Computer Society, I've been following their progress and supporting them when I can.

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Jedijf Jim Fisher Ubuntu Pennsylvania LoCO - Philly / Southeastern Team - Communtiy Outreach Team

If it wasn't for the support of Joe Terranova, at all of our Loco's events, we would not have been able to make the progress that we have made so far.

Joe's presentation at the Philadelphia Area Computer Society created so much interest that not only helped to propel the Ubuntu-Pennsylvania LoCo and Ubuntu, but caused PACS to look into themselves, and see what they needed to do as an organization to create this much buzz.

Joe did not stop there, he could have easily basked in the success of an amazing presentation, but Joe walks the walk. He attended the Philly Installfest and took on the most difficult install challenges that the day offered. (See my blog for details). I could easily recap all of our events, and what Joe did to help, but that info is readily available.

I just want the CC and Joe to know that I am glad that he is always just a bridge toll away.

-Jim Fisher

-- Joe is a solid asset to both the NJ Team and the PA Team. He is active with the US Teams Project, and has been very instrumental in seeing both teams successful. He would be a fine addition to the Ubuntu Members. - AaronToponce

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