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New Jersey LoCo Team

The New Jersey Local Community Team exists to advocate and educate Linux users from the entire state of New Jersey about Ubuntu Linux, help out new Linux users, work with and connect users to New Jersey LUGs, and planning events where everyone has fun!

How do I join?

Easy, follow these steps:

When you've been brought on the Launchpad team, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. This can be done via your Launchpad account.

If you have any questions, visit the #ubuntu-us-nj channel on If you only find tumbleweeds in that channel, feel free to contact JoeTerranova or jzacsh.

Community Resources

Communication Channels

Team Activities

IRC Meeting

Next IRC Meeting:

For more information read our IRC page.


  • Have events where people can see using Linux is fun!
  • Learn and Share GNU/Linux
  • Help users install and setup Ubuntu
  • Promote Ubuntu
  • Connect users with New Jersey LUGs


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