John Eckersberg

Who am I?

John Eckersberg


AIM: eck006


I am a graduate student at West Virginia University, located in Morgantown, WV, USA. I am 22 years old and pursuing a MS in Computer Science. I am currently employed by the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering as a Senior System Administrator. I manage a highly-available server infrastructure of approximately 50 servers, with almost all running a custom version of Hoary. We are also nearing completion of a Dapper port of our infrastructure. We currently manage about 150 custom packages across a staff of 5 people (see ScottHenson for my evil cohort in crime). Eventually I'm going to document our entire process and will link it here. It's quite impressive and quite useful to others.

Stuff I've done for Ubuntu

Up until this point I have spent some time trolling on #ubuntu and done some bug reporting. I intend on getting more involved in the coming months, and hopefully I can get a package or two under my belt at some point.

I also created US-WV-Morgantown and am the contact person for it.


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