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Who I am

My name John Mazer from Wilkes-Barre, PA I am a programmer from Florida where I helped create Widows programs in Visual Studio VB mostly I was hired by a small company in Pennsylvania so I moved. I hated it so I was looking for a new job while continuing my Education in the UofS (University of Scranton) I took Computer Science. I graduated with Masters in Computer Science.

My Ubuntu story

I was going in for an interview when I saw something neat, fresh on the Receptionist Computer A circle with people holding hands. I thought is was very new so The Owner came out and asked me back to his desk I seen about 6 computers on his desk. I have used windows, RedHat and Fedora I heard of Ubuntu, but never used it. I asked him what systems he uses he Ubuntu, and out of the desk he pulled out a disk and gave it to me. He hired me, and he gave me my new OS Ubuntu 8.10 I now have Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 on my laptop. His name is Leo Jackson.

My Contributions

  • None really as of yet I joined Launchpad and sign the code of conduct.
  • I signed up to a few teams on Launchpad.

Future Work

  • Leo Jackson said he will mentor me, but I have to decide what I want to start with.
  • I will work on bugs and answers and help out wherever I can.
  • I plan to become a MOTU.
  • I want to package programs and help get them in to Ubuntu.
  • I will keep pushing myself to do more and more.
  • I want to squash Bug 1.

  • I want to work toward core development.


  • lajjr - John does know how to code he has also helped in adding packages to our local Repo. I will help start triaging bugs too.

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