I, Leo Jackson, apply for Ubuntu Member,MOTU.


Leo Jackson

Launchpad Page


Who I am

My name Leo Jackson from Scranton, Pa I live for coding, writing patches. Packaging software. I have been working on bugs, Packaging, Answers, General. I have been working with launchpad for awhile helping in answers. I also enjoy using Ubuntu as my main Desktop and Laptop OS.

My Ubuntu story

I have started to use Ubuntu since 6.04, I was not doing to much on the scene. I Decided to use it in my company LJ's Electronics and Software. Now that I have the system where I want it I can now devote some time to helping others. I will try to help with the problems I faced during my changing my company's operating systems out. I had a few different GNU/Linux OSes on our systems where we found problems so we switched to Ubuntu completely and it's running great.

My Contributions

  • I have helped many people on questions in Launchpad. My Answers

  • I have also worked on many bugs in Launchpad. My Bug Work

  • I'm also a member of the Ubuntu Translators group in 3 languages. My Translations

  • I will be developing the UD Planet module for the Ubuntu Drupal team.

  • I have been working with the LoCo in my area, the Pennsylvania, US team.

  • I have been working on becoming a MOTU,
  • I'm currently being mentored by Martin Pitt(Apport).
  • I'm also helping cr3 (Marc Tardif) with Checkbox

Future Work

  • I will continue to work on bugs and answers and help out wherever I can.
  • I plan to become a MOTU.
  • I want to package programs and help get them in to Ubuntu.
  • I will keep pushing myself to do more and more.
  • I want to squash Bug 1.

  • I want to work toward core development. Make Ubuntu out scale, and be better than windows.


  • MTecknology - I have been working with lajjr for a short while in Ubuntu-Drupal. He's offered to code the Planet module. His ambitions in working with a community impress me and his LP profile reveals some hard work.

  • JohnMazer - I have known Leo Jackson for almost 7 1/2 Years. He is the reason I use Ubuntu 9.04 now. He had also agreed to mentor me in packaging.

  • BryceHarrington - Leo has helped on bug triage for Inkscape, which has been quite welcome.


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