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Hello, I'm Jon Reagan. I volunteer for the Ubuntu project.

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How I Found Ubuntu

I found Ubuntu via a friend of mine who lent me a CD with Ubuntu 5.10, Breezy Badger. I really liked the system, so I installed it on my laptop. From then on, I have remained with one version of Ubuntu or another, and eventually got involved with the Ubuntu community.


Ubuntu Georgia LoCo (2007- )

1. Team Coordinator (2007-2009) - planned and ran LoCo functions.

  • IRC Meetings
  • Face to Face Meetings (Held in multiple locations around Atlanta)
  • InstallFests (1 per each release since 7.10, held at Emory University)

  • Atlanta Linux Fest (helped plan and run)

2. President (2009) - Runs the LoCo, makes critical team decisions.

Ubuntu US Teams (2009)

1. Board Member (2009, 1 month) - Member of the temporary board designed to help restructure the US Teams project.

  • Helped research the LoCo team status

  • Helped restart the mentor program

Documentation (2007)

1. Contributor (7.10 release) - Edited and uploaded "Accessibility" docs.

Future Plans

Aside from working with my LoCo, I plan on working in other areas of the Ubuntu community.

1. Ubuntu Developer Network - I plan on creating a new site called the Ubuntu Developer Network (Pending Canonical's approval, of course) to connect and educate Ubuntu developers all in one easy location. Not only for packaging software for Ubuntu, but actually developing software ON Ubuntu.

2. OpenAdvance - I am also working on programming a Boy Scout advancement-tracking application for Ubuntu. It's still under wraps now, but I hope to at least have a beta available at the end of this year (I'm a busy man!). It will be open source, written in Java, and released under the GPLv3.


Jon is the heart and soul of the Georgia US LoCo. Not only has he been part of the LoCo since the beginning, he represented the LoCo during approval. Jon has organized irc meetings, face to face meetings, release parties, install fests, and helped coordinate Atlanta Linux Fest. Jon does everything for the LoCo! Jon has taken over running the LoCo and is doing a great job. We look forward to great things from him! - NickAli

I had the pleasure of working with Jon on the US Teams board for a couple months this year. During his tenure on the board he frequently showed initiative within the project, often heading up efforts when it came to LoCo review and discussion. Excellent work, I'm very glad to have had his assistance (and continue to in his role as a team Mentor) as we revitalize the project. Elizabeth Krumbach


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