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Sherbooke, Canada

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Cape Town, South Africa






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Welcome to Jonathan's homepage in Ubuntuland!

Roles in Ubuntu

Current Interests

  • Ubuntu LTSP Cluster Package maintenance
    Ubuntu Making Edubuntu the best it can be
    Ubuntu Maintining Edubuntu website and social network profiles (on identica/facebook/twitter)
    Ubuntu MOTU Work: Reviewing packages on REVU and sponsoring bug fixes
    Ubuntu Getting involved in Debian

Package work in Ubuntu


  • Ubuntu ltsp-cluster-accountmanager: Packaged for karmic, sponsored by stgraber
    Ubuntu ltsp-cluster-lbagent: Packaged for karmic, sponsored by stgraber
    Ubuntu ltsp-cluster-lbserver: Packaged for karmic, sponsored by stgraber
    Ubuntu ltsp-cluster-nxloadbalancer: Packaged for karmic, sponsored by stgraber
    Ubuntu ltsp-cluster-control: Packaged for karmic, sponsored by stgraber
    Ubuntu ltsp-cluster-pxeconfig: Packaged for karmic, sponsored by stgraber
    Ubuntu libgnome: Wrote man page for gnome-open, sponsored by lool
    Ubuntu edubuntu-artwork, edubuntu-live
    Ubuntu nanny
    Ubuntu gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux
    Ubuntu See also: Related Software in Launchpad for most current list

REVU (Reviewing, Uploading, Archiving):

  • Ubuntu Zope package reviewing for Schooltool dependencies: zope.catalog, restrictedpython, zope.index, zope.size, zope.server, zope.keyreference, zope.intid, zope.lifecycleevent, zope.annotation, zc.resourcelibrary,,,,,,,,,,, zope.browsermenu, zope.securitypolicy,,,, zope.applicationcontrol, zc.catalog, zope.pluggableauth,,,,,,,,,,,, zc.table, Added z3c.optionstorage and z3c.ptcompat, Added z3c.rml and z3c.form, z3c.formui, z3c.macro, z3c.template (non-revu ones were sponsored via PPA)
    Ubuntu Qimo packages for inclusion in universe and ultimately Edubuntu: qimo-session, qimo-wallpapers, qimo-games, xdg-launcher
    Ubuntu Education related: scratch, edubuntu-menueditor, gartoon-redux
    Ubuntu Randoms: mirrorkit, enna

Past stuff

  • Ubuntu EMEA Council member reviewing Ubuntu membership requests in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa regions from 2010-02-02 to 2012-02-02
    Ubuntu I created and used to maintain the first versions of the Edubuntu and Xubuntu websites.
    Ubuntu Fridge stories:

    Ubuntu Presented 3 Sessions (2 on Edubuntu, 1 on Ubuntu in Education)
    Ubuntu ltsp-installer for Edubuntu disc
    Ubuntu I used to maintain a distribution called tuXlab that was implemented in a few hundred schools in South Africa (more info on my blog). Although it's unmaintained it's still used in quite a number of schools today still.
    Ubuntu ltsp-live for Edubuntu disc
    Ubuntu Expanded the Community Knowledgebase to include 3 (8-10) chapters from the Art of the Community Book
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Meetings and events:

    • Participated at Edubuntu Summit in London - June 2005 (Canonical sponsored)
    • Participated at Ubuntu Developer Summit in Paris - June 2006 (Canonical sponsored)
    • Participated at Ubuntu Education Summit in Sevilla - April 2007 (Canonical sponsored)
    • Attended Ubucon Sevilla at University of Sevilla - May 2007 (Community organised)
    • Participated at Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla - May 2007 (Canonical sponsored)

    Ubuntu netbook-installer for Edubuntu disc

    Ubuntu My Package Poetry, a concept from Benjamin "Mako" Hill:

    Ubuntu Previous Co-leader of the Ubuntu-ZA loco team
    Ubuntu Maintained Ubuntu-ZA website/wiki and planet


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