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I am currently working as an Altiris Engineer supporting and installing Altiris through ITS Communications. One of my goals as I learn Altiris is to figure out a way to get it to better work with Linux and specifically *Ubuntu. Altiris currently supports Red Hat/Fedora but nothing else. The Altiris agent works in *Ubuntu but is not the easiest to install as it requires a compile and also access to linux-headers to recompile a portion of the kernel. Hopefully *Ubuntu can be found to work more and more with Altiris as I learn more and about the application.

I am currently leading up the group that does Kubuntu Documentation and am a member of both ubuntu-docs and the kubuntu-team. I work as well on LaptopTesting and help with bug work as much as I can.

Another interesting fact is that I wrote the Kubuntu chapter (Chapter 7) for the Official Ubuntu Book. This chapter has been included as a part of the Example Content on the DesktopCD.

I am also working on the AdeptGuide and re-writing everything as we are currently at 2.0 and there was a lot of improvments from 1.0 to 2.0. The current guide focuses on 1.0 and is way out of date. Hopefully soon I'll have some documents up and ready to go.

We have started working on Edgy documents... See [:KubuntuDocs/Edgy:Kubuntu Edgy Docs] for more details.


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