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Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil

About me

I'm a 27 years old programmer by profession. I was born and live in Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil. Maceió is known as Water Paradise, because its wonderful beaches and lagoons.

I am married and have two beautiful children. I work for a sugar/alcohol factory.

Open Source

I started using Linux in 1997 at School. One year later, i was responsible for an local ISP, by migrating its servers to Linux. My love for Linux and Open Source softwares has grew up from that epoch.


I started using Ubuntu in 2005, with Breezy. It saved me a lot of time by doing what i had to do manually in other distributions. So, definitely Ubuntu is my distro!

Contributions to Ubuntu

In the spirit of Open Source model, i like to contribute to the community. Some Ubuntu-related contributions are:

Plans for Ubuntu

I believe Ubuntu can be better yet, both for novice and advanced Linux users. I want to continue helping on bugs and become an Ubuntu developer.

Contributions to other open source softwares

I have contributed on some softwares, like gPHPEdit, SBackup, Vino (GNOME).


  • Jonh is a very good member of Brazilian Team. He is very present and doing a good job with translations, documentation, bug reports and general helping. He also has a blog linked to Ubuntu Brazilian Planet. AndreNoel

  • Jonh does a good job developing to gnome, his work in Brazilian Team with documentation, translation, help in mainling list, and support in the is very good! He is an active member in ubuntu-br. LicioFernando


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