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Ubuntu Desktop Course - March 2008 - Jordan University IEEE Student Branch


16-20 - March - 3:00PM 5:00PM


  • Faisal Al-Dajani
  • Jad Madi
  • Noor Al-Dajani
  • Obada Saqqa

Official Training Materials

This wiki page has both student materials & instructor materials (if you couldn't download the PDF file; get it from this mirror)

Topics & Instructors

  • 16 March: Introducing Ubuntu (Jad Madi) - Exploring the Ubuntu Desktop (Noor Dajani)
  • 17 March: Using the Internet - Playing Music and Videos (Faisal Dajani)
  • 18 March: Customising the Desktop and Applications (Noor Dajani) - Making The Most of Images and Photos (Obada Saqqa)
  • 19 March: Ubuntu Help and Support (Jad Madi)
  • 23 March: Partitioning and Booting (Obada Saqqa) - Installation Festival

Student Materials

University of Jordan IEEE student branch is sponsoring this event, they arranged with the university the course regarding the labs, accessibility for university resources, and they burned around 100 CD of Ubuntu Gutsy. Students also were capable to get copy of the Student course guide and since it's only 70MB so I'm ASKING YOU ALL to suggest some other files/tutorials/books/videos to be available for next courses.


  • (around 12 march) A general Free Software/Opensource/Linux session around 12th of March to give students the motive to join the one week course.
  • (16th to 20th ) Ubuntu Desktop Course
  • 22+- March - Ubuntu Installation Festival lead (but hopefully only mentored) by Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team but the students should be able to run most of it.

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