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José Ernesto Dávila Pantoja

I'm José Ernesto Dávila Pantoja. I was born in Corinto, Nicaragua (UTC-6) on July 26th 1981. I'm graduated on Computer Science at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua - León (UNAN - León).

I'm Ubuntu user since Warty and I'm official member, co-founder and member of the Community Council of the Ubuntu Nicaraguan LoCo Team. And Ubuntu Member since January 20th 2010.

My Contribution to Ubuntu

As official member of the Nicaraguan LoCo Team I'm part of the #ubuntu-ni IRC Channel operators and help with the administration of the mailing list always keeping and encouraging others to keep the Code of Conduct in both places.


  • Introduction to Free Software and GNU/Linux, at the very first event organized by the Nicaraguan LoCo Team. Pictures

  • Webmapping with UbuntuGIS during the FLISOL 2007.

  • Christian applications for Ubuntu LinuxTour Ubuntero at Young Life chapter León.Pictures

  • Ubuntu 9.10 Goods - Gnome Shell during the Karmic Release Party. Pictures

  • The Ubuntu Nicaraguan LoCo Team at American College. Picture

Contributions in Launchpad


My Contribution to the Nicaraguan FLOSS Community

Linux Tour

  • Coordinator of the event at University of Managua chapter León Augost 2007. Gave a talk about Firewalls.


Software Freedom Day 2007

  • Staff member. I worked on Testing area where I showed Ubuntu to the attendance and also answered questions related to Ubuntu.Pic1|Pic2|Pic3


  • Staff member. I worked on Registration and Installfest areas.

Software Freedom Day 2008

  • Instructor of the workshop "Create a Website in 5 minutes". The attendance to this workshop was of 70 people divided in two groups.


  • Staff member.
  • I was in charge of the Ubuntu stand.

Software Freedom Day 2009

  • I was coordinating the Workshops Area with Neville A. Cross and Byron Corrales.
  • Installed Ubuntu in all the computers of the Workshops Lab. Pic1|Pic2

  • Lecture the workshop about Getting Help from the Community.

  • Gave a talk about the Mono Project.

Other Contributions

  • Almidon it's a CMS created in Nicaragua. I documented how-to install it in Ubuntu. Blog Post

  • I'm part of the Free Software Podcast Team. POSOL

  • Developer of the PizzaBashLog Application.

My Future as Ubuntu Member

Inside the Community

  • Work with the Ubuntu Spanish Translation Team to get _all_ the Ubuntu Package Description translated into Spanish
  • Become MOTU Smile :-)

  • Support Members of the NicaraguanTeam to get approved as Ubuntu Members Wink ;-)

  • Make Ubuntu the official distro at my workplace (the Council for Foreign Affairs)
  • Work with other centralamerican communities in common projects

Outside the Community

  • Support elementary schools in my hometown with their OLPC's Smile :-)

  • Participate as lecturer in workshops to spread Ubuntu to all kind of audience but specially the non-geeks.

Cheers from the Community

  • José Ernesto has been here from Day One - He's one of the greatest promoters of FOSS and Ubuntu in our country. I definitely support him becoming an official Ubuntu Member. leogg at

  • One of the founders of the Ubuntu Nicaraguan LoCo Team and two years later is still with us, as the first day he is always promoting FOSS. He is an active membre of the Ubuntu Nicaraguan LoCo Team since the first day.

  • You have been there since the start of the Ubuntu Community in Nicaragua and never left... thanks for your perseverance and dedication, i really hope you get your Ubuntu membership!!!! LaFieraMarina

  • A very important contributor in Nicaragua's FOSS Community. If Ubuntu needs a commited person inside the community, yes, that is Alucardni. He's earned that membership; no matter the distance, he's always been there to support every FOSS event in our country. Joel Davila

    Ubuntu jose is a very important person in the local team of ubuntu Nicaragua, supports mailing lists and irc channels, also in the events that involved jose ingforigua

    Ubuntu Alucardini is a great friend and a grand FLOSS advocate, always is participating on community events and is a enthusiast Ubuntero guy jdardon

    Ubuntu Alucardni is always helping others giving support and is really active in Ubuntu-ni. You can always count on him , he will never let someone down. I hope to be someday like Alucardni x) mmgc84


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