WhoAmI (Ju.)

I'm 31 years old, french living in New York. I'm a system and network administrator. My launchpad profile


I have been using Ubuntu since Warty, and was really waiting for a debian based distribution like Ubuntu for a while.

I've met YannHamon and DavidLarlet in the Hoary party and became the third Ubuntu-fr administrator some times later.


I've been on three local events for Ubuntu in France :



On the ubuntu-fr website :

  • Press : I've launched and now contribute to this project : get authorization to publish and broadcast all the press articles about ubuntu

  • Web form which launch a java applet connecting to #ubuntu-fr@irc.freenode.org

  • Asked to Jane Silberg for ubuntu-fr to sign petition about the french version of the Eucd (european version of DMCA) for more info

  • Prepare and sign the status for the french nonprofit organization Ubuntu-fr, as a cofounder.

  • Map : Maintain the map of all the french speaking ubuntu users around the world

  • Ubuntu-fr Forum moderator

  • Ubuntu-fr Doc - On each modification a mail is sent to a dedicated mailing list (rw for anonymous at ubuntu-fr) I'm part of the team which check for vandalism or mistakes.

Help and support

Ubuntu in the future

Dapper will be really a good challenge, the main goal will be to show that ubuntu is not only a very good desktop distribution, but the best choice for company too, on desktop and server.


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