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Just For Learning (JFL) is a web application for attending and hosting online workshops. It's currently developed by a group of Dutch Mwanzo team members. (The Dutch Ubuntu Mwanzo team recruits new LoCo team members, stimulates international focus and participation in the LoCo, and familiarizes people with the base Ubuntu community infrastructure, such as IRC and Launchpad.) JFL is a web-based alternative to Lernid

JFL already has lots of features: questions can be asked and answered, there's a neat workshop schedule, logs of previous workshops can be read and websites provided by the teacher are opened automatically. All of these possibilities are available from within a user-friendly interface, which is availiable in both the English and Dutch language, and any language can be added when a translation is available. As a result, the application is ready to be used not just by the Dutch community, but by the international communities as well. It's also no longer necessary to manually connect to a chat network and going through all the effort, which is important mostly for beginners.

JFL includes a bot which sends everything that is said in the web application to IRC and vice versa. Because of that, it's possible to use JFL next to the IRC-approach used by most Ubuntu teams giving workshops.



Dutch instance


More information

#ubuntu-nl-mwanzo on irc.freenode.net

Feel free to use the Dutch instance of JFL for testing as long as no lesson is going on.

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