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  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bug!


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  • Everything seems to work fine, did the install in English, so I don't know if the localization are now right. But one problem: Google released some days ago more than 1 million eBooks in PDF and EPUB format, but Okular can't handle EPUB in Kubuntu Sad :(

  • Did Arora not make it?
  • Okular should be able to read EPUB format but you have to install ebook-tools
  • Sadly no, Okular has to be compiled with libepub0. Also ebook-tools doens't exist in the repo. The bug: (edit: ebook-tools as package not, but libepub0 exists).

  • It would be nice if Kubuntu installer would have similar informative Installer Slideshow like the one Ubuntu has (see the link: Ubuntu Installer Slideshow). This would introduce new users to some KDE 4 applications, just like in Ubuntu's case with Gnome apps. -- mirza-dervisevic 2009-09-05 20:48:01

  • After upgrading Kubuntu 9.04 to 9.10, system kept freezing right away after a boot. After investigating, I determined there was no hardware problem but was Intel's 82865G/PE/P PCI to AGP Controller not being supported properly. I am sure of it because when I boot in savemode system worked fine and when I used nVidia NV6 [Vanta/Vanta LT] VGA compatible controller, everything worked great.
  • It seems like it really is shaping up nicely. My biggest complaint/concern is that GRUB 2 does not recognize my other OS and I've spent alot of time trying to figure out how to create a new entry. Timewise we're talking a 5 minute fix versus the 5 hours I've tried so that is disappointing. It's even more frustrating since I didn't have the problem in Alpha 4. But the overall Linux experience is very nice and is equal to anything that Redmond has. I expect by the next version it will surpass it. UPDATE: While I was trying to look for a cause to file a bug report, not 2 hours after I wrote this there was an update that fixed the problem. Now that's service! Smile :-)

  • What happened to the big plans of the awesome boot for both Ubuntu and Kubuntu. See this

  • How about using Oxygen-Molecule for GTK apps instead of QtCurve? It seems to integrate better and is very very highly rated on KDE-Look:

  • Nit-picking, but could the PackageKit plasmoid have a minimum height? Buttons look strange over the icon:

Other than that it's looking great!

  • Kubuntu Netbook alpha 5 - Font size in GTK apps seems to be twice as big as KDE apps and no way of changing the size. Newly installed apps don't appear until netbook is rebooted.

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