How do I join?

Start by chatting/learning in our Internet Relay Chatroom (IRC), #bglug (on You can also go to the Kentucky Team Forum, to post a question, or read about some of the projects we are planning. Also, sign up for our mailing list. Join the team by going to the teams Launchpad Page and clicking "Join the Team" on on the left of the screen.

How BGLUG / Ubuntu-Kentucky Can Help You

Stuck with something? Can't find an answer? Log in to our IRC channel and we'll do our best to help. If your problem needs to be solved in person, a volunteer may offer to help. Alternatively, if you want to talk to a wider audience about Ubuntu, Linux and FOSS, feel free to post in the forum.

How You Can Help BGLUG / Ubuntu-Kentucky

Join the team, of course - joining and participating is a boon to the moral of current members! Additionally, providing feedback as to how we are performing as a team, or informing us of a need yet to be met, is a great help!

Team Projects

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