When and Where

The event will be held on the University of Kentucky campus in the Ralph G. Anderson Building from 1:00PM - 4:00PM EST on April 21st 2007. Immediately following the event we will be having the Feisty Release Party.


Read for more info on what an Install Fest is.

More Info

Forum discussion

We'd like to purchase some refreshments for the InstallFest, as well as some door prizes to give away to the attendees. In furtherance of that goal, you can donate money from the UK LUG website.

How to Get the Word Out

Post below ideas about how to spread the word about the Install Fest. The more people who show up, the more successful the Install Fest (and the more fun!)

  • Announcements by affiliates
  • Posters on UK Campus (handled by UK-LUG)
  • LoCo website

  • Facebook
  • Notify KY Kernel (Herald Leader?) about the event

How to help

  • Come and help with the event Smile :)

  • Be involved in the decision making.
  • Donate $$$ to help with refreshments and door prizes.

  • Tell others about what we are doing.


This is a presentation that we are looking to use at the event. Please make comments on it so that we can make it better.


This the flyer that zenwhen has created to post around town to promote the Install Fest.


Post Event Status

The Install Fest is over and we had a GREAT turnout! We had almost 30 people with representatives from the UKLUG, PLUG, and Ubuntu-Kentucky Team as well as a few people who just happened to hear we were going to be there. We learned a lot from this first try and hope to have many more in the future! Our next Fest is tentatively scheduled for September. Here are some pictures of the event happily taken by p0g0:

p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg p4.jpg p5.jpg p6.jpg p7.jpg p8.jpg p10.jpg p11.jpg p12.jpg p13.jpg

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