• We are approved, the Install Fest and Release Party are done, now what?
    • What kinds of projects do we want to tackle next?
    • We can request a domain name now. What do we want to see on it?
    • Where do we stand on the Charity Project?
    • When do we want to do another Install Fest?


20:01 <     etank> alright, you all ready to get the meeting started?
20:01 <      Zuph> Yessir
20:01 <      X626> Yep.
20:01 <  venomous> seen this survivorman too!  he really needs new material
20:02 <      Zuph> (I'm only here for another half hour or so)
20:02              montgoej +1
20:02 <    bkingx> Wife made me turn it to Survivor
20:02 <  montgoej> but I'll have to leave at 9 as usual
20:02 <     etank> Well like i said in the email. I have no real agenda for tonight.
20:02 < phrontist> I war-drove my zipcode when I was in highschool - used GPS and made a map and everything :-)
20:02 <     etank> i really want to just come up with some ideas for us to do
20:02 <     etank> Zuph: do you want to go over the Charity Project while you are still here?
20:03 <      Zuph> Yes
20:03 <     etank> hit it
20:03 <      Zuph> Charity project:  I wish I knew where we were.
20:03 <      Zuph> In short, I have no damn clue.
20:03 <      Zuph> At length, my contact for the 60 computers has fallen off the edge of the earth.
20:04 <      Zuph> So I am, as of now, assuming we have 0 computers instead of 60.
20:04 <      Zuph> So the roadmap as of now looks like this:
20:04 <      Zuph> We need computers.
20:04 <      Zuph> Once we get computers, we need to put Linux on them.
20:04 <    bkingx> I might be able to get my hands on 8-10.
20:04 <      Zuph> I'm not going to plan beyond that, because I don't want to get excited.  We'll take it from there once we get there.
20:05 <      Zuph> bkingx: that would be awesome.
20:05 <    bkingx> They will be older PII's
20:05 <      p0g0> Zuph: to be nice, we need to wipe them first, then put linux on them
20:05 <     etank> we have talked too about getting with FreeGeek to get something going 
20:05 <      Zuph> Now, Medium term, I'd like to eventually become a freegeek affiliate
20:05 <      Zuph> http://freegeek.org/
20:05 <      Zuph> they're basically a charity organization that does what we want to do
20:06 <      Zuph> But they're big and experienced.
20:06 <     etank> and they are know and established
20:06 <     etank> s/know/known
20:06 <      Zuph> Once we get a few machines out the door, and prove ourselves to ourselves, I'd like to get in touch with them, and tap into that contact network.
20:06 <      Zuph> But that's slightly longer term
20:06 <  venomous> etank:  you code geek!
20:06 <      Zuph> In the meantime, let's get some systems and put linux on them.
20:07 <      Zuph> And that's basically all I have.
20:07 <  pat40503> University of KY has been having their computer and other stuff auctions. My friend got 8 PCs Tues. He just called and has gotten all of them working
20:07 <      p0g0> Zuph: what do you do with them after you put linux on them?
20:07 <      Zuph> p0g0: We give them away to families that don't have a computer
20:08 <      Zuph> We're going to try and stuff them with software tools that would be useful for families
20:08 <      p0g0> Zuph: and do you train them?
20:08 <     etank> We had talked about using Xubuntu. But if the machines are fast enough then regular Ubuntu would be good to use.
20:08 <      Zuph> We will provide a basic manual, but more or less, trust them to have an extremely basic understanding of computers to begin with.
20:09 <     etank> p0g0: there has been some talk of setting up some Skype accounts and offering "phone" service for a few hours one day a week.
20:09 < phrontist> I would go with Xubuntu unless they're pretty new machines...
20:09 <      Zuph> Obviously, we're a small organization, and can't serve as 24/7 tech support and training.
20:09 <      p0g0> etank: a phone support network ?
20:09 <     etank> that and pointing them to the forums, irc, wiki and of course Google.
20:09 <      Zuph> We can make a good effort at making it easy to use, and provide support where needed, but that's pretty much all we'd be capable of.
20:09 <     etank> p0g0: to some degree yes
20:10 < phrontist> some sort of up front training would go a long way though
20:10 <  montgoej> teach them google-fu, it solves all problems
20:10              <   pat40503!n=patc@74-131-211-12.dhcp.insightbb.com [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:10 <      p0g0> I'll note that many folks who cannot afford a computer cannot afford a telephone either
20:10 <     etank> we could do like a habitat for humanity thing
20:10 <    bkingx> Nor broadband
20:10 <     etank> they have to come in for some training to "earn" a PC
20:10 <      Zuph> p0g0: Noted.  Which is why we'll try as much as possible to make it useful without internets or external support.
20:11 < phrontist> how do you go about finding people who want and can't afford computers?
20:11 <     etank> p0g0: like loading the machines with a static copy of Wikipedia
20:11 <      Zuph> phrontist: We were thinking we would cross that road when we get to it.
20:11 <   tom8658> Zuph, good idea
20:11 <     etank> phrontist: we can talk to schools
20:11 <      Zuph> We're still a ways off from even getting machines, let alone getting them all set up and ready to go.
20:12 <   tom8658> UK surpluses all sorts of machines that are perfectly OK, my old P4 workstation just got surplussed
20:12 <     etank> they will know of families that are in need of something like this
20:12 <      p0g0> I'd suggest the every county has a Comp Care outfit
20:12 < phrontist> tom: can we talk to UK about giving those boxes to us instead of auctioning them?
20:12 <      p0g0> they already ahnd out old cell phones to the lost and abused to call 911 with
20:12 <     etank> tom8658: do they do an auction or something
20:12 <  montgoej> well, I have 10 monitors, so we've got that if nothing else
20:12 <      p0g0> the UK auction is an old thing
20:13 <   tom8658> etank, phrontist im honestly not sure what happens to them, i think they might get auctioned, sometimes.... I'll talk to some people
20:13 <      p0g0> I think they cannot change those rules, as they have to offer the gear inhouse first
20:13 <   tom8658> yeah, but I'm in house
20:13 <     etank> :)
20:13 <   tom8658> im not sure if theyd be willing to let them go to a charity
20:14 <     etank> do we need to get the team set up as a non-profit orginization first?
20:14 <      p0g0> tom8658: they might- if you can make a case for your department "wanting" them
20:14 <     etank> i think that the New York Team has done that
20:14 <   tom8658> i think after the departments get to pick at them, it shouldnt be a problem
20:14 <      Zuph> etank: That's extremely difficult to get done at a federal level, and usually requires that you be doing something first.
20:14              <   zenwhen!n=troy@ubuntu/member/zenwhen ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
20:14 <   tom8658> plus, the departments rarely take much, most people have $ for new machines
20:15 <      p0g0> the 501.c.3 orgs are not that hard to create- it's only the tax deduction part that is hard
20:15 <    bkingx> That is GREAT montgoej !!
20:15 <      Zuph> We need to get computers and get them set up reasonably well before we can worry about anything more complicated, I think.
20:15 <      Zuph> Can't put the cart before the horse.
20:15 <   tom8658> it wouldnt hurt to be non-profit, especially when dealing with UK
20:15 <   tom8658> they love that kind of thing
20:16 <   tom8658> just get ready to be PR material for the next 5 years :P
20:16 <     etank> as far as training goes we can always do more install fests and use those as training times
20:16 <     etank> tom8658: that is fine. as long as we get the boxes. :)
20:17 <   tom8658> etank, ill see what i can do
20:17 <     etank> anybody else want to add more on the Charity Project?
20:18 <  montgoej> do we need keyboards or mice?
20:18 <      p0g0> tom8658: I've a library of non-profit stuff, and UK has a Center for Non-profits...I may be setting one up for the MadWifi folks (may not either) too, fwiw
20:18 <      Zuph> montgoej: probably
20:18 <  montgoej> I can get a TON of them
20:18 <      Zuph> If anyone has any leads on computers or parts, please update the wiki and get in touch with me.
20:18 <  montgoej> like a big box full, cause our teacher wishes they would "disappear"
20:19 <      Zuph> You can "surplus" them :)
20:19 <     etank> montgoej: do some magic then
20:19 <  montgoej> I'll try to get them tomorrow
20:19 <      Zuph> I "surplused" a case of HP-48G calculators to the back of my car :)
20:19 <      p0g0> The Christian Appalachian Project(CAP) used to have truckload of gear
20:20 <      p0g0> *truckloads
20:20 <     etank> this is the hard part
20:20 <    bkingx> If I can get 10 boxes, we'll need monitors, mice, keyboards.
20:20 <      p0g0> I'd get a van full every year or so, from the Chicago area in the mid 90's
20:21 <     etank> i think that once we can start giving away PCs it may get easier to get people to donate more
20:22              >>> pat40503!n=patc@74-131-211-12.dhcp.insightbb.com
20:22 <     etank> OK. So when do we want to do another Install Fest?
20:22 <      p0g0> from experience, the training is very important
20:22 <      Zuph> July.
20:22 <      Zuph> or August
20:23 <    bkingx> At the earliest, I say July or August
20:23 <     etank> tom8658: when does UK start back
20:23 <    bkingx> If Gutsy is released in Oct, I say we do it Aug or Sept.
20:24 <   tom8658> etank, mid-august
20:24 <   tom8658> sept sounds good
20:24 <     etank> so how often do you want to do them then?
20:24 <     etank> once every 4 months?
20:24 <     etank> quarterly?
20:24              Zuph +1
20:25 <     etank> Zuph: for which one?
20:25              montgoej says every 3-4 months
20:25 <      p0g0> who is your target audience?
20:25 <      Zuph> 4 months, whatever.
20:25 <     etank> p0g0: whoever wants to run or needs help with linux
20:25 <     etank> so really ... everyone
20:26 <      p0g0> how far out are you willing to go/travel?
20:26 <    bkingx> I think we need to re-evaluate the intent of an install fest.
20:26 <      p0g0> an do they need to know that they want linux yet or not?
20:26 <    bkingx> I think it turned into more of a helpcenter than installing
20:27 <     etank> p0g0: i dont think so. we should be able to "evangelize" 
20:27 <     etank> bkingx: as long as people got help
20:27 <    bkingx> But the event was advertised as Installing, not helping.
20:27 <     etank> watch Revolution OS. they talk about install fests in it at some point
20:28 <    bkingx> I just think we we need to advertise what we will be doing, not lumping it all under some title called "Install Fest"
20:28              Zuph == out
20:28              <   Zuph!n=Brad@74-138-203-144.dhcp.insightbb.com ["Leaving"]
20:29 <    bkingx> When in truth, there were only 2-3 people who were doing an install, and they had to quit due to timing.
20:29 <      p0g0> well, it's a big job to provide the gear, and then train the innocent
20:29 <     etank> well next time we _do_ need to plan on the event being longer
20:30 <    bkingx> Agreed
20:30 <      p0g0> for a fact, I have to go too
20:30 <    bkingx> later p0g0
20:30 <      p0g0> not just the install fest, but now
20:30 <      p0g0> been fun and interesting
20:30 <     etank> later p0g0 
20:30 <     etank> you can read the logs later for the rest of the meeting
20:30 <     etank> if you want
20:31 < phrontist> could we link to the logs from linux.uky.edu?
20:31 <     etank> phrontist: do you mean put a link to them on your site?
20:32 <    bkingx> I am really excited how it turned out....I would like to see it advertised as something else, IMO, if we continue that format and expect the same types of participation.
20:32 <     etank> sure
20:32 <     etank> so do we want to plan for mid Sept then?
20:32 <    bkingx> I think that sounds good!
20:33              montgoej +1
20:33              X626 +1
20:34              venomous +1
20:34              tom8658 +1
20:34              bkingx +1
20:35 <     etank> ok we can plan towards that then.
20:35 <     etank> ok. bkingx try to stay calm during this part of the conversation.
20:35 <    bkingx> ;)
20:36 <     etank> we are approved now and can officially have a web site that is not the wiki page
20:36 <     etank> we can request a sub domain of ubuntu.us
20:36 <     etank> i mean ubuntu-us.org
20:36 <     etank> we can use kentucky.ubuntu-us.org
20:37 <     etank> ubuntu will even host the site for us
20:37 <     etank> bkingx registered ubuntu-kentucky.org and we were asked by jono bacon to stop using it
20:37 <     etank> how should be procede with setting up a site now
20:38 <     etank> do you want me to request the sub domain?
20:38 <    bkingx> I still like ubuntu-kentucky.org, if we can get permission to use it.
20:39              montgoej seconds that
20:39 <     etank> the thing is that some teams are using that kind of naming and others are using the whatever.ubuntu-us.org naming
20:40 <     etank> i really want to be consistent with what the other teams are doing
20:40 <    bkingx> Well, we can use both and have them point to the same spot, but should advertise with whatever we decide to use
20:40 <  montgoej> what if we could just point both to the same server? would they let us point ky.ubuntu-us.org to the ubuntu-kentucky.org server?
20:40 <     etank> montgoej: i will have to ask about that
20:41 <     etank> i would think that they would
20:41 <    bkingx> It's hard to choose since approved teams are using both scenarios.
20:41 <    bkingx> what do you prefer, etank ?
20:42 <     etank> i dont know
20:42 <     etank> you paid to register the domain so in one way i dont want to waste the money used
20:42 <    bkingx> Well, whatever we choose, I think we should host it ourselves.
20:42 <     etank> on the other hand i like the ubuntu-us.org name 
20:42 <     etank> bkingx: if they will let us host it then sure
20:43 <     etank> of course ubuntu is doing the whole trademark thing now
20:43 <     etank> so i dont know how that plays into it all
20:43 <    bkingx> It just seems like we will have a bit more control hosting it ourselves.
20:43 <    bkingx> True
20:44 <    bkingx> Being an approved team, ad already having it registered, I don't think they will ahve a prob.
20:44 <     etank> let me ask around and see what the ubuntu / canonical stand on this is
20:44 <     etank> then that may make the decision for us
20:45 <    bkingx> cool
20:45 <  montgoej> sounds good
20:46 <     etank> cool
20:46 <     etank> What kinds of projects do we want to tackle next?
20:47 <     etank> tom8658: does the UKLUG have any projects that we can all help with?
20:47 <     etank> like amybe E-Day next year
20:47 <     etank> s/amybe/maybe/
20:47 <    bkingx> Let's open up our own coffee shop!!
20:48 <   tom8658> etank, yeah, E-day is in... feb '08, we don't do much over the summer
20:48 <    bkingx> Offer a Gutsy CD with every Latte!
20:48              montgoej says +1 to the coffee shop idea !!! :)
20:48 <     etank> tom8658: do you all have events before that?
20:48 <     etank> October or November time frame maybe
20:49 <   tom8658> not sure. we havent planned that far ahead
20:50 <     etank> when we were at Half Priced Books they asked if we would be interested in coming in and doing a demo sometime
20:50 <     etank> they had a tarrot card reader in there
20:50 <     etank> that would not take the whole team
20:50 <     etank> just a few of us
20:51 <     etank> would anyone be interested in something like that
20:51 <  montgoej> something at a book store would be cool
20:51 <  montgoej> I'm in
20:51 <    bkingx> I like your idea of collaborating on a video we can play in a loop or something.
20:52 <    bkingx> Then do some live demos every 10-20 minutes or so.
20:52 <     etank> the video idea was to create a screen cast that had no sound
20:52 <    bkingx> right
20:52 <     etank> just something that would be in a loop to make people ask questions
20:52 <    bkingx> Let people see something as they pass by
20:53 <    bkingx> I think it would be cool to film a Mac vs PC vs Linux commercial.
20:53 <     etank> then maybe have a machine running beryl or compiz to show the cool crap
20:53 <    bkingx> I know there are a few out there, but I think we can do something pretty cool.
20:54 <     etank> ok so montgoej is in
20:54 <     etank> anyone else interested?
20:54              bkingx +1
20:54 <  montgoej> yay more people!
20:54              tom8658 +1
20:55 <     etank> cool
20:55 <     etank> So are you all up for having more IRL meetings?
20:55              montgoej + 1
20:55 <     etank> the install fest was a really good time i think
20:55              montgoej has to leave and will read the rest online later
20:56              <   montgoej!n=montgoej@adsl-074-171-214-246.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net ["Ex-Chat"]
20:56 <    bkingx> I had a great time too!
20:56 <     etank> i know that Zuph has been trying to get a coffee meeting started but is having a hard time getting people to show
20:56 <    bkingx> Really glad to see the UK and LPLUG  folks there!
20:56 <     etank> bkingx: well it _was_ at UK
20:57 <    bkingx> I detect a hint of sarcasm there!!
20:57 <     etank> it would be weird without the UKLUG there
20:57 <  venomous> sorry...i've been out of the chat....on the phone with cisco
20:57 <    bkingx> venomous: on first name basis with cisco!!
20:58 <  venomous> might as well be..
20:58 <     etank> how about a key signing party?
20:59 <    bkingx> YEEHAW!!
20:59 <     etank> there has been talk of doing that in the past
20:59 <    bkingx> I'd like that!!
20:59 <     etank> we could do that before the next Install Fest even
20:59              >>> beezky!n=pdunham@h193.160.140.67.ip.alltel.net
21:00 <     etank> welcome bkingx 
21:00 <     etank> i mean 
21:00 <     etank> welcome beezky 
21:00 <    bkingx> Thanks etank !!
21:00 <    bkingx> beezky!!!!!
21:00 <    beezky> thanks guys
21:00 <    bkingx> Maybe key signing in July?
21:00 <     etank> venomous: look beezky is here
21:01 <     etank> bkingx: thats what i was thinking too
21:01 <     etank> and maybe someone could do a talk on gpg while we are at it
21:01 <  venomous> hey! i see...what's going on beezky
21:01 <    beezky> venomous: Fine long time man!
21:01 < phrontist> I'm up for key-signing, but let's do it later... september
21:02 < phrontist> lots of us students get out of dodge during summer
21:02 <     etank> phrontist: makes sense
21:03 <     etank> that would put both the key signing and install fest at the same time 
21:03 <     etank> but that shouldnt be a problem
21:04 <     etank> then we can count on another release party in October
21:04 <     etank> well thats all i got tonight
21:04 <     etank> does anyone want to add something?
21:04 < Ubuntu-Ky> Something is as something does.
21:05 <     etank> forget something
21:05 < Ubuntu-Ky> Ok etank
21:05 <  pat40503> I am new tonite. When is the next on line chat?
21:05 <     etank> pat40503: we do the meeting every thursday at 8:00
21:05 <    Seften> I'm all the way across the state from you guys
21:06 <    Seften> I've always wondered about keys
21:06 <     etank> but someone is online most of the time
21:06 <     etank> Seften: where are you?
21:06 <    bkingx> Welcome pat40503
21:06 <    Seften> Murray, Kentucky
21:07 <    Seften> 4 1/2 hours from lexington
21:07 <    Seften> lol
21:07 <     etank> well we do not have to be in person to do a key signing
21:07 <  pat40503> I hadn't used IRC since its early beginnings.I quickly downloaded mIRC and put on my dear ole Win XP and PC has been rebooting so I lost out 2-3 times in this group
21:07 <    Seften> What good are gpg keys?
21:08 <    Seften> I've never understood how they are used
21:08 <     etank> gpg keys can be used for encrypting files
21:08 <     etank> digitally signing emails and files
21:08 <    Seften> They can be used in Im too right?
21:08 <    Seften> IM*
21:09 <    Seften> Like gaim?
21:09 < Ubuntu-Ky> gaim is probably nice but XChat is better
21:09 <    Seften> oh
21:09 <     etank> they really let people know with a good sense of security that you are they one who sent the email
21:10 <  pat40503> Ubuntu-Ky how do you use gaim? I am on KVM and can switch to Ubuntu but couldn't figure out how to use as IRC
21:10 <     etank> pat40503: Ubuntu-Ky is a bot not a real person
21:11              <   Gat0rvean!n=gat0rvea@74-140-247-203.dhcp.insightbb.com ["Ex-Chat"]
21:11 <  pat40503> I was told early to address my reply to the user who made original statement so what exactly is a bot
21:14 <     etank> a bot is a program that acts as a person in a chat room
21:14 <    bkingx> pat40503: a bot is a program that will respond
21:14 <     etank> watch this 
21:14 <     etank> !hi | pat40503 
21:14 <    ubotwo> pat40503: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-kentucky!
21:14 <     etank> ubotwo is a bot too
21:14 <    ubotwo> etank: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
21:14 <    Seften> lol
21:14 <     etank> he responded to the !hi command
21:17 <     etank> ok so meeting adjourned?
21:18              etank +1
21:18              X626 +1
21:18              bkingx +1
21:18 <     etank> cool
21:18 <     etank> i will post the logs as soon as i can get on the wiki :(

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