• Report on the Charity Project.
    • Talk about progress so far
  • Getting and distributing CDs.
    • Getting:
      • shipit.ubnutu.com
    • Distributing:
      • Placing CD stands
      • Carry CDs at all times
  • Gaining new members.
  • Keeping current members active.


20:09 <     etank> so are we ready to get going with the meeting?
20:10 <    bkingx> venomous, 4gb Ram, 4x36gb hdd, quad zeon proc.
20:10 <    bkingx> Pretty big dude,
20:10 <  venomous> oughta be plenty
20:10 <    bkingx> etank, yep....ready to go!
20:10 <     etank> take it
20:12 <    bkingx> Alrighty....first thing on the list, is followup on becoming a LoCo team
20:12 <    bkingx> etank, Can you tell us what you hae learned?
20:12 <     etank> well ... weare a LoCo team
20:12 <    bkingx> Er....APPROVED LoCo Team
20:13 <     etank> To become approved we need to be active
20:13 <     etank> the definition of active is
20:13 <     etank> to be using our mailing list, forum, irc, etc
20:13 <     etank> and we also need to do at least 3 activities
20:14 <     etank> we talked about doing install fests, attending conferences, and a charity project
20:14 <    bkingx> Great!
20:15 <     etank> does everyone know what Charity project we are talking about doing?
20:15 < ericqpubl> No.
20:15 <    bkingx> How about a recap?
20:15 <     etank> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KentuckyTeam/CharityProject
20:15 <     etank> that is a link to the wiki page discussing it
20:16 <     etank> basically we are going to try to get some PCs and load them with Ubuntu to give to those that can not afford a PC on their own
20:17 <     etank> The way we are thinking of getting the PCs is by talking to local companies that may be upgrading their computer system
20:17 <    bkingx> And there was some talk between etank and I about expanding that a bit.
20:17 <     etank> then see if they would like to donate it to us
20:17 <    bkingx> We talked about possibly starting with local churches to sponsor a mission trip.
20:17 <     etank> one of our members (Zuph) has a lead on 60 machines
20:18 <     etank> we would need to get monitors for them but it is a start
20:18 <     etank> have i missed anything
20:18 <    bkingx> Nope!
20:18 <    bkingx> Let me expand a bit on the missions....
20:19 <    bkingx> Since Churches already have the resources to help the less fortunate, we can capitalize on those by pairing them with an Ubuntu donation.
20:20 <    bkingx> etank, so you have that link you showed me earlier
20:20              etank looking for it
20:20 <    bkingx> Thx...
20:20 <     etank> http://inpics.net/isolemamba/
20:21 <    bkingx> Now I'm not suggesting we become a religous org by any means....but that by teaming with a church, we may have access to resources we may not consider.
20:21 <    bkingx> Things like passports, tariffs, taxes, transportation, etc.
20:22 <     etank> any questions or recommendations?
20:22 <    bkingx> And please speak up!  Your opinions will be appreciated!
20:23 <   jkeyes0> I think that sounds like a great idea. and it wouldn't necessarily have to be just one church (if the project gets large enough)
20:23 <    bkingx> Good point, jkeyes0
20:23 <     etank> well not all of us are in Lexington or Louisville or where ever so it could be somewhat regional
20:24 <   jkeyes0> I'm in Frankfort, so I'm flexible as far as Lex or Louisville are concerned.
20:24 <    bkingx> Come on guys...anyone else have an opinion?
20:24 <    bkingx> venomous, rrittenhouse montgoej ericqpublic, |{evin ?
20:25 <  montgoej> I'm okay with Lexington or lousville, being in harrodsburg I'm not too far away
20:25 <  venomous> i'm paying attention while editing the charity wiki page
20:25 <    bkingx> OK...well, that's our thought process so far.
20:25 <     etank> oh yeah .. thanks for the edits to the KY page
20:26 <  venomous> np
20:26 < ericqpubl> I could find out some things in lexington, want to divy up by zip codes?
20:26 <    bkingx> What we need to do is come up with a project plan and then focus on a goal.
20:26 <     etank> I think that it is important that we start small as to not spread ourselves too thin.
20:26 <    bkingx> It is great to get donated machines, but what do we do with them is the whole point.
20:27 <     etank> venomous: when you change the page click the trivial check box
20:27 <     etank> that way it wont send out emails
20:27 <  venomous> k
20:28 <    bkingx> ALright...we can put this topic to rest for the night...but keep up with the forums
20:28 <     etank> ok that gives us something to think about
20:28 <    bkingx> and participate.  Your influence will determine our success as a LoCo.
20:28 <    bkingx> OK....next activity.....InstallFest?
20:29 <    bkingx> etank, what were your plans on this?
20:29 <   jkeyes0> I'm confused on the concept of an InstallFest... care to explain?
20:29 <     etank> none as of yet. I was throwing it out there as an activity idea
20:29 <    bkingx> OK...care to elaborate for jkeyes0 and everyone else?
20:30 <     etank> an installfest in my mind is a time when we can invite people that are interested in linux but may not have any experience with it
20:30 <     etank> they bring a box and we help them install it
20:31 <   jkeyes0> so sort of a tutorial, "Welcome to Ubuntu/Linux" and what not?
20:31 <     etank> we coordinate it so that it can be an event where we have many of us there and many new people
20:31 <     etank> exactly
20:31 <   jkeyes0> and if they're interested after they see it, we can help them install/setup
20:31 <     etank> you got it
20:31 <  montgoej> yep
20:31 <    bkingx> We may also have some "demo" boxes so people can see it who don't have a box.
20:31 <     etank> maybe even do a few presentations on what can be done with it
20:31 <    bkingx> Absolutley!!!
20:31 <     etank> to show them the power, possiblities
20:32 <    bkingx> does anyone have access to a projector?
20:32 <   jkeyes0> possibly. if it's over a weekend, definitely.
20:32 <     etank> I was even thinking that it would be nice to do this in combination with a Fiesty release party
20:32 <    bkingx> Great!!  Now, where can we host this party?
20:32 <    bkingx> Ideas anyone?
20:33 <  montgoej> well, we need somewhere we can have for a long time
20:33 <   jkeyes0> I'm not sure about having the Fiesty party at the same time. Unless we're all familiar with Fiesty (and the problems it may or may not have) we could give the wrong impressions of the OS
20:33 <     etank> good point
20:33 <     etank> then that is another activity then :)
20:33 <    bkingx> Very good point, jkeyes0
20:34 <     etank> i was just thinking that they would have 3 versions to choose from
20:34 <   jkeyes0> the problem with a public event such as this, is that if there are any signs of "weakness" (meaning, lack of knowledge, errors in presentation, etc.) there will always be windows hecklers in the crowd.
20:34 <    bkingx> or maybe we can combine it for an After Install Party?
20:34 <     etank> thats why we let |{evin do all the talking
20:34 <  montgoej> sounds cool
20:34 <   jkeyes0> that might work. intro to linux/ubuntu, then afterwards they can see the "latest and greatest"
20:34 <     etank> sure
20:35 <    bkingx> WIth the caveat that it is new and we are just looking at it?
20:35 <     etank> the release party could be something that is just for the team too
20:35 <    bkingx> Right!
20:36 <   jkeyes0> well, with the betas out now, surely at least one of us can install it on a box and sort of familiarize themselves with it
20:36 <    bkingx> I'm thinking a weekend at a public library or something?
20:36 <     etank> I think that with an installfest we should go with Dapper since it is the LTS
20:36 <   jkeyes0> definitely dapper.
20:36 <    bkingx> Yep
20:36 <     etank> i've already got it installed
20:36 <     etank> herd 2
20:37 <  montgoej> We need to have a way we can quickly update though...has anyone seen how long it takes to upgrade a dapper install?
20:37 <   jkeyes0> when I switch my desktop, I'll be going to dapper. my laptop is edgy
20:37 <  venomous> alright, changes to wiki page complete...for the time being
20:37 <    bkingx> Thanks venomous !!
20:37 <  montgoej> It took me like 2 hours last time...so we may need some kinda update disc or something to get that done quicker
20:37 <     etank> venomous: so you know, I took that straight from Zuph's post on the forum
20:37 <    bkingx> Well...that is a good intro into the last topic for the night
20:38 <    bkingx> Sub Teams!
20:38 <     etank> I think you are going on the wrong adgenda
20:38 <    bkingx> We need some of the members to be responsible for certain aspects of the team
20:38 <   jkeyes0> would it be possible to set up a local update repo?
20:38 <    bkingx> etank, I am?
20:39 <  venomous> took what??  did i make a change to copywritten material??
20:39 <     etank> no im just talking about the content
20:39 <    bkingx> LOL...I was!!  OH well.
20:39 <     etank> it was just a quick wiki
20:40 <     etank> does everyone have CDs that they can give out?
20:41 <     etank> from shipit.ubuntu.com would be best
20:41 <  montgoej> I don't have anymore right now
20:41 <  montgoej> well...I take that back
20:41 <  montgoej> no more i386 cds
20:42 <   jkeyes0> I've got about 15 copies
20:42 <     etank> I was able to go to the shipit site and order 30
20:42 <     etank> i put in the comments that it was for the KY team
20:43 <     etank> once we are an approved team we will get 500 CDs each release.
20:43 <   jkeyes0> very, very nice.
20:43 <     etank> you bet
20:43 <     etank> so once we get the CDs how do we distribute them?
20:44 <    bkingx> And we are talking about distributing these to different places.
20:44 <     etank> or just people that we are talking to in public
20:44 <    bkingx> Everyone should cary some with them to hand out.
20:44 <     etank> or friends
20:44 <   jkeyes0> I've given lots out to co-workers and friends.
20:44 <  montgoej> I used to carry some burned copies in my backpack but I've given them all out
20:44 <     etank> jkeyes0: your so lucky
20:45 <    bkingx> And possibly putting some at local public places.
20:45 <     etank> :)
20:45 <    bkingx> There are some cardboard stands that we can make and place around our community.
20:45 <     etank> I know that the Ohio team has place some in libraries for checkout
20:45 <    bkingx> Yup...just like the old AOL CD thing.
20:46 <    bkingx> MAN, those things were EVERYWHERE!
20:46 <     etank> AO-Hell
20:46 <   jkeyes0> UK library, Georgetown college library, science center at G-town college (I went to school there, it's not a problem), frankfort library, etc. etc.
20:46 <    bkingx> You got the gist!
20:46 <     etank> thats the idea
20:47 <  montgoej> I gave one to a couple in walmart talking about how much anti-virus software costs and whether there was anything they could do about it, things like that are where I give most of mine out
20:47 <    bkingx> But to do this, we need EVERYONE to go out to the shipit site and register for 30 CD's.
20:47 <   jkeyes0> will do
20:48 <  venomous> back in  bit..phone
20:48 <   jkeyes0> 6.06?
20:48 <    bkingx> Even if you just give them to one of the other team members, we can still use the CDs
20:48 <    bkingx> Yeah. the shipit program only distributes 6.06
20:48 <     etank> ok. so i've been thinking, once we have some members how do we keep them active? on the same note how do we get new members?
20:49 <   jkeyes0> yeah, I realized that after I said. :P
20:49 <     etank> we have 19 members according to launchpad but 7 in the meeting
20:49 <  montgoej> if we do an install fest we'll get members there....hopefully
20:49 <     etank> I know where Zuph is tonight so that accounts for one.
20:49 <     etank> true
20:50 <    bkingx> Well, we can certainly use the IRC and Forum resources.
20:50 <  montgoej> For the most part it is probably because people don't notice that there is a Kentucky LoCo team, I wouldn't have if it wasn't for me scrolling too far down the page
20:50 <    bkingx> That is a good place to welcome new members, give out info for the team, etc.
20:51 <     etank> I have changed my sig on the forums to have links for the team in it.
20:51 <     etank> I have started posting a lot in the new member and general help area.
20:52 <     etank> I think that it was ericqpublic last night that i was trying to convince.
20:52 <     etank> and it worked :)
20:52 <    bkingx> Any exposure to tell about us is good!
20:52 <  montgoej> I'm going to have to leave before 9, but as always I'll be reading the logs online so I don't miss anything
20:53 <    bkingx> NP montgoej
20:53 <    bkingx> Go sign up for your CD's!!
20:53 <     etank> cool, they will be on the wiki tonight
20:53 <  montgoej> I signed up for some already
20:53 <  montgoej> just now
20:53 <    bkingx> ;)
20:53 <     etank> is everyone on the mailing list?
20:54 <    bkingx> yup
20:54 <    bkingx> well, I am
20:54 <     etank> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-ky
20:54 <  montgoej> I am
20:54 <   jkeyes0> i'm on it as well
20:55 <  montgoej> well I guess I'd better be going
20:55 <  montgoej> talk to you guys later
20:55              <   montgoej!n=montgoej@adsl-80-23-65.bgk.bellsouth.net ["Leaving"]
20:55 <     etank> what do we do with the members that are on launchpad but are not active?
20:56 <   jkeyes0> I'm not sure what you mean?
20:56 <    bkingx> Cane beatings!!
20:56 <     etank> how do we get them to become active
20:56 <     etank> get them involved
20:57 <   jkeyes0> offer them candy?
20:57 <     etank> my thinking is that everyone should have an ownership in the team
20:57 <    bkingx> Good idea!
20:57 <     etank> we could take the "
20:57 <     etank> Free as in Beer" to the next level
20:58 <   jkeyes0> t-shirts to active forum members and in-person participants? :)
20:58 <    bkingx> NICE!!  Party prizes!!
20:59 <    bkingx> We are working on a logo, and that would work well on shirts and products!
20:59 <     etank> I actually thought about door prizes for in-person meetings
20:59 <     etank> like the "Official Ubuntu Book"
20:59 <     etank> Ubutnu Hacks
20:59 <     etank> general Ubuntu stuff
21:00 <     etank> but then I woke up and realized that i am still broke.
21:01 <   jkeyes0> well I certainly wouldn't mind contributing to the door prizes.
21:01 <    bkingx> We may be able to pool some funds together for one or two prizes.
21:02 <    bkingx> Instead of $5 for pizza, we throw that in for prizes and do something else for food
21:02 <     etank> side note
21:03 <     etank> are any of you Ubuntero
21:03 <     etank> do you use gpg?
21:03 < ericqpubl> What?
21:04 <     etank> what to which part
21:04 < ericqpubl> What is gpg?
21:04 <     etank> http://www.gnupg.org/
21:05 <     etank> it is something that can be used to digitally sign documents, emails, etc. That way whoever receives it will know that it has come from you
21:05 < ericqpubl> like pgp?
21:05 <     etank> there is a public key that you give to everyone
21:05 <     etank> yes
21:06 <     etank> this is the gnu version of pgp
21:07 <     etank> then there is a private key that you keep private
21:07 < ericqpubl> I used pgp years ago, but never had a need for such security since then.
21:07 <   jkeyes0> can it also be used to encrypt documents?
21:08 <     etank> I have just started using it
21:08 <     etank> jkeyes0: yes it can
21:08 <   jkeyes0> hmm. might have to suggest it to my bosses (since there's a Windows port). they had me evaluating PGP for one whole day before they got bored.
21:08 <     etank> and only you (or anyone that has your private key) can decrypt it.
21:08 <   jkeyes0> they're talking about... shudder... vista, for bitlocker.
21:09 <     etank> we still use 2K
21:09 <   jkeyes0> we've got most of our workstations to XP (most with Office 2k3, finally), and quite a few 2k3 servers, but we're still on a nt 4.0 domain
21:09 <     etank> there had been some discussion about using gpg with some on the team so i thought i would ask in here.
21:10 <  venomous> alright, what'd i miss
21:10 <     etank> OK guys good night
21:10 <   jkeyes0> etank gave out money. you missed it
21:10 <     etank> just kidding
21:10 <     etank> and I just ran out
21:10 <     etank> sorry venomous 
21:10 <  venomous> figures!
21:10 <     etank> we were just talking about gpg
21:11 <  venomous> scrolling back through..
21:11 <     etank> i mention Ubunteros because the launcpad has a good tutorial on how to set up your keys
21:12 <     etank> basically you install gpg
21:12 <     etank> then gpg --gen-key
21:12 <  venomous> ubunteros...sounds like something you wouldn't want to order from taco hell
21:12 <     etank> walk through the wizard
21:12 <     etank> bkingx: it is command line. 
21:13 <     etank> then upload it to a key server with gpg --send-key key-id
21:13 <    bkingx> etank, shutup gui-hater!!!
21:14 <  venomous> venomous points at bkingx and snickers!!  gui-lover!!
21:14 <     etank> we could do a key signing party
21:14 <    bkingx> Yeah!  Party on G33K5!!!
21:15 <     etank> dont worry bkingx we will invite you too.
21:15 <     etank> someone has to bring the pizza
21:15 <    bkingx> I can do that!
21:16 <    bkingx> I fly, you buy!!
21:17 <     etank> well thats all i have tonight. does anyone else have anything else to discuss?
21:17 <    bkingx> Not me...other than to tell you to get busy on the web site!!
21:17 <   jkeyes0> do we have an estimate on any upcoming IRL meetings?
21:18 <  venomous> nope, i've been less than effective tonight
21:18 <     etank> venomous: you did a wiki page
21:18 <  venomous> edited the my page and the main ky page last night.  edited the charity page tonight
21:18 <     etank> jkeyes0: Im open to whenever
21:19 <     etank> jkeyes0: any suggestions?
21:20 <   jkeyes0> hm. well, preferably somewhere in Lex/Louisville, with a wireless net connection.
21:21 <     etank> someone mentioned a nice coffee shop here in Lex.
21:21 <    bkingx> I think it was third street something or other.
21:22 <     etank> sounds right
21:22 <    bkingx> OR a Starbucks
21:22 <     etank> no free wifi
21:22 <   jkeyes0> that would work. got wireless working on my ubuntu laptop (mostly. still relearning the scanning, etc.)
21:22 <   jkeyes0> panera bread has free wireless
21:22              >>> zenwhen_!n=troy@74-131-18-81.dhcp.insightbb.com
21:22 <     etank> zenwhen_: just in time
21:22 <    bkingx> Speaking of coffee boy!
21:22 < ericqpubl> I have a friend that works at Honey Bean on tates creek.
21:23 <    bkingx> Honey Bean....in Tates Creek Center?
21:23 <  venomous> panera has a freakin' outstanding mushroom soup to!  i could drown in that stuff.
21:23 <     etank> what was the name of the coffee place you mentioned here in Lex?
21:23 <  venomous> panera has my vote!
21:23 <    bkingx> I like Panera!
21:23 < ericqpubl> Yes, I could talk to her if something needs to be arranged.
21:23 <     etank> does panera have wifi?
21:23 <   jkeyes0> the one in frankfort does. I don't know where any are in lex.
21:24 <  venomous> doesn't matter....they've got great mushroom soup!!!
21:24 <     etank> thinking with your stomach again?
21:24 <  venomous> always!
21:25 <  venomous> well, not always...but most of the time!
21:26 <    bkingx> Well, if that is all, I have an Anna Nicole Smith wake to perform.
21:27 <  venomous> dude....you are sad, sad, sad!!
21:27 <    bkingx> LOL..
21:27 <    bkingx> ALright everyone!  Good meeting tonight!
21:27 <   jkeyes0> night bking. if anyone thinks of any ideas for meetings/events, send them to the list
21:28 <   jkeyes0> or the forum
21:28 <    bkingx> ;)
21:28 <    bkingx> later all!

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