• Web site news.
  • Planning an install fest / Feisty release party.
  • CD distribution.
  • Update on Charity project.


20:04 <     etank> Is everyone ready to get started?
20:04 <  montgoej> yep
20:04 <  Contrast> Yup.
20:05 <    bkingx> yep
20:05 <     etank> OK. so first on the list is web site stuff. Some of you have seen it but if not here is what we have so far.
20:06 <     etank> what are your thoughts on it?
20:06 <  montgoej> I like the overall Ubuntu feel of it
20:07 <   jkeyes0> looks very nice so far. excellent progress.
20:07 <     etank> it is a drupal site.
20:07 <  Contrast> I concur.
20:07 <   jkeyes0> I really like the logo
20:07 <   jkeyes0> I'll have to check out drupal
20:07 <  Contrast> With montgoej and jkeyes, I mean.
20:08 <     etank> we have enabled the modules that allow any user to have a blog on the site if they want
20:08 <     etank> props go to bkingx for the logo
20:09 <     etank> so far we do not have a domain name registered for the site
20:09 <   jkeyes0> where is the site hosted?
20:09 <     etank> I have created a ticket on launchpad to see if ubuntu will give us a sub-domain of ubuntu-us.org
20:09 <     etank> bkingx is hosting it now
20:09 <    bkingx> ;)
20:10 <     etank> we are asking for a sub-domain of ky.ubuntu-us.org
20:10 <   jkeyes0> it has a very nice response time
20:10 <     etank> and its running on a virtual machine at that
20:10 <    bkingx> ;)
20:10 <    bkingx> and hosting 2 other sites!
20:11 <     etank> normally they do not give domain names to teams that are not on the approved list
20:11 <     etank> one of the web guys is seeing what he can do for us though
20:11 <   jkeyes0> wow! is it windows running a linux vm, or linux running a windows vm? (silly question, I know)
20:11 <     etank> linux on a vm
20:11 <  Contrast> If I already signed up through Launchpad, should I be good to go on this site, or do I need to set up another account?
20:11 <     etank> Ubuntu to be exact
20:12 <   jkeyes0> I met a salesperson from EMC today (they own VMWare). We might end up buying licenses for ESX server at work.
20:12 <     etank> on this site you will need to set up a different accoung
20:12 <  montgoej> Apache 2.0.55 Running on an Ubuntu vm
20:12 <    bkingx> Props to etank for setting all that up!!
20:12 <     etank> jkeyes0: as a plug for myself, if your company needs vmware admins let me know.
20:12 <     etank> :)
20:13 <  Contrast> Cool, just making sure I didn't forget my account info.
20:13 <  venomous> jkeyes0: you guys will love esx.  vi3 is great
20:13 <   jkeyes0> you wouldn't like the pay. :P state jobs pay crappy
20:13 <     etank> jkeyes0: i was a state contractor for 3.5 years
20:13 <   jkeyes0> contractors make great money. state employees don't really
20:13 <     etank> no kidding
20:14 <     etank> back to the site stuff
20:14 <   jkeyes0> sorry about that.
20:14 <     etank> i told the ubuntu guys that if they will let us have the domain name then we would be willing to host it.
20:14 <     etank> i would rather have more control over it anyway
20:15 <    bkingx> We can also register www.ubuntu-kentucky.org
20:15 <    bkingx> But Ubuntu asks that if it has its name in it, we ask for permission first.
20:15 <    bkingx> So that is pending too.
20:15 <   jkeyes0> I used 1and1.com when I hosted my company's site. very, very low prices.
20:15 <  montgoej> ubuntu-ky.org is already registered as a placeholder
20:16 <  montgoej> by the Ubuntu people
20:16 <    bkingx> That is for Kenya
20:16 <  montgoej> ah
20:16 <     etank> yeah. they bought all of the ubuntu-xx.org names
20:16 <    bkingx> As etank says....the xx is a country initial
20:17 <     etank> i really like the idea of the ky.ubuntu-us name.
20:17 <     etank> it follows the naming convention that ubuntu is setting
20:17 <     etank> if they will let a non-approved team have it that is
20:18 <    bkingx> right...I think we should go ahead and register ubuntu-kentucky.org in the meantime, IMO.
20:18 <  Contrast> I agree.
20:19 <    bkingx> If/when they give us ky.ubuntu-us.org, we can point both to the same location.
20:19 <    bkingx> again, my .02
20:19 <     etank> does everyone think that we should reg the domain now?
20:19 <  Contrast> I think ubuntu-kentucky.org would be easier for most people to remember.
20:19 <    |{evin> they can point to the same place
20:20 <     etank> very true
20:20 <    |{evin> so I say get that one
20:20 <     etank> anyone else have an opinion?
20:21 <  montgoej> I say we register it
20:21 <   jkeyes0> I definitely like ubuntu-kentucky.org. pointers are easy enough to set up
20:21 <  Contrast> I don't see any reason not to go ahead and register it, but then again, until the site has a bit more material, you could say there's not much reason to rush.
20:21 <  venomous> hand for ubuntu-kentucky.org
20:22              etank +1
20:22 <  Contrast> +1
20:22 <    bkingx> Of course, there is the chance that Ubuntu could ask for the rights to it.
20:22 <    |{evin> hand++
20:22 <     etank> where is a cheap place to register a site.
20:22 <    bkingx> Being in their copyright stuff and all
20:22 <    |{evin> not to be a dick.. but they can't really do anything about it
20:22 <     etank> I only know of godaddy
20:22 <    bkingx> networksolutions.com
20:23 <     etank> I have the disclaimer at the bottom
20:23 <  Contrast> True, l{evin, and even if they could, I think it'd be a pretty bad PR move on Canonical's part.
20:24 <    bkingx> I agree, just playing devil's advocate
20:24 <     etank> ok. godaddy says 8.95 and networksolutions is 14.95
20:24 <   jkeyes0> 1and1.com?
20:25 <   jkeyes0> 5.99
20:25 <   jkeyes0> godaddy is probably the better option though
20:25 <    |{evin> I've had issues w/ 1and1
20:26 <    bkingx> And here is what Ubuntu says:
20:26 <    bkingx> Where possible, we ask that Ubuntu related domain ownership be held by Canonical Limited or a Canonical-authorised organisation. Please ask for a trademark license before registering a domain which incorporates the Ubuntu name. In most cases, we will sponsor registration fees for approved domains, and leave technical administrative control in the hands of the website operator.
20:26 <   jkeyes0> great prices, great uptime (if they're hosting), but it's kinda hard to cancel
20:26 <     etank> do we need to reg both ubuntu-kentucky and www.ubuntu-kentucky ????
20:26 <   jkeyes0> no. one should give the other.
20:26 <    |{evin> ubuntu-kentucky.com is the domain
20:26 <     etank> jkeyes0: who was that in reference to
20:26 <    |{evin> www is an a record for that domain
20:26 <     etank> good point
20:27 <   jkeyes0> etank: no. ubuntu-kentucky should give www as well
20:27 <    bkingx> but .org or .com?
20:27 <     etank> .org
20:27 <  Contrast> I say .org.
20:27 <     etank> we aren't selling anything
20:27 <    bkingx> bkingx, .org
20:28 <    |{evin> if you have ubuntu-kentucky.org, you can create {name}.ubuntu-kentucky.org at will
20:28              >>> comfurtn!n=kyle@mrtc-570020.mis.net
20:28 <     etank> so do we go with godaddy then?
20:28 <    bkingx> Right...like mail, www, smtp, etc.
20:28 <  comfurtn> hey guys!
20:28 <  comfurtn> i finally made it.
20:28 <     etank> sup comfurtn 
20:28 <     etank> thought you were going to miss
20:28 <  Contrast> Hey comfurtn.
20:28 <  comfurtn> have i missed much?
20:29 <  Contrast> Just discussing domain registration.
20:29 <  comfurtn> etank: i made some adjustments -_-
20:29 <     etank> comfurtn: the site is at
20:29 <     etank> thats what we are talking about
20:29 <  comfurtn> still the same as it was last night?
20:30 <     etank> yep
20:30 <  comfurtn> k.
20:30 <     etank> we are talking about registering a domain name for it
20:30 <     etank> ubuntu-kentucky.org
20:31 <  comfurtn> that would be cool.
20:31 <     etank> If we are all good then bkingx said that he would be willing to do the reg process now.
20:31 <  Contrast> I just thought of something...
20:31 <    bkingx> Or at least after the meeting.....go ChanServ
20:31 <    bkingx> er Contrast
20:32 <  Contrast> If we really want to become an approved team, wouldn't it maybe be a bad move registering a domain name with Ubuntu in it before getting Canonical's permission?
20:32 <  Contrast> Considering what bkingx pasted, I mean.
20:33 <     etank> we can email the trademark team 
20:33 <     etank> and the web team about it
20:33 <     etank> not to beat a dead horse but i just want to make sure we are all a go before we do it.
20:33 <  comfurtn> etank: good idea
20:34 <  Contrast> I respect that.
20:34 <  comfurtn> then there wouldn't be any doubt.
20:34 <    bkingx> I don't think it will be a big deal.  And if it is, we just sell the name to them.
20:35 <    bkingx> Not for profit, of course.
20:35 <  Contrast> I don't think it will be either. I'm just trying to think of every possible thing that might go wrong. :-D
20:35 <    |{evin> it isn't a big deal.. it's a domain name
20:35 <    bkingx> But just to respect their wishes.
20:35 <    |{evin> that's like someone trying to take down "countrywidesucks.com"
20:35 <    bkingx> OK..I'm in.
20:35 <     etank> yeah. I don't want to do anything that may hinder our approval process.
20:35 <  Contrast> So we get approval, then register?
20:36 <  Contrast> That's my main point, etank.
20:36 <     etank> i agree
20:36 <     etank> im composing an email right now.
20:36 <    |{evin> er, http://www.countrywidehomeloansucks.com   Country Wide didn't register the name.. so it's fair game
20:36 <    bkingx> LOL...|
20:36 <    bkingx> |{evin,
20:37 <    bkingx> Let me clarify...permission, not team approval, Right et?
20:37 <     etank> right
20:37 <  Contrast> Right.
20:37 <  Contrast> Sorry, bad word choice on my part.
20:37 <    bkingx> Great!  Clear as mud!
20:39 <    bkingx> OK...so we all agree on ubuntu-kentucky.org and will register after getting permission, right?
20:39 <  venomous> hand
20:39 <  Contrast> Check.
20:39 <   jkeyes0> +1
20:39              montgoej +1
20:40 <  comfurtn> affirmative.
20:40 <    bkingx> Cool...done deal.  etank said he is working on a draft, we'll see where that goes.
20:40 <    bkingx> Next topic?
20:41 <    bkingx> *** Install Fest / Fiesty release party ***
20:41 <   jkeyes0> ASAP. :)
20:41 <    bkingx> LOL...Fiesty releases in April
20:41 <     etank> message sent.
20:41 <     etank> The Kentucky Team would like to have permission to register the domain
20:41 <     etank> name ubuntu-kentucky.org. We seek the permission of Ubuntu to use their
20:41 <     etank> name in the site. If you would like to see the site please go to
20:41 <     etank>
20:42 <    bkingx> Thanks etank !!
20:42 <   jkeyes0> awesome
20:42 <  Contrast> Cool.
20:42 <  Contrast> Who all has tried Feisty so far?
20:42 <  comfurtn> i have.
20:42 <   jkeyes0> I upgraded my laptop last night.
20:42              etank is running Feisty at work
20:43 <     etank> it is solid so far
20:43 <  comfurtn> jkeyes0: everything go alright?
20:43 <  Contrast> I'm running it on my laptop. Tried it on my desktop, had problems, switched back to Edgy.
20:43 <   jkeyes0> smooth so far, but it's running pretty slow
20:43 <  montgoej> I am gonna (hopefully) install it over the weekend
20:43 <     etank> there has been some discussion of doing a dry run install fest with just the team members
20:44 <     etank> kind of a chance to meet each other and work out the kinks in the install fest process
20:44 <  comfurtn> etank: i like the idea
20:44 <    bkingx> Install for Drapper?
20:44 <     etank> but the big questions are
20:44 <   jkeyes0> etank: excellent idae
20:44 <   jkeyes0> or... idea
20:44 <     etank> when and where
20:44 <  montgoej> I like the idea
20:45 <  comfurtn> when and where........ hmm...
20:45 <     etank> we would need a place that is central to most people and has internet access
20:45 <     etank> venomous: how about your place ;)
20:45 <    bkingx> If we time the live Install Fest with the Fiesty release, we need to do it in the next month.  We only have 1.5 months to release.
20:45 <  Contrast> Where's everyone based?
20:45 <   jkeyes0> I've heard the lex public library is huge
20:45 <   jkeyes0> frankfort
20:45 <    bkingx> Lex
20:45 <     etank> lex
20:45 <  venomous> open to ideas
20:45 <  Contrast> Georgetown here.
20:46 <  montgoej> I'm in Mercer so I can get to Lex, Frankfort, Louisville, etc. quite easily
20:46 <    bkingx> Does the Public lib charge to use a room?
20:46 <  comfurtn> west liberty.
20:46 <  comfurtn> Lexington is definitely central.
20:46 <    bkingx> I agree.
20:46 <    bkingx> and not because I live here...LOL
20:46 <  Contrast> Sounds logical.
20:47 <  montgoej> I say lexington
20:47 <  venomous> my place is still available...byob+sfm
20:47 <  Contrast> sfm?
20:47 <  venomous> Some For Me!!!
20:47 <  Contrast> Ohh. Hehe.
20:47 <    bkingx> Maybe a garage deal, venomous ?
20:48 <     etank> tooooo coooold
20:48 <    bkingx> setup some tables?
20:48 <  venomous> have you been outside bkingx??  it's freakin' cold!
20:48 <     etank> unless its heated
20:48 <    bkingx> I can get a propane Mr Heater
20:48 <    bkingx> It will burn us out of there!
20:48 <  venomous> space heaters, but i've only got two.  would still be a bit on the chilly side.
20:48 <    |{evin> mine is heated, but my connection blows goat ss
20:49 <     etank> i kind of like the idea of venomous's house
20:49 <  venomous> bkingx: that'll work
20:49 <  Contrast> So are we actually going to be bringing our computers to the dry run to put Feisty on them?
20:49 <  montgoej> anyone wanna contact the library. IMHO, people would be mroe likely to come to a place like that than a garage
20:49 <    bkingx> But I like venomous' garage!
20:49 <     etank> montgoej: this first one is just for the team
20:49 <  venomous> montgoej: you're right for a true install fest, but isn't this a dry run install to iron out kinks?
20:49 <  montgoej> ok
20:50 <    bkingx> venomous +1
20:50 <  Contrast> Indifferent.
20:50 <  Contrast> :)
20:51 <   jkeyes0> a dry run at someone's home wouldn't be a problem.
20:51 <  montgoej> Just to give you a heads up: I'm about to leave but I'll be reading the logs online later
20:51 <  Contrast> Later, montgoej.
20:51 <    bkingx> np montgoej
20:51 <     etank> so do we want to try to shoot for a date of around March 17th or so
20:52 <     etank> later man
20:52 <   jkeyes0> I'm going to see Blue Man Group in louisville on the 17th
20:52 <     etank> montgoej: would it help if we had the meetings a little earlier
20:52 <  montgoej> March 17 is good
20:52 <    bkingx> that may not give us enough time to plan for the public event
20:52 <     etank> how about the 24th then?
20:52 <     etank> bkingx: we can plan them both at the same time
20:53 <    bkingx> Yup...true dat!
20:53 <  Contrast> Do you all think two weeks will be enough time for us to overcome any problems we run into at the dry run in time for the real install fest?
20:53 <  montgoej> nah having the meetings now is ok, I can always email you if I have something to add in afterwards
20:53 <    bkingx> <sheepishly tucks tail between legs>
20:53 <     etank> just mail it to the mailing list
20:54 <  montgoej> ok
20:54 <  Contrast> 2/24 sounds better to me.
20:54 <  montgoej> sounds good to me
20:54 <  montgoej> I shouldn't have anything going on then
20:54 <     etank> that just gives Feisty some more time to mature
20:54 <    bkingx> 2/24  or 3/24
20:55 <  Contrast> So did they definitely decide to not include proprietary drivers and codecs by default, or is that still up in the air?
20:55 <     etank> March 24
20:55 <   jkeyes0> from what I've read, no proprietary drivers
20:55 <  Contrast> I assumed he meant 2/24, since we felt 3/17 would be too late. ;-)
20:55 <    |{evin> they said no
20:55 <     etank> nope the drivers and compriz are out
20:55 <  Contrast> Awesome.
20:56 <    bkingx> OK...then we pencil it in for 3/24 at venomous
20:56 <    bkingx> Will confirm by next week
20:56 <     etank> if we do the dry run on 3/24 then we can do the Feisty Release party on 4/21
20:56 <    bkingx> s meeting
20:56 <  Contrast> W32 codecs, libdvdcss? Same thing, or still not sure?
20:56 <     etank> haven't heard
20:56 <  Contrast> Is that Feisty's release date?
20:56 <  venomous> pencil is out....pencil-ing now
20:56 <  montgoej> I'm gonna head out, later
20:56 <    |{evin> haven't heard on those, I would assume they're out... but easily added in
20:56 <     etank> the release is slated for the 19th
20:56              <   montgoej!n=montgoej@adsl-80-23-65.bgk.bellsouth.net ["Leaving"]
20:57 <    bkingx> Very good!
20:57 <  Contrast> Ohh. Well then, 3/24 should leave us with plenty of time.
20:57 <     etank> cool
20:57 <  Contrast> Any idea how many computers we're planning on having at the dry run?
20:58 <     etank> I dont think that we all need to do an install at the dry run
20:58 <     etank> unless you want to
20:58 <     etank> if you do then just bring whatever machine you want to install on
20:59 <  Contrast> Well, which release are we planning on promoting the most at the install fest?
20:59 <     etank> Dapper imo
20:59 <    bkingx> Dapper
20:59 <    |{evin> Dapper or Edgy... Dapper is LTS though
20:59 <    bkingx> It's LTS and the CD Distributions
21:00 <     etank> or we can give the new user a choice
21:00 <  Contrast> Choice is good.
21:00 <     etank> we just explain what the difference is
21:00 <     etank> we actually can give them a choice of the three
21:01 <  venomous> dudes...gotta pull the rip cord.  i'm wiped out.  i'll read the logs later.  etank bkingx might be calling you guys tomorrow for an NT4.0 to 2k3 migration.
21:01 <     etank> but try to direct them from Feisty
21:01 <     etank> later venomous 
21:01              <   venomous!i=ven0m0us@gateway/tor/x-152419ddb58bc365 ["(...has pulled the rip cord!)"]
21:01 <  Contrast> I think getting Linux virgins to realize how much choice they have can be a big motivator, as opposed to the Windows one-size-fits-all philosophy.
21:02 <     etank> i agree
21:02 <    bkingx> agree
21:02 <  comfurtn> okay guys.. i was on the phone and half-way following along.
21:03 <  Contrast> What do we have planned as far as raising awareness for this event?
21:03 <     etank> OK then so we all agree that comfurtn is in charge of the whole thing right?
21:03 <     etank> :)
21:03 <   jkeyes0> of course, and he's bringing 200 pizza's
21:03 <  Contrast> +++++1111111111
21:04 <    |{evin> mmmm, pizza.
21:04 <   jkeyes0> as far as raising awareness.... there are how many of us, 10? if each of us brings 2 people, that's lots of people..
21:04 <     etank> yup
21:04 <  comfurtn> sweet... i've been needing to clean out my freezer.. all those pizzas take up space!
21:04 <     etank> actually there are 22 members on the team
21:04 <     etank> but only half of us are really active
21:05              >>> Zuph!n=bradluys@74-130-215-240.dhcp.insightbb.com
21:05 <    bkingx> Sorry guys....gotta put some kids to bed.
21:05 <   jkeyes0> (that's what I was getting at, etank)
21:05 <    bkingx> I'll read up later too.
21:05 <      Zuph> Sorry to be late to the show, so to speak.  Dinner ran over.
21:05 <   lapjack> hey now
21:05 <   lapjack> I'm half-active
21:05 <  Contrast> Should've mentioned this earlier, but wouldn't Saturday be a better day for the install fest?
21:05 <  Contrast> Later, bkingx.
21:05 <     etank> lapjack: |{evin you are 2x active
21:06 <    |{evin> I think I'm a clone now...
21:06              <   bkingx!n=bkingx@mail.hsgworld.com ["Leaving"]
21:06 <     etank> the 24 is a Saturday
21:06 <      Zuph> That would be an ideal weekend:  my plans just got cancelled.
21:07 <  Contrast> I thought 3/24 was the dry run, and you said 4/21 for the install fest/release party?
21:07 <     etank> sorry
21:07 <     etank> 4/21 is a Saturday too
21:08 <  Contrast> No prob. Too many numbers.
21:08 <  Contrast> Ohh, whoops. My fault.
21:08 <     etank> np
21:09 <  Contrast> I never use the KDE calendar. Its "weeks" go from Monday - Sunday. :-\
21:09 <     etank> as far as getting the work out, i'm open to ideas
21:09 <     etank> if anyone has a blog, website, the team site, wiki, etc.
21:10 <  Contrast> I think the whole Vista pandemonium gives us an opportunity to pull a lot of people into this thing. I'd hate to see that go to waste.
21:10 <     etank> Contrast: me too
21:10              >>> Zuph_!n=bradluys@74-130-215-240.dhcp.insightbb.com
21:11 <     etank> Zuph: what are you doing?
21:11 <     Zuph_> In general or...?
21:11 <     etank> two names
21:11 <     Zuph_> In general, trying to rectify my crappy connection tonight.
21:11 <     etank> ah
21:11 <     etank> ok
21:12              <   Zuph!n=bradluys@74-130-215-240.dhcp.insightbb.com [Nick collision from services.]
21:12              ~   Zuph_ is now Zuph
21:12 <     etank> has anyone else ordered CDs form shipit.ubuntu.com?
21:12 <   jkeyes0> I ordered 30, and I've got 15 on-hand
21:12              Zuph raises his hand.
21:12 <  Contrast> I just ordered 10.
21:12 <  Contrast> I didn't see where you could order more than that?
21:12 <     etank> you have to do a custom order 
21:13 <  Contrast> Ohh ok. I was thinking that was just for certain circumstances.
21:13 <     etank> how do you guys distribute the CDs?
21:14 <   jkeyes0> I keep a stack of 5-10 at work and hand them out to co-workers (I've got at least 2 other people to start using, and I'm working on at least 2 more)
21:14 <     etank> what about placing them in public locations?
21:14 <     etank> like the AOL CDs
21:14 <   jkeyes0> it would be nice to set that up. put them in wal-mart. :P
21:14 <      Zuph> Would be a waste, I think
21:15 <     etank> have you guys seen this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=full.jpg?
21:15 <  Contrast> I'm thinking the same, Zuph.
21:15 <      Zuph> Having worked in places that let people do that, the employees take most of that stuff and never use it.
21:16 <  Contrast> That looks like a good resource.
21:16 <     etank> I know that the Ohio team has worked with the local libraries to get them to keep some CDs for people to chek out.
21:17 <     etank> if they dont return them then nothing lost really
21:17 <   jkeyes0> I know if my library had linux CD's when I was in college, I would have gladly partaken
21:18 <  Contrast> That's a good idea. Aside from libraries though, I don't think just sitting them out in public places is the best route.
21:19 <   jkeyes0> I read on digg a few months ago about someone leaving a bunch at a McDonald's, by the register
21:19 <     etank> so is the best approach to hand them out in person then?
21:19 <      Zuph> yes.
21:19 <  Contrast> +1
21:19 <      Zuph> If you're able to talk to someone about the OS and then hand them a CD, it will do much better
21:20 <     etank> sounds good to me.
21:20 <  Contrast> I'm trying to think of a good place to put flyers...
21:21 <     etank> ok then the last thing for tonight is Charity Project updates
21:21 <     etank> if there are any at this time
21:21 <  comfurtn> i have yet to contact my school board tech people, but several labs were upgraded at the high school last month.
21:21 <      Zuph> We need to get a few machines that we can actually tool around with.
21:22 <  Contrast> I've got an old computer I think I could bare to part with.
21:22 <  comfurtn> i might be able to get hands on the old computer.
21:22 <      Zuph> And preferably get together and start working on stuff.
21:22 <  comfurtn> *computers
21:22 <  comfurtn> Zuph: how did you go about getting computers from the oldham country district?
21:23 <     etank> for the install on them we can do an oem install from the alternate cd
21:23 <      Zuph> I emailed the DTC asking if they had any old computers they were getting rid of soon, and if I could haul them off for them.
21:23 <      Zuph> I worked for the Board of Ed. for a year or so, though, so I had an in.
21:23 <  Contrast> What is OEM? I've seen that option when using the text-only installation discs, but I have no idea...
21:24 <    |{evin> Original Equipment Manufacturer
21:24 <  comfurtn> Zuph: a friend of mine works in the tech department, so i might also have an in.
21:24 <      Zuph> cool
21:24 <     etank> Contrast: there are some poster ideas on http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/spreadubuntu/
21:25 <     etank> if we have a lot at one time that are the same type we can make one to use to image the othere
21:25 <     etank> others
21:26 <      Zuph> yeah.  PXE boot the machines.
21:26 <      Zuph> Once we have an install standardized, we can write up some documentation.
21:26 <      Zuph> Then all we have to do is give them away.
21:26 <     etank> and find monitors
21:27 <  comfurtn> etank: yup
21:27 <  Contrast> What's everyone's stance on putting proprietary media codecs on them? My stance is leave them off, but give the end users clear instructions on how to get them installed.
21:27 <  comfurtn> any leads on monitors?
21:27 <  comfurtn> Contrast: i very much so agree with that.
21:28 <      Zuph> Contrast: These computers most likely won't be conected to the internet at all.  What we ship on them is what they will have forever.
21:29 <      Zuph> So I'm all for shipping them with free as in beer but not free as in speech software, especially if it is superior to the free as speech solutions.
21:29 <  Contrast> Then pack in a CD with prop. stuff? Or just put it on there before giving them out?
21:29 <     etank> back to the install fest for a sec. I think that we should download some of the videos that the ScreenCast team has made and burn them to CDs. That way the new users can have some videos to watch if they have questions to go along with the paper documentation.
21:29 <      Zuph> You have to consider that we're giving computers to people that have probably never owned a computer before.  Even very clear instructions might be too obtuse.
21:30 <  comfurtn> Considering that some machines might not have access to the internet once they are given away, we should make the system as complete as possible
21:30 <   jkeyes0> etank: very nice. hadn't thought about that.
21:30 <      Zuph> I'd rather not give them that kind of a "bad" impression in the name of being an open source crusader.
21:30 <  Contrast> Point taken.
21:30 <  comfurtn> including the stuff might be a good idea.
21:30 <     etank> im for including the codecs
21:30 <  comfurtn> +1
21:30 <     etank> it is one of the first things i install
21:31 <     etank> that and build-essentials
21:31 <  Contrast> As far as proprietary software that should be preinstalled, what comes to mind besides codecs?
21:31 <      Zuph> drivers, where necessary.
21:31 <  Contrast> What I'm thinking is we do a repository-on-DVD kind of setup.
21:31 <   jkeyes0> acrobat reader?
21:32 <  comfurtn> Contrast: good idea... that would give non-internet-connected machines the repositories they need.
21:32 <  Contrast> Yeah, and flash-plugin-nonfree, while we're on Adobe.
21:32 <   jkeyes0> good one, contrast
21:33 <     etank> jkeyes0: nah evince is installed by default
21:33 <      Zuph> Contrast: I'd like to ship these systems as complete as possible, so that ideally people wouldn't have to get anything from a repository.
21:33 <     etank> flash non-free is good though
21:33 <   jkeyes0> haven't used evince. I'll look for it
21:33 <      Zuph> Although it isn't a bad idea, per-se.  I'm just having trouble thinking of what repositories we would include.
21:33 <  Contrast> Zuph, that would be great, but who defines "complete"?
21:33 <     etank> if you have opened a pdf in ubuntu then you may have
21:33 <  comfurtn> i don't particularly like evince
21:34 <     etank> it works though
21:34 <  comfurtn> that it does.
21:34 <  comfurtn> and would serve our purpose
21:34 <      Zuph> Maybe I'm jaded because my computer is always connected to the internet, but aside from whatever drivers and media players are needed, and whatever educational software we find, I don't see many other repositories being necessary.
21:35 <  Contrast> Zuph, all the official Ubuntu repo's (multiverse, universe, etc.), plus Canonical's commercial repo?
21:35 <      Zuph> No way those would fit on a DVD.  Or even a small set of DVDs
21:35 <  comfurtn> strike the universe, for sure.
21:35 <      Zuph> Presuming all these machines will HAVE dvd players, which they won't
21:35 <   jkeyes0> yeah, if there's not going to be a net connection, very few things are really "essential". dvd viewing capability (if there are drives), codecs, openoffice
21:35 <  comfurtn> good point.
21:36 <  Contrast> I thought I'd heard of those being available on DVD's. But it's a moot point I guess, hadn't thought of that.
21:36 <      Zuph> I mean, it's definitely a good idea that we should explore WHEN we get to the point of choosing software to include
21:37 <  Contrast> True.
21:37 <      Zuph> Unfortunately, without a computer that slow, we don't know what they will and won't run.
21:37 <  comfurtn> i have a 533 MHz computer running feisty.
21:37 <      Zuph> with GNOME?
21:37 <  comfurtn> gnome is usable, but XFCE 4.4 runs much smoother.
21:38 <      Zuph> Yeah, I was thinking a stock Xubuntu install with a lot of edubuntu packages.
21:38 <      Zuph> And a static copy of wikipedia where possible.
21:38 <      Zuph> THAT might be something to include on DVD/CD
21:38 <  comfurtn> if you need me to test anything on it, just let me know.
21:38 <      Zuph> How friendly is XFCE compared to, say, GNOME, for a computer newbie?
21:39 <  Contrast> I honestly see next to no difference between the two in that regard.
21:39 <    |{evin> the "desktop" part isn't as intuitive
21:39 <     etank> |{evin: i agree
21:39 <    |{evin> compared to KDE, Gnome, or Windows
21:39 <    |{evin> but it IS a decent gui for lower-end machines
21:39 <      Zuph> These people will probably only have windows experience if they have any computer experience, so similarities to that are beneficial.
21:40 <     etank> I say as long as the machine will support it we stick with gnome
21:40 <    |{evin> In that case, you're looking at KDE... which doesn't do so well on the low end
21:40 <  Contrast> I always hear people saying KDE's the most similar to Windows. I'm inclined to agree with them...
21:40 <     etank> if we want similarity to Windows then KDE is closer
21:40 <     etank> |{evin: beat me to it
21:41 <    |{evin> heh
21:41 <      Zuph> Gnome is similar enough to be usable, though
21:41 <    |{evin> and you thought I wasn't paying attention
21:41 <  Contrast> I have Kubuntu running acceptably well on a 800MHz AMD Duron w/ 192MB.
21:41 <      Zuph> How much RAM is being gobbled up idle?
21:41 <  comfurtn> woa now, i think XFCE does pretty darn well if you give it one panel at the bottom.
21:42 <  comfurtn> and 4.4 has a crap-load of improvements.
21:42 <  comfurtn> much more polished.
21:42 <     etank> comfurtn: i agree
21:42 <      Zuph> As soon as I get a spare computer to play with, I'll throw XFCE on it.
21:42 <  Contrast> 180MB. LOL
21:42 <      Zuph> hah
21:42 <  comfurtn> GNOME slows down too much if you start multi-tasking, or for that matter, open two browser windows at once.
21:42 <  Contrast> But I can still have 2 or 3 app's running without problems.
21:43 <     etank> i have one at work that is about the spead that you say you can get. I will try it tomorrow.
21:43 <      Zuph> awesome.
21:43 <  Contrast> People always say KDE's a resource hog, and looking strictly at how much RAM is in use at a given moment, they'd be right. I think KDE does a better job of using that RAM than GNOME though.
21:43 <      Zuph> It's looking like I'm going to be stuck customizing drupal for the next few weeks :V
21:43 <     etank> Is this a topic that would be good for the mailing list?
21:44 <     etank> im trying to find a good use for that thing
21:44 <      Zuph> haha
21:44 <     etank> other than just sending out meeting reminders
21:44 <      Zuph> I think the mailing list is best for more general announcements
21:44 <      Zuph> Meeting reminders, real life meetings, that sort of thing.
21:44 <     etank> darn
21:44 <  comfurtn> yeah, i have enuff mailing list clutter the way it is.
21:44 <  comfurtn> -_-
21:44 <     etank> ok
21:45 <      Zuph> And I think that a lot of the charity project discussion would be better suited for a real life meeting, where we can pore over lists of apps and stuff.
21:45 <  Contrast> I don't know. I'd say there could be some people who just can't make the meetings, but would be interested in contributing to a charity effort.
21:45 <  Contrast> Could be wrong.
21:45 <     etank> we do have the thread on the forum
21:45 <  comfurtn> i'm one of those.
21:46 <     etank> anyone can feel free to start a mailing list thread :)
21:46 <  Contrast> People don't always check that as often as their e-mail though.
21:47 <      Zuph> I dunno, my big thing with the real life meetings for the charity project is the fact that it will need people out in the field to distribute PCs, install software, that sort of thing
21:47 <      Zuph> And the more cohesive our effort, the better we look.
21:48              >>> zenwhen!n=troy@ubuntu/member/zenwhen
21:48 <  comfurtn> so, has anyone come up with ideas for obtaining monitors?
21:48 <     etank> Zuph: I agree. Does anyone else have anything more to add? If not I say we adjurn the meeting.
21:48 <  comfurtn> it is, in theory, a cost we can leave to the people receiving the computer.
21:49 <  Contrast> Agreed. I'm not talking about in-depth interaction through e-mail, just something as simple as, "If you or anyone you know has a computer they're not using, let them know about our charity event."
21:49 <    |{evin> Advocate Messenger in Danville had a bunch they were looking to get rid of
21:49 <  Contrast> I don't like the idea of that, personally.
21:49 <      Zuph> comfurtn: I'd rather be able to provide these people complete systems, even if it has a crappy yellowed monitor that's older than some of our members.
21:49 <  Contrast> Leaving the monitors to the user, I mean.
21:49 <  comfurtn> i agree... i didn't say i supported the idea.
21:50 <   jkeyes0> we could always check goodwill. usually they have some smaller monitors from 5-15$
21:50 <  Contrast> Cool. :-D
21:50 <     etank> Contrast: i agree. i think that we need to give them a complete system
21:50 <      Zuph> CRTs shouldn't be terribly hard to find, anyway.
21:50 <      Zuph> I mean, I'll front cash for a $10 monitor if need be
21:50              <   zenwhen!n=troy@ubuntu/member/zenwhen [Client Quit]
21:50 <      Zuph> Maybe not the cash for 60 such monitors, but you guys get the idea.
21:50 <  comfurtn> just checking... they're hard to come by in little towns like west liberty, though.
21:50 <   jkeyes0> I'll check my local goodwill (and if I can make it down there, I'll check the georgetown one as well). I can pick up several if they have them.
21:50              >>> zenwhen!n=troy@74-140-154-82.dhcp.insightbb.com
21:51 <  Contrast> I'll save you the trip to Georgetown, jkeyes0. :)
21:51 <     etank> wb zenwhen 
21:51              <   zenwhen!n=troy@ubuntu/member/zenwhen [Client Quit]
21:51 <   jkeyes0> very nice, thanks Contrast!
21:51 <  Contrast> I'm literally two minutes from Goodwill.
21:51 <   jkeyes0> I went to g-town college a few years ago
21:51              >>> zenwhen!n=troy@74-140-154-82.dhcp.insightbb.com
21:52 <  Contrast> What year?
21:52 <   jkeyes0> 2000-2003 (december)
21:52 <    |{evin> My brother in law works for a certain auto place there... maybe they have some to ditch :)
21:52 <  Contrast> Oh ok.
21:53 <     etank> Is everyone up for adjurning the meeting? I think we got a lot covered tonight.
21:53 <   jkeyes0> sounds good
21:53 <  comfurtn> +1
21:53 <  Contrast> Agreed
21:53 <    |{evin> ++
21:54 <      Zuph> aye.
21:54 <     etank> great. I will post the logs on the wiki and link them on the **New Site** 
21:54 <   jkeyes0> thanks, etank

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