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20:01 <     etank> hola all
20:01 <     etank> you guys ready for a meeting?
20:02 <  venomous> fire it up!
20:02 <     etank> @startmeeting
20:02 < Ubuntu-Ky> Meeting started at 20:01. The chair is etank.
20:02 < Ubuntu-Ky> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
20:02 < Ubuntu-Ky> Please announce yourself with [PRESENT] if you are participating in the meeting.
20:03 <     etank> topic list is available @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KentuckyTeam/Meetings/2007July05
20:03 <     etank> first on the list is:
20:03 <     etank> [TOPIC] Blogging is enabled on the team site
20:03 < Ubuntu-Ky> New Topic:  Blogging is enabled on the team site 
20:04 <     etank> if any of you would like to start making posts on the team site that are Ubuntu specific
20:04 <     etank> please let me know
20:04 <       klb> [present]
20:04 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: klb" 
20:04 <     etank> i have set up some different roles
20:04 <     etank> if you are interested then i will add you to the "Team Member" role
20:05 <  venomous> [present]
20:05 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: venomous" 
20:05 <     etank> that will give you the ability to have a blog on the site
20:05 <  comfurtn> [present]
20:05 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: comfurtn" 
20:06 <     etank> so far Koji has asked to be added to it
20:06 <     etank> any questions or interest?
20:06 <  venomous> honestly team, i've haven't even looked at the site in over two weeks.  too say i would be able to make any contribution that would be other than detrimental wouldn't be a fair statement.  been busy of late.
20:06 <  comfurtn> i'm already on it right?
20:07 <     etank> comfurtn: you have an account on the site
20:07 <  comfurtn> k.
20:07 <     etank> but i would need to add you to the role to allow the blog feature
20:07 <  venomous> s/toot/to
20:07 <     etank> i have also made it so that new accounts have to be authorized
20:08              >>> montgoej!n=jordan@unaffiliated/montgoej
20:08 <     etank> the reason for the seperate role is because before now anyone could create an account
20:08 <     etank> without authorization first
20:08 <     etank> i did not want just anyone posting content on the site
20:08 <  comfurtn> ah, okay. i would like to be added then.
20:08 <     etank> the only thing the new role adds is the blogging stuff
20:09 <  montgoej> sorry I'm late
20:09 <     etank> comfurtn: just checked and you already are after all :)
20:09 <     etank> np montgoej 
20:10 <     etank> we are discussing the blogging feature of the team site
20:10 <  montgoej> ok
20:10 <     etank> another thing that we could do is setup a planet of our own for those that already have blogs
20:10 <     etank> if that is something that there is interest for
20:11 <  montgoej> I like the idea
20:11 <     etank> the blogging or the planet?
20:11 <  montgoej> I have a blog, I just don't blog much because there aren't too many people who even see my blog
20:11 <  montgoej> planet
20:11 <     etank> cool
20:12 <     etank> it is something that we can look at doing soon then
20:12              etank has never setup a planet before
20:12 <     etank> any other discussion on this topic?
20:13 <     etank> next topic then:
20:13 <     etank> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Live Online party.
20:13 < Ubuntu-Ky> New Topic:  Ubuntu Live Online party. 
20:13 <       klb> I hate the word "blog"
20:14 <     etank> there was some discussion in the #ubuntu-us channel for having an online party during Ubuntu Live for those that can not go to the real thing
20:14 <  comfurtn> i good idea.
20:14 <  comfurtn> *a good idea.
20:14 <  comfurtn> :p
20:14              montgoej agrees with comfurtn
20:14 <     etank> even if other teams do not do anything during this time i think that it would be a good chance for us to get together
20:14 <     etank> and do something
20:14 <  venomous> +!
20:14 <     etank> even if it is just to hang out some
20:15 <  venomous> +1
20:15 <     etank> of course we could all go into #ubuntu-us and try to stir up some other teams to do the same
20:15 <     etank> the dates are July 22 - 24 i think
20:16 <  comfurtn> sunday through tuesday?
20:16 <     etank> someone had mentioned meeting IRL and then having some stuff in IRC too
20:16 <  montgoej> sounds good to me, I should be free those days
20:17 <     etank> http://www.ubuntulive.com/
20:18 <     etank> it would be cool to have people doing "talks" in irc
20:18 <     etank> maybe about the stuff that their teams are doing or something
20:19 <     etank> but it would take more than just our team to get something that big setup 
20:19 <  montgoej> we could setup a room where people could be doing walkthroughs of different things such as installing eyecandy, etc. with multiple teams
20:19 <  montgoej> have stuff going all day
20:19 <     etank> kind of like what happens in #ubuntu-classroom
20:20 <     etank> i like that idea montgoej 
20:20 <  montgoej> yeah, just have people agree to a certain time and to do a certain topic
20:20 <     etank> time is starting to get short for some planning though
20:21 <  montgoej> we could probably pull something together quickly if we have people that are 100
20:21 <  montgoej> *100% certain
20:21 <     etank> start poking some in the us channel and see what you can come up with :)
20:22 <  montgoej> ok
20:22 <     etank> the person (Zelut) that first had the idea is now actually going to be at the live event
20:22 <     etank> he may be good one to talk to for ideas and such
20:23 <     etank> any other thoughts?
20:23 <     etank> good job montgoej :)
20:23 <  montgoej> thanks
20:25 <     etank> ok then to the next topic:
20:25 <     etank> [TOPIC] Planning for the next install fest and release party.
20:25 < Ubuntu-Ky> New Topic:  Planning for the next install fest and release party. 
20:26 <     etank> before we talked about doing an install fest in august or september
20:26 <     etank> it would probably be a good idea to get some ideas rolling now
20:26 <     etank> so that we have a good idea of all the stuff that we want to do
20:26 <     etank> and where
20:27 <  montgoej> why not have a poll in the forums as to where>
20:27 <  montgoej> I meant a ? instead of a >
20:28 <     etank> we could do it at UK again
20:28 <  comfurtn> i'll be at UK by that time.
20:28 <     etank> or i have a friend that is a teacher who can get us access to the school where he teaches
20:30 <     etank> last time we had a pretty good turn out
20:30 <     etank> but most of those were members
20:30 <  montgoej> I think if we get it planned out well in advance this time we could get a greater turn out
20:30 <     etank> we may want to think of a better way of getting the word out 
20:31 <  montgoej> hmm...
20:31 <     etank> a few (very few) of us hung flyers and stuff
20:31 <  montgoej> find a live news broadcast and run in front of the camera with a poster!
20:31 <     etank> that may have pulled in one person
20:32 <  comfurtn> lexington herald ad?
20:32 <  montgoej> mass emails, maybe something that our members can stick in their sigs to attract attention of other forum-goers
20:32 <     etank> we could use the forums, our site, blogging (sorry klb) , etc
20:33 <     etank> but what % of the forum people are going to be local enough to attend
20:33 <  montgoej> I may be able to put something up at work if I get this job, they use Linux on their server and probably wouldn't mind me putting something up
20:33 <     etank> cool
20:33 <     etank> for those that were there last time:
20:33 <  montgoej> well, it's better than nothing...think of how many people that are in KY haven't joined the team simply because they haven't seen it
20:34 <  montgoej> the loco forums aren't on the front page anymore :(
20:34 <     etank> try to think of what we did and what worked, kinda worked, and did not work at all
20:34 <     etank> and maybe some new ideas of stuff that we can try to make work
20:35 <     etank> i think that the presentation that i did was useless
20:35 <     etank> since most of the people there were already linux users
20:36 <  venomous> lag is killing me...try coming in again..
20:36 <     etank> venomous: where did it cut out?
20:36 <  comfurtn> our first Install Fest wiki page is at /InstallFest... where should we put the new planning page?
20:37 <  venomous> last i got was ubuntulive.com
20:37 <  venomous> brb
20:37              <   venomous!i=ven0m0us@gateway/tor/x-80cfb2bfd0bf073e ["Leaving"]
20:37 <     etank> comfurtn: we could rename that page to InstallFest032007 or something
20:37 <     etank> and then reuse the current page for the new event
20:38 <  comfurtn> okay.
20:38 <     etank> same with the release party
20:38 <     etank> nevermind
20:38 <     etank> the release party is FeistyRelease or something like that
20:38 <     etank> so that one is ok already
20:39 <     etank> comfurtn: already on the job :)
20:40 <  comfurtn> so was i.
20:40 <  comfurtn> are we overlapping?
20:40 <     etank> i was commenting on what you were already doing
20:40 <     etank> good job
20:40 <  comfurtn> oh!
20:40 <  comfurtn> lol... thx.
20:41 <     etank> any thoughts on the Install Fest stuff?
20:41 <  montgoej> hmm...
20:41 <     etank> if not its fine
20:41 <  montgoej> I've got nothin...
20:42 <     etank> we have (some) time
20:42 <  comfurtn> okay, the planning page is up.
20:42 <  comfurtn> so we can work from there.
20:42 <     etank> thanks comfurtn 
20:42 <  comfurtn> np. ;)
20:42 <     etank> i will add some stuff to the team site about it later
20:43 <     etank> well that was all that was on the original agenda
20:43 <     etank> bkingx mentioned that we may want to discuss the charity machines though
20:44 <     etank> i have been playing with doing an Xubuntu install and then adding the edubuntu apps to it
20:44 <     etank> we can use the alternate CD for Xubuntu to do an OEM install
20:44 <  comfurtn> what type of system are we aiming to create on those machines?
20:44 <     etank> then we can make images of those installs
20:44 <  comfurtn> i notice that you're including edubuntu apps..
20:45 <     etank> in my mind we can do these for families that have school age children
20:45 <     etank> that can not afford a computer on their own
20:45 <     etank> but really need one for their childs school stuff
20:46 <  montgoej> I'm gonna try to compile an all-purpose stripped-down kernel later
20:46 <  montgoej> w/o stuff like Bluetooth, Ham Radio, etc. that these computers won't need
20:46              >>> venomous!i=ven0m0us@gateway/tor/x-8b060692923b878f
20:46 <     etank> that would be good
20:46 <  comfurtn> i have some experience on working with older machines, if something comes up.
20:47 <     etank> venomous: i can fill you in later on what you have missed
20:47 <  comfurtn> i currently have two computers with ubuntu.. one 350 and one 500 mhz.
20:47 <     etank> the idea would be for us to get together one day and work on getting them all set up
20:47 <  venomous> more than a little worthy of aggravation...
20:47 <  montgoej> I have an older one running Xubuntu, 450 mhz
20:47 <     etank> we have 60 machines 
20:48 <  montgoej> I've also got monitors, although at least 1 or 2 have a bit of burn-in
20:48 <  montgoej> stupid windows 2000 screen...
20:48 <     etank> it will take a little time and some (wo)man power to get it all done
20:48 <  comfurtn> I'm updating the wiki as we discuss.
20:48 <  comfurtn> so 60 computers... how many monitors?
20:48 <  montgoej> 11
20:49 <     etank> about that many
20:49 <  montgoej> I have 11 at least
20:49 <     etank> some or probably bad though
20:49 <     etank> of what we have we may have about 30 - 40 fully working systems
20:49 <  montgoej> yeah, I know one is so burnt in that it clearly shows up with the monitor off
20:49 <     etank> we just need to test them
20:50 <  comfurtn> i would be interested in helping with that.
20:50 <     etank> we can use all the help we can get
20:50 <  montgoej> I can help with that, not sure when yet though
20:50 <     etank> that and we need to figure out a good date to do it
20:51 <     etank> half of the machines are in Louisville and the other half are in Lexington
20:51 <  montgoej> and the monitors(that I have) are in a storage building in Lincoln county
20:51 <  montgoej> in a big box!
20:51 < Ubuntu-Ky> [Planet Ubuntu] Martin Albisetti: New Laptop, System76 rocks - http://beuno.com.ar/archives/29
20:52 <  comfurtn> are we still keeping the idea of having a wikipedia mirror?
20:52 <  comfurtn> (i'm looking over the wiki todo list trying to update it)
20:52 <     etank> comfurtn: there has been no discussion of it latley
20:52 <     etank> so i would say no
20:53 <  montgoej> that would be good, but it's around 10 gigs and it wouldn't surprise me if the machines didn't have enough space on the hard drives
20:53 <  comfurtn> k. i would also.. thats a lot of space.
20:53 <  montgoej> I'd also say no
20:53 <     etank> oh wait
20:53 <     etank> you meant on the charity boxes
20:53 <     etank> my bad
20:54 <  comfurtn> etank: yes... where are we on that?
20:54 <  montgoej> lol
20:54 <     etank> if there would be enough space on the boxes then it would be a good idea
20:54 <     etank> we wont know if the new owners will have internet access and it would be helpful with homework and stuff
20:55 <     etank> but if it wont fit then we leave it out
20:56 <     etank> would it work to just set a date and then see who can make it and who can not
20:56              <   venomous!i=ven0m0us@gateway/tor/x-8b060692923b878f ["Leaving"]
20:57 <  comfurtn> etank: how about a mailing list thread on the date?
20:57 <     etank> we can do that too
20:57 <  comfurtn> that seems to reach more team members faster.
20:57 <     etank> yeah but it is very hard to gage a response
20:58 <     etank> we can give it a shot
20:59 <     etank> does anyone have anything else that they want to bring up or continue to discuss?
21:00 <     etank> if not then are we ready to close the meeting tonight?
21:00 <     etank> we will meet again in 2 weeks
21:00 <     etank> @endmeeting
21:00 < Ubuntu-Ky> Meeting finished at 20:59. Log is available at http://logs.buley.org/ubuntu-kentucky.20070705_2001.html
21:00 <     etank> logs will be online in a few minutes :)
21:01 <  comfurtn> sounds good.

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