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    • What can we do that we are not already doing?
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20:05 <     etank> @startmeeting
20:05 < Ubuntu-Ky> Meeting started at 20:04. The chair is etank.
20:05 < Ubuntu-Ky> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
20:05 < Ubuntu-Ky> Please announce yourself with [PRESENT] if you are participating in the meeting.
20:06 <     etank> ok we will get going now
20:06 <    bkingx> [PRESENT]
20:06 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: bkingx
20:06 <     etank> if you are participating in the meeting say [present]
20:06 <      X626> [PRESENT]
20:06 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: X626
20:07 < Koji-Mura> [present]
20:07 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: Koji-Murasame
20:07 <     etank> we are going to be trying out some new meeting tools with the Ubuntu-Ky bot tonight
20:07 <     etank> here we go
20:08 <    bkingx> Let's roll@
20:08 <     etank> [topic] The first topic for the night is our Sub-Teams
20:08 < Ubuntu-Ky> New Topic:  The first topic for the night is our Sub-Teams
20:08 <       klb> [PRSENT]
20:08 <       klb> [PReSENT]
20:08 < Ubuntu-Ky> PRESENT received: klb
20:08 <     etank> we have 4 or 5 sub teams established right now
20:09 <     etank> but how active are they at this time
20:09 <    bkingx> Not very.
20:09 <     etank> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KentuckyTeam/SubTeams
20:09 < Ubuntu-Ky> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KentuckyTeam/SubTeams
20:10              >>> montgoej!n=jordan@adsl-074-171-214-246.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net
20:10 <     etank> there are 3 for sure that we need to get going again.
20:10 <     etank> the wiki, web, and charity teams.
20:10              bkingx nods
20:10 <     etank> if you have any ideas of things we can do then us [idea] topic
20:11 <     etank> there are some things on the wiki that need to get cleaned up some.
20:12 <    bkingx> Yup
20:12 <     etank> for the web, if any of you are real good with drupal then it needs some help too
20:13 <     etank> and then there is the charity project
20:13 <     etank> we received ~60 machines a few weeks ago
20:13 <    bkingx> Zuph isn't here, but I think he has some ideas about that.
20:13 <     etank> we need to decide what is going to go on those boxes and get them set up
20:14 <     etank> i was contacted by someone who would really be interested in getting some of them i think
20:14 <     etank> Wayside Christian Mission Child Development Center located in Louisville and offer daycare services to the homeless children in the area. The serve 45 -50 children per day. They have only one PC for all of the kids to use. The ages of the children range from 6 months to kindergarten age.
20:15 <     etank> some of the kids there would be too small to work on the PC 
20:15 <  montgoej> if they're all about the same specs I'm willing to help compile a custom kernel, then we could lock the kernel package and it would go a lot faster
20:15 <     etank> but the older ones would really get some use out of them
20:15 <     etank> especially if we load the educational apps on them
20:16 <    bkingx> I would like to host a Clean and Load Party sometime.
20:16 <     etank> [idea] compile a custom kernel and lock the kernel package.
20:16 < Ubuntu-Ky> IDEA received:  compile a custom kernel and lock the kernel package.
20:16 <    bkingx> I have about 18 of the machines here that need some TLC
20:16 <     etank> [idea] host a Clean and Load Party sometime.
20:16 < Ubuntu-Ky> IDEA received:  host a Clean and Load Party sometime.
20:17 <     etank> would that organization be one the we would be willing to donate machines to?
20:17 <    bkingx> etank: the wiki that has the package lists....how complete is it?
20:17 <     etank> I am going to get a call on it tomorrow
20:18 <     etank> bkingx: i really just copied the educational stuff from the edubuntu site
20:18 <    bkingx> As much as I would like to give these things away, it seems that this age group may be a bit young.
20:19 <     etank> from experience, i have a preschooler and he spends quite a bit of time on the iMac we have
20:19 <     etank> mostly playing games
20:19 <     etank> for that age though we would really want to lock down the desktop so that they dont destroy all the settings and stuff.
20:20 <  montgoej> etank: I agree
20:20 <      X626> Honestly, I don't think they are too young.  A lot of younger kids seem to pick up how to do things easy.  I don't  think it would be a problem to give them some of the PCs.
20:20 <    bkingx> Locking down, agreed.  Age group, I think we need to think a bit more.
20:21 <     etank> think about the people that work there too
20:21 <    bkingx> But I'll go along with whatever we decide.
20:21 <     etank> they could use the PCs with the kids
20:21 <     etank> should we hold off on the idea until we get some of the machines done?
20:22 <    bkingx> Yeah...and see how they actually perform.
20:23              montgoej agrees
20:23 <     etank> the good thing is that if they are slow the kids would not know the difference
20:23 <    bkingx> LOL...true
20:23 <     etank> lets try the vote thing
20:23 <    bkingx> OK
20:23 <     etank> [vote] waiting until we have some of the machines built before deciding who they go to.
20:23 < Ubuntu-Ky> Please vote on:  waiting until we have some of the machines built before deciding who they go to..
20:24 <    bkingx> +1
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> +1 received from bkingx. 1 for, 0 against. Count is now 1
20:24 <     etank> +1
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> +1 received from etank. 2 for, 0 against. Count is now 2
20:24              montgoej +1
20:24 <      X626> +1
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> +1 received from X626. 3 for, 0 against. Count is now 3
20:24 <  montgoej> +1
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> +1 received from montgoej. 4 for, 0 against. Count is now 4
20:24 < Koji-Mura> +1
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> +1 received from Koji-Murasame. 5 for, 0 against. Count is now 5
20:24 <     etank> @voters
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> The following people have voted on  waiting until we have some of the machines built before deciding who they go to.
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> bkingx etank X626 montgoej Koji-Murasame
20:24 <       klb> +1
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> +1 received from klb. 6 for, 0 against. Count is now 6
20:24 <     etank> @endvote
20:24 < Ubuntu-Ky> Final result is 6 for, 0 against. Total: 6
20:25 <     etank> [agreed] we will wait then for now.
20:25 < Ubuntu-Ky> AGREED received:  we will wait then for now.
20:25 <  montgoej> this bot really is useful, when it's not fighting with the other one :)
20:25 < Koji-Mura> lol
20:25 <     etank> any ideas how to get those that agreed to be on a sub-team to actually be active again?
20:26 <       klb> montgoej, this one is one of the fighters
20:26 <    bkingx> That is a good question.
20:26 <    bkingx> So those that volunteered, how should we as a team make sure it is getting done?
20:27 <  montgoej> give those who are active cookies!
20:27 <    bkingx> YES!!!
20:27 <  montgoej> Ubuntu Cookies!
20:27 < Koji-Mura> +1 to cookies
20:28 <     etank> ubuntucookies is <reply> Yummy. Check these bad boys out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarCookies.
20:28 <     etank> ubuntucookies?
20:28 < Ubuntu-Ky> Yumetank's. Check these bad boys out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarCookies.
20:29 <     etank> ubuntucookies is <reply>  Check these bad boys out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarCookies.
20:29 <     etank> forget ubuntucookies
20:29 < Ubuntu-Ky> Ok etank
20:29 <     etank> ubuntucookies is <reply>  Check these bad boys out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarCookies.
20:29 < Koji-Mura> lol
20:29 <     etank> ubuntucookies?
20:29 < Ubuntu-Ky> Check these bad boys out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SugarCookies.
20:29 <     etank> nice
20:29 <     etank> any other ideas
20:29 <    bkingx> Would it make sense if the sub-team's leader became a bit more proactive?
20:29 <     etank> or would any of you want to do some wiki work?
20:30 <     etank> bkingx: it sure would
20:30 <    bkingx> Assigning tasks and whatnot.
20:30 < Koji-Mura> What needs done on the Wiki?
20:30 <     etank> Koji-Murasame: there is some (not much) out of date data there
20:30 <  montgoej> I could do some Wiki work, I'm still learning about editing the wiki so it'll give me some experience
20:30 <     etank> and it would be nice if we could make it look a little better
20:31 <     etank> montgoej: it isn't hard really
20:31 <  montgoej> no, I've just not done much yet
20:31 <  montgoej> really only my own page
20:31 <  montgoej> which I based off of a few other people's pages
20:31              etank did the same
20:32 < Koji-Mura> Well, I'm currently job hunting (still), but if I get some free time I'd be up for some spring cleaning
20:32 <     etank> cool
20:33 <  montgoej> last day of school is tomorrow so after that I'm open for most of the summer
20:33 <      X626> If I was decent at writing/had any idea about what to do, I'd help...but I don't think I could do very good on the wiki.
20:33 <     etank> just browse around on the wiki. If you see something that has the wrong wording or is out of date try to fix it.
20:33 <      X626> montgoej: Lucky.  We get out on June 6.
20:33 <     etank> X626: give it a try
20:33 <  montgoej> lol
20:33 <  montgoej> I'll be right back, sorry I gotta leave so much
20:33 <     etank> the good thing is that if you make a mistake it is easy to fix
20:33 < Koji-Mura> Well, I need to leave. I'll catch you all later.
20:34 <     etank> later guys
20:34 <    bkingx> Cya!
20:34              <   Koji-Murasame!n=nick@74-131-36-125.dhcp.insightbb.com []
20:34 <     etank> next topic
20:34 <     etank> [topic] Advocacy ideas
20:34 < Ubuntu-Ky> New Topic:  Advocacy ideas
20:35 <    bkingx> I'll work on getting the web page looking good.
20:35 <     etank> what are we doing as a team that we can do better at
20:35 <     etank> and then 
20:35 <     etank> What can we do that we are not already doing? 
20:36 <     etank> this goes both for bring people to the team and for getting the word out about Ubuntu
20:37              etank ques the crickets again
20:37 <      X626> I really don't know.  I've tried what all I could think of around herer, but no one is interested.
20:38              >>> Pat40503!n=patchad@74-131-211-12.dhcp.insightbb.com
20:38 <     etank> hello Pat40503 
20:39 <     etank> what about doing the demo at the book store bkingx 
20:39 <    bkingx> I think public events are good
20:40 <    bkingx> Maybe a booth at a festival or something.
20:40 <     etank> what kinds of public events
20:41 <     etank> did you see the mailing about a booth at the Ky state fair? 
20:41 <    bkingx> Like the book store, festivals, etc
20:41 <     etank> how would that go over
20:41 <    bkingx> No?  Might be good.
20:42 <    bkingx> I think giving away CD's, literature, and a raffle for a computer might work out good at one of the festivals.
20:42 <     etank> i've never been to the state fair so i have no idea what it is like
20:43 <     etank> we talked about doing another install fest
20:43 <     etank> did we ever set a date for that
20:43 <      X626> Sometime in September, I think.
20:43 <    bkingx> Maybe we could do something in the mall?  Partner up with a store?
20:44 <    bkingx> Just thinking out loud here.
20:44 <  montgoej> back
20:45 <    bkingx> I have some contacts with the organizers for relay for life.
20:46 <    bkingx> Might be a good place for a booth.
20:47 <  montgoej> some of the bigger book stores might be willing to let us do something if it could help sell some Linux books/magazines, etc.
20:48 <  montgoej> If we show someone beryl first, they'll probably be willing to watch the rest, at least from personal experience
20:48 <    bkingx> agreed
20:48 <    bkingx> Show something exciting and neat to pull them in.
20:48 <      X626> Yeah.  People seem to be very fascinated with Beryl.
20:48 <  montgoej> beryl gets people glued to the screen, then we can show them the stuff that seems more...normal
20:49 <     etank> well there is one bookstore here that has already mentioned us doing a demo
20:49 <  montgoej> which one is that?
20:50 <     etank> Half Priced Books
20:50 <  montgoej> ah
20:50 <  montgoej> Never been there myself, but they sound cool if they're willing to let us do a demo
20:50 <     etank> they had a tarrot card reader in there the day bkingx and I went
20:50 <  Pat40503> also some used book stores around too Black Swan Lexington
20:51 <  Pat40503> Glovers in Lexington too and some more
20:51 <     etank> what if we were to have some more IRL meetings
20:51 <     etank> i was in Cicis Pizza tonight 
20:51 <    bkingx> I think that would be good.
20:51 <     etank> dont they have free wifi
20:51              montgoej wants more IRL meetings
20:52 <  montgoej> and Cicis is good :)
20:52 <    bkingx> We can brainstorm some more.
20:52 <    bkingx> What??  They do in the one on Nicholasville.
20:52 <  montgoej> I'm not sure if I'd be able to come to the IRL meetings every time, but there's a good chance, at least this summer
20:52 <    bkingx> Nich Rd.
20:52 <     etank> that and we would have the chance to show people what Ubuntu is if we are out in public
20:53 <  montgoej> if we do more IRL meetings, we need a "secretary" who can pass on the ideas to the IRC channel for those who can't be there
20:53 <    bkingx> Agreed!  Bring some laptops and how them off.
20:53 <     etank> bkingx: what do you mean
20:53 <     etank> i was asking if they have wifi
20:53 <     etank> i didnt mean that they dont have it
20:54 <  montgoej> I've got Beryl and all on my laptop now too
20:54 <    bkingx> Oh...I read it as they didn't have it.
20:54 <    bkingx> Sorry
20:54 <    bkingx> Panera would be a good one too.
20:54 <    bkingx> OH...and Lexington Green, right outside the bookstore on the lower level.
20:55 <     etank> we need to think of place to meet outside of Lex too
20:56 <     etank> Da'Ville, Harrodsburgh, etc
20:56 <    bkingx> Frankfort?  G-town?
20:56 <     etank> there you go
20:56 <    bkingx> Someplace central.
20:56 <  montgoej> Danville...harrodsburg is good :)
20:56              bkingx bets he has to give etank a ride!
20:56 <     etank> i bet we would even be able to get klb out in the sun if it were closer to him
20:56 <  montgoej> Frankfort is nice and close too
20:56 <    DJTrey> bowling green
20:56 <       klb> hmm
20:56 <    bkingx> LOL, DJTrey
20:57 <  montgoej> Cincinnati!
20:57              etank is wondering if montgoej is really with the Ohio team after that.
20:57 <  montgoej> lol
20:57 <    bkingx> :0
20:57 <  montgoej> everyone threw out ideas, I thought I'd throw one out too
20:57 <    bkingx> So lets pencil in about eary June then
20:58 <     etank> what if we were to try to have an IRL once a month
20:58 <  montgoej> sounds good
20:58 <    bkingx> We can hammer a date in the next few IRC meetings.
20:58 <  montgoej> I've gotta go(for real this time...hopefully once I'm out for summer I'll actually be able to stay here longer)
20:58 <     etank> bkingx: if we get enough members in the IRC meeting
20:58 <  montgoej> see ya
20:58              <   montgoej!n=jordan@adsl-074-171-214-246.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net ["Leaving"]
20:59 <    bkingx> No doubt.
21:00 <     etank> that is the hardest part for me
21:00 <     etank> trying to get more of the members involved
21:00 <      X626> Yeah, I'd say it is.  I wonder why so many aren't active.
21:00 <    bkingx> Summer will tend to slow down, for sure.
21:01 <    bkingx> It will pick back up in the Fall.
21:01 <  Pat40503> What is an IRL meeting? Just a guess a Live meeting with people?
21:01 <     etank> IRL = In Real Life
21:01 <    bkingx> But we can use this time to do some work.
21:01 <    bkingx> Wiki, Web etc.
21:02 <       klb> I really am a real person, too
21:02 <     etank> no he isnt
21:03 <     etank> he is a machine
21:03 <     etank> any other topics for tonight?
21:03 <       klb> actually... I just sent a hologram to Frankfort
21:03 <     etank> pretty convincing
21:03              >>> Zuph!n=Brad@74-138-203-144.dhcp.insightbb.com
21:03 <     etank> any other topics for tonight?
21:04 <    bkingx> Nope...guess that is it.
21:04 <     etank> hi Zuph 
21:04 <     etank> @endmeeting
21:04 < Ubuntu-Ky> Meeting finished at 21:02. Log is available at http://logs.buley.org/ubuntu-kentucky.20070517_2004.html

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