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    Ubuntu Release Party for Hardy


21:02 <     etank> alright lets get this thing going
21:02 < awalton__> etter turn off eveything then
21:02 <     etank> has everyone seen the news about KY Trade?
21:02 <   jkeyes0> yep. very exciting
21:02 <  Condoulo> About selling Ubuntu boxes? If so, then yeah. :)
21:02 < awalton__> somewhat, someone want to clarify it?
21:03 <     etank> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=734588
21:03 < awalton__> a-ha
21:03 <     etank> basically JarG0n went in there and started discussing that they should sell ubuntu pre-installed
21:03 < awalton__> nice
21:03 <     etank> the owner said that he was actually thinking about it already
21:03 <     etank> and that 3 others came in asking the same thing
21:04 <     etank> so the question is how can this benefit us 
21:04 < awalton__> very nice
21:04 <     etank> and we benefit them
21:04 <     etank> to start is that we can be a body of local support for new users
21:04 <     etank> he has offered to post a flyer for the LoCo / BGLUG
21:05 <     etank> so this could really help the team grow
21:05 <     etank> and also spread linux to the area
21:05 <     etank> what are some ideas that the rest of you have about this
21:06 <    bkingx> I'm going to play the pessimistic role for a sec.
21:06 < awalton__> all of that sounds really good to me. we could probably spin a custom disk for them that will point them to regional help (i.e. us)
21:07 <     etank> awalton__: yeah i have done some playing with OEM setups
21:07 <     etank> it really isnt that hard to do the basic stuff
21:07 <    bkingx> We have to assume that Freddy is not necessarily wanting us to be the support staff for his customers.
21:08 <    bkingx> And that he is going to be promoting to those customers that specifically ask for it, not pushing it to his clients.
21:08 <    bkingx> So that part of the job is still up to us.
21:09 <    bkingx> And although it is nice he will put up a flyer in his shop, who is actually going to see that?  We would be much better off putting up flyers in the computers labs, engineering labs, The CS labs, etc.
21:09 <     etank> i agree
21:10 <     etank> but it is still a good start
21:10 < awalton__> every bit helps
21:10 <     etank> true dat
21:10 <    bkingx> sure...just had to play that role for a min.
21:10 <    bkingx> Now, outside of that, I am really excited!
21:11 <    bkingx> I think we can engage Freddy to help us with a lot of stuff.  Money mostly.  Like sponsorships for release fests or install fests.
21:11 <     etank> it would be cool if he and the company could help us get a big linux fest going here :)
21:12 <    bkingx> Yup!  Just what I was thinking!
21:12 <       klb> Derby City Linux Festival
21:12 <    bkingx> He's a small fish, but it is a good place to start.
21:12 <     etank> klb: when and where is that
21:12 <    bkingx> Thoroughbred Linux Festival.
21:12 <       klb> Whenever we create it
21:12 <     etank> klb: i see
21:13 < awalton__> thoroughbred linux festival sounds awesome
21:13 <     etank> i have been wanting to figure out a way to get something like that going for a while
21:14 <     etank> with the plan being that it be 6 months after / before OLF
21:14 <       klb> maybe in a few version we can name a release "Thunderous Thoroughbred"?
21:14 <  Condoulo> I'd love to have an event in Louisville eventually... would be a bit more convincing to my Dad.
21:14 <       klb> That's why I said "Derby City" :)
21:14 <    bkingx> LOL... etank , we can't even get 20 people tp show up for a meeting!
21:14 <     etank> i would be fine with it being in Da'Ville
21:15 <     etank> the down side is that according to the OLF guys it costs them $50,000 / year
21:15 <    bkingx> Yeah, that part is scary!
21:15 <     etank> that is why they have to have so many sponsers
21:15 < awalton__> quite a bit of cash... we'd have to do some serious fundraising.
21:15 <   swalter> it probably didn't cost them that much for the first one.  it has grown considerably
21:15 <     etank> sponsors
21:15 < awalton__> anyone got a killer cookie recipe ;)
21:15              swalter makes excellent cheesecake
21:15 <       klb> death by chocolate.
21:16 <     etank> swalter: that you do
21:16 <    bkingx> Special Brownies!
21:16 <  Condoulo> umm.... I'm eating brownies my Mom Made. lol.
21:16 <     etank> we would really need to have support from local companies to pull this off
21:17 <   swalter> does extreme software use linux?
21:17 <     etank> so that is where KY Trade could come it
21:17 <   swalter> exstream, whatever
21:17 <     etank> swalter: i think they might
21:17 <     etank> it would be cool if Lexmark could help :)
21:17 <   swalter> they were really good about sponsoring the UK-ACM programming contest
21:17 < awalton__> that's what I was going to say
21:17 <   swalter> they bought us like 4 Xbox 360s and 4 iPod nanos
21:18 <     etank> ok. for the sake of swalter battery .. lets move on to the next topic
21:18 < awalton__> they've probably got a few bucks they could lend, 'specially for a big lexmark banner
21:18 <     etank> the Release Party
21:18 <  Condoulo> woot!
21:18 < awalton__> one month and counting.. gotta get the word out!
21:19 <    bkingx> And IBM was a gold sponsor for OLF.
21:19 <   swalter> cool, cool
21:19 <     etank> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ky/2008-March/000180.html  <-- details
21:19 <    bkingx> swalter: how about some cheescake?
21:19 <   swalter> I should be able to get at least 2 people from lxk to come
21:19 <   swalter> and I can bring some cheesecake
21:19 <    bkingx> YEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
21:20 <     etank> I still have some books from the last install fest that we could give as door prizes at the party
21:20 <     etank> to try to get more people to come
21:20 < awalton__> mm.
21:20 <  Condoulo> I can try to come..... but convincing my Dad to drive me all the way to Lexington would be a task.
21:21 <     etank> any questions about the party?
21:21 <    bkingx> Hitch a ride with Zuph
21:22 <   swalter> how big is the Woodland Christian Church?
21:22 <     etank> jcarpenter would like to see us do the some presentations
21:22 <     etank> no idea awalton__ 
21:22 < awalton__> :p
21:23 <     etank> http://www.woodlandchristianchurch.org/
21:23 <     etank> i was hoping to see a pic of the church there
21:23 <     etank> oh well
21:23 <     etank> well if there are now questions about that ....
21:23 < awalton__> superlongdomainname.mobi
21:24 <     etank> klb: did you hear any more from the guy who would like us to come do a talk?
21:24 <   swalter> what kinds of presentations?
21:25 <     etank> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ky/2008-March/000172.html  <-- swalter 
21:25 <       klb> Scott? No. I think the last I saw was the message you posted back to the list
21:25 <     etank> klb: ok
21:25 <       klb> but... then again, I'm not even sure what day it is right now
21:25 <     etank> i think that it would be fun to help him out if he is still interested
21:25 < awalton__> swalter, I think just "welcome to ubuntu" and that kind of thing. I said I could do a "Introduction to Nautilus 2.22 and GVFS" thing, if anyone's interested.
21:25 <     etank> > * Presentations - (by those willing)
21:25 <     etank> > - an Ubuntu 101 overview
21:25 <     etank> > - Why Linux? (GNU/Linux)
21:25 <     etank> > - a document exchange HowTo with OpenOffice.org
21:25 <     etank> > - Ubuntu in a Non-Profit organization
21:25 <     ubot3> etank: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: not well-formed (invalid token): line 384, column 84
21:25 <     etank> shut up ubot3 
21:28 <     etank> well that is really all i have tonight
21:28 <     etank> anyone have anything else to add?
21:28 <     etank> JarG0n: if you are here then speak up :)
21:30              <   X626!n=X626@host-216-78-83-26.bgk.bellsouth.net ["Leaving"]
21:31 < awalton__> anybody? bueller?
21:31 <   swalter> the cake is a lie!
21:32 <     etank> anyone good at graphics?
21:32 <     etank> we need to get the flyer for KY Trade done up
21:32 <     etank> that has info for the LoCo and BGLUG
21:32 < awalton__> that's probably one we should ask the mailing list for help with
21:33 < awalton__> and hey, the foresight page doesn't look bad, maybe you can do some etank ;)
21:33 < awalton__> muahaha.
21:34 <     etank> awalton__: haha  ha
21:34 <     etank> not funny
21:35 <     etank> i suck at that stuff
21:35 < awalton__> know the feeling...
21:37 <     etank>  jcarpenter did a good job on the flyer for the release party
21:37 <     etank> maybe we could bribe him
21:38              >>> mngrif!n=upirc@68-30-74-126.area4.spcsdns.net
21:38 < awalton__> worth a shot
21:38 <    bkingx> howdy mngrif
21:38 <    mngrif> yohey
21:38 <     etank> welcome mngrif 
21:39 <     etank> awalton__: the hard part is catching him online
21:39 <  Condoulo> hello mngrif
21:39 <    mngrif> did I miss the fun or is it ongoing?
21:39 <  Condoulo> the meeting is still going on.
21:39 <  Condoulo> from my understanding
21:39 <     etank> for now at least :)
21:40 <     etank> mngrif: we have been discussing the upcoming Release Party 
21:40 <     etank> and also the news that KY Trade is looking to sell ubuntu pre-installed
21:41 <    mngrif> I figure as much.
21:42 <     etank> bkingx: am i missing anything so far?
21:42 <    mngrif> personally i've never had anything good from KY Trade, but if it's good for linux.... besides, isn't the only problem with them selling linux preinstalled to be had between them and M$?
21:42 <    bkingx> That's about it.
21:43 <     etank> mngrif: the idea is that they can doo the dell thing and sell the canonical support package too
21:44 <     etank> the idea for us would be that if it were to sell then we could get more members
21:44 <   swalter> my battery light is blinking
21:44 <    bkingx> mngrif: playing devil's advocate earlier, I was mentioning the same thing.
21:45 < awalton__> more members for us, better support for them.
21:45 <     etank> swalter: plug it in plug it in
21:45 < awalton__> I think it's a win/win relationship.
21:45 <    bkingx> etank: was that a Glade Commercial?
21:45 <   swalter> no charger!
21:45 <  Condoulo> yup. :) As long as we don't include the dows behind the win.
21:45 <     etank> more members measn that maybe we can actually get more than 5 or so at a meeting
21:45 <   swalter> left it at work
21:45 <     etank> swalter: not good
21:45 <    bkingx> mngrif: we also hope to gain monetary support and sponsorship as well.
21:46 <     etank> the real hopes are to get a linux fest running here
21:46 <     etank> a big one
21:46 <     etank> that pulls people from other states to come to it
21:46 <    bkingx> etank: I think that is YOUR pipe dream!  LOL
21:47 <    mngrif> I seriously doubt they will donate anything aside from *maybe* space. they do charge $20 for a case fan yaknow...
21:47 < awalton__> well this is a UNIX, and we are on the internet.
21:47 < awalton__> pipes x 2.
21:47 <    bkingx> mngrif: You are new blood....what are your thoughts / expectations / goals, etc?
21:48              awalton__ fails at series of tubes, must be really tired.
21:48 <    mngrif> lol, I've been with ky ubuntu for a long while, just always out of town when something happens
21:48 <    bkingx> LOL...well there you go!!
21:48 <    bkingx> Glad you made it tonight.
21:49 <    mngrif> the goal of any LUG is to support it's members. right?
21:49 <     etank> yup
21:49 <    bkingx> Yuppers!
21:49 <  Condoulo> Yuo
21:49 <  Condoulo> *yup
21:49 <    bkingx> And with merging with LPLUG, I think we are on the way to a good solid core / foundation to build from.
21:50 <    mngrif> so, is that happening, and how can it be done better?
21:50 <    mngrif> (sorry guys, I'm on my palm and sprint's lag makes snipers cry)
21:51 <    bkingx> It is.  We are running into a few roadblocks, but we should have a new website up soon.
21:52 <    mngrif> < sysamin
21:52 <     etank> yup
21:53 <    mngrif> LPLUG = Louisville peoples?
21:53 <    bkingx> Lexington Professional LUG
21:54 <     etank> they are merging with BGLUG
21:54 <     etank> BlueGrass LUG
21:54              bkingx nods
21:55 <    mngrif> so still lexington-area? ($3/gal is a lot when you're already picking between 750GB and decent food)
21:56 <     etank> Lexington is the venter
21:56 <     etank> s/venter/center/
21:57 <    mngrif> depends on the market. distance plays heavily into any suggestions from this youngblood :P
21:57 <    JarG0n> ..
21:57 <    bkingx> ^^^^^^ Man of many words
21:59 <    mngrif> a merger might not be in order since there will be power struggles. 'associations' and just making the mailing lists and forums known is what will really matter. the goal is to support, after all.
21:59 <     etank> mngrif: we already had meetings about it
21:59 <     etank> both teams are in agreement
21:59 <    mngrif> and the consensus?
21:59 <    bkingx> right...we hashed out the diffs and found out we are both on the same page.
22:00 <    mngrif> rock on!
22:00 <   jkeyes0> no real power struggle. no one wants to lead entirely, so it became sort of a committee.
22:00 <    bkingx> While the focus of LPLUG has been more for the business users, BGLUG has become mostly hobby.
22:00 <    JarG0n> sorry I missed it guys
22:01 <    bkingx> So the merger of the two will build a big support group for Central KY
22:01 <    bkingx> And cover many aspects.
22:01 <    bkingx> We'll have MythTV guys and some to help build Spam Blockers.
22:02 <    bkingx> It will be a good crosscut of a lot of things.
22:03 <    bkingx> And our plans are to have monthly lunch meetings that can focus on the business needs.
22:03              <   swalter!n=swalter@CPE-76-177-32-143.natcky.res.rr.com [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:04 <     etank> if we can ever get it going
22:05 <    bkingx> lol...it will.
22:05 <    bkingx> We will start seeing progress on the front line in the next few weeks.
22:06 <     etank> i sure hope so
22:09 <    bkingx> That's all I have for tonight.  Anyone else?
22:10 <   jkeyes0> I'd just like to mention that I hate windows vista again (I had a moment of weakness, but microsoft officially killed it for me)
22:11 <    bkingx> AMEN!!!!!
22:13 <     etank> nope im done

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