The Ubuntu Kernel has a very large number of reported bugs, far more than can possibly be handled. This document attempts to indicate where and why the Ubuntu Kernel Team focuses its efforts.

Focus Areas

The Ubuntu Kernel Team is focused in three main areas:

  1. security vunerabilities and exposures
  2. stable kernel regressions
  3. development kernel bugs

Security Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Security vunerabilities and exposures in the Ubuntu Kernel are handled firstly by the Ubuntu security team. Issues with the Ubuntu Kernel are translated into bugs against the kernel. These are are high priority bugs for the Ubuntu Kernel Stable Team. These bugs are identified as below:

  1. tagged kernel-cve-tracker

Stable Kernel Regressions

Stable updates for the Ubuntu kernel are produced in by the Ubuntu Kernel Stable Team. They collate incoming stable updates and fixes for bugs found in the stable series. These are then batched up and kernels are pushed into -proposed for testing. Testing both by early adopters and by the dedicated QA resources then validates those kernels. Once they have been validated in QA they will then pass into -updates for general consumption. Bugs introduced by these updates are seen as a significant problem and therefore a focus for the stable team. There are three places/ways bugs can be found:

  1. verification-failed -- verification of the update as a whole failed testing, or the fix for a specific bug failed to fix the issue,
  2. regression-proposed -- something that used to work no longer does, spotted while the kernel is still in the -proposed pocket, and
  3. regression-updates -- something that used to work no longer does, spotted onced the kernel hits the masses

verification-failed and verification-proposed bugs are of highest severity as they prevent release of the kernel and it must be fixed and re-tested before release.

regression-updates bugs are potentially of very high impact as they have made it out to the greatest number of users.

These bugs are idenfied as below:

  1. tagged verification-failed
  2. tagged regression-proposed
  3. tagged regression-updates

Development Kernel Bugs

The next development release is owned and driven by the Ubuntu Kernel Development Team. They are responsible for getting the latest mainline kernels integrated into Ubuntu and for maintaining the quality of it. They are interested in all bugs which appear in the development release. During development apport is enabled aiding their reporting. These are identified as below:

  1. tagged oneiric (currently)

Focus Bugs

Within each focus area we are focused on those bugs with the most severe symptoms or those affecting the highest number of people (ie those in common hardware).

As bugs are reported they will go through primary bug triage, which should lead to the basic information required for a developer being supplied and attached to the bug. The bug will the be marked Confirmed.

We are therefore focused on bugs in the Areas identified above which are in the confirmed state.

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