Release Meeting Bugs

All of these bugs are milestoned to Ubuntu karmic-updates' or are believed fixed.

  • 290153: Fails to find boot device in Intel D945Gnt

    • Un-milestoned for karmic: requesting testing with karmic final.

  • 435917: BUG: scheduling while atomic: swapper - using ppp [kernel 2.6.31-10.35-generic]

    • Slow Progress: testing with latest kernel still exhibits, needs testing upstream.

  • 423767: please enable rt3070sta in the imx51 kernel

    • Slow Progress: waiting on firmware being sorted for arm

  • 431963: io/fs errors when launching gdm on imx51 with sata

    • Slow Progress: we now have the hardware required to test and can reproduce this issue

  • 450940: Regression in linux-mvl-dove 207 and later causes Y0 boards to hang seconds after booting

    • Fixed: we believe that this is triggered by a bootrom/kernel interaction, bootrom needing update to boot. May need a release note.

RC Milestoned bugs

Release-targeted bugs

Milestoned features






Find ways to better handle bugs on the kernel

Beta Available Arsenal under development


Work thru various scripts to enable the kernel team to prioritize work flow based on the data contained in the HW DB

Good Progress scripts are now being made available centrally


Reviewing the Karmic Kernel config to ensure we remove old and deprecated options and enable new options. Additionally we will make sure we review all the existing options to ensure we don't introduce regressions.

Complete options updated and reviewed, a number of shared options made common.


KMS In the Ubuntu Kernel

Complete KMS for Intel i915 enabled by default userspace drivers are KMS enabled, testing so far is good, Intel is basically complete. KMS for ATI Radeon is partially available but not of sufficient quality in 2.6.31 to enable for release. Nouveau did not make Karmic kernel so KMS is not an option for Nvidia at this time. Complete.


How can we use the newer post LTS release kernels on the older LTS.

Good Progress Created Hardy branch in Jaunty repo, built in Hardy chroot (without makedumpfile). Binary packages available for testing in a PPA


Review all non-upstreamed code to see if it is worth carrying in the Ubuntu kernel tree.

Complete a number of non-functional drivers removed, a number of drivers fixed or updated, review of the remainder underway. Final reviews done, a couple of drivers remain to be updated the remainder are disabled and slated to be removed at Beta. Updates applied for one of the remaining drivers, one remains.


Review the current relaxed SRU policy for the kernel to see if its working or should we revert back to the "SRU" policy

Complete see the Summarized new policy section of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/SRUPolicyReveiw


Including the Android kernel code into the Ubuntu Kernel

Deferred. Preliminary repositories pushed to kernel.ubuntu.com. Awaiting resource availability


Kernel Version, kernel items to be on by default...

Complete Kernel will be 2.6.31. Configuration review will occur under the karmic-kernel-config-review.


Are there any drivers from the upstream /staging tree that would could dedicate some resource on to make the Ubuntu experience better?

Deferred awaiting resource availability


Can we detect and autotune SSDs better for Karmic?

Complete There are two main recommendations from this work, first that we use ext4 (which is now default), and second that we align partitions on 128KB boundaries by default. Also ATA TRIM will be beneficial, kernel work is already ongoing upstream so no action required.


Make suspend/resume better

Started apport test suite constructed and slated for testing in Atlanta. Also targetting these bugs at the next Kernel Team Bug Day


Improve wifi in Karmic

Started. rfkill has been completely rewritten for 2.6.31, but it still has some bugs. The acpi-support package is dependent on rfkill, which does not work correctly as of 2.6.31-rc4. Apport hooks needed for 'wifi'


Push the limits of PM in the karmic kernel

Deferred awaiting resource availability


What flavors will we support in Karmic

Complete i386 generic, generic-pae, virtual; amd64 generic, server, virtual; armel imx51 -- uploaded in 2.6.30-10.12


The kernel configuration is currently entirely independent between architectures. This makes it easy to fail to carry changes say for security improvements over to all of the architectures. It would be better to have a more sophisticated mechanism for specifying the config. We should evaluate the config overrides system used in debian at least.

Complete -- we now have a cross arch common config, plus a separate common config for all ports architectures.

Other Release Tasks/Dependencies





Apparmor for Karmic, Upstream AppArmor

In Progress. AppArmor isn't going to make the 2.6.31 merge window. The AA team was attempting to implement some new features beyond those that existed in Jaunty which were causing some development delays. Those new features will be delayed until we at least have feature parity with Jaunty. Apparmor is available in Karmic and barring outstanding bugs has feature parity with Jaunty. Upstreaming is just starting aiming for the 2.6.32 window. See KernelTeam/ReleaseStatus/AppArmor for specific item status. All the main bugs in AppArmor are now closed off.


Incorporation of the FreeScale IMX51 patch set into Karmic

Complete. Patches are now applied to an enablement branch (fsl-imx51) and initial versions uploaded for Alpha-4. 2.6.31 based version with updated patches from Freescale uploaded following Alpha-6.


Incorporation of the Marvel Dove patch set into Karmic

Complete. Patches now applied to an enablement branch (mvl-dove) and initial versions uploaded for Alpha-5. 2.6.31 based versions uploaded for Alpha-6.

Reintegrate Ports

Reintegrate the ports architectures into the main kernel.

Complete Architectures reintegrated, new config hierachy built, all but sparc64 are building. All architectures are building and up to date at Alpha-6.

386 kernel

Do we need the 386 kernel flavour (i486 compiled)

Complete this flavour is now required. Will be integrated as an ubuntu flavour. Flavour reinstated and pushed to repository. Uploaded and released.

Union Mount

Select Union Filesystem solution

Complete Evaluating and testing VFS union-mount, FUSE in place for live CDs, aufs2 ported to karmic for testing. aufs2 successfully tested on current livecds. Updated aufs2 sources from aufs mainline pulling in bugfixes. Released for testing. AUFS selected, now handled under normal process.

Kernel Msg Clean up at boot

Remove the text based messages so we have a flicker free boot

Complete grub2 issues are being worked by cjwatson. lowered the kernel log-level by default as the kernel is normally hidden anyhow by X.



Complete Set as default bootloader

Status Color Key






In danger of not making this release


Has issues that need to be resolved in order to make the release


No issues and on track for delivery in this release



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