Kevin Gailey (hybrid)

I've been using Linux since Mandrake 10.1 when I dual booted Windows ME and Mandrake. At the time I did not know much Linux at all. About a year and a half later I got shipit CDs for Warty 4.10. From then on I have used every Ubuntu and every Xubuntu version released and have loved it! Ubuntu has allowed me to be a complete newbie, but then progress into a complete *nix lover. I am now helping jadaz87 and testing Fluxbuntu, the community driven version of Ubuntu with Fluxbox WM. Also I write occasional docs for EasyUbuntu and the Ubuntu Wiki.


  • I have been helping in IRC for over a year
  • I am near always in #kubuntu-offtopic and/or #ubuntu-nun
  • I use Ubuntu and Xubuntu PPC and x86_64 User
  • Member of the New User Network and active member in #ubuntu-classroom
  • Help found the Ubuntu School and am an active Instructor, where I instructed in the first ever Ubuntu Classroom Session with over 70 users. - Which can be found at - and any questions gear towards this should be sent to

  • Part of the Marketing Team, where I help with the Ubuntu Magazine and create Pro Ubuntu Ads and Howtos
  • Operator in #kubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-classroom
  • Am ready to help in any way with anyone on any of the above


Right now I am a Sophmore in Texas. I am studying to get my A.C.E for video editting. I work for an independent media company I helped start. I currently produce, shoot, host and edit the video there. I also, occasionally, host an audio show or podcast. My media work also extends to the Buntudot podcast, where I edit their podcasts and post the best Ubuntu stories. I am also began planning on work for my indie movie. I hope to finish it before I graduate. Smile :)

Contacting Kevin

  • I can be found on the freenode IRC network under the name hybrid in #ubuntu+1 #ubuntu-es #ubuntu #kubuntu-offtopic or #kubuntu
  • I can be contacted via email at <>

  • AIM: GothNMotion
  • Jabber:

-Kevin Gailey


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