This page holds information about unofficial kubuntu packages.

Kubuntu.org Unofficial Packages

Kubuntu provides unofficial packages for users who want a bleeding edge desktop. To browse the packages see: http://kubuntu.org/packages/

These packages have been digitally signed using Jonathan Riddell's key. A copy of the key is also kept on people.ubuntu.com for verification.

To add this key do:

wget http://people.ubuntu.com/~jriddell/kubuntu-packages-jriddell-key.gpg
sudo apt-key add kubuntu-packages-jriddell-key.gpg

Then add the source to your /etc/apt/sources.list. The source will depend on the packages you want to add, see the kubuntu.org main announcements page for more information on this.

Please consider using mirrors, these will be included in kubuntu.org main announcements page when new packages are available.





Kubuntu.org Beta/Prerelease

These are beta/prerelease/test repositories prepared by JonathanRiddell (Kubuntu project leader) where latest beta/prerelease of KDE flagship applications are released.

Attention: these repositories should be used for testing and all issues should be reported to original authors (http://bugs.kde.org).


KOffice Beta/Prerelease

  • no prerelease - see above

Amarok Beta/Prerelease

  • no prerelease - see above

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